craft girl

Niamh is my very best girlfriend in the whole world.

I try and bring her to all me and my sisters' girl nights.(Except when the movie is too old, of course:)...

We have our moments, like all really good friends do.  When she is ignoring me.  And I am giving her my stinkiest eye.  And there is huffing and puffing.  From both of us.  

Then there are sorrys.  And, are you still my best friend? questions.  And hugs.  And more hugs.  And pinches on the behind:).  Cuz that makes her laugh.  And me too:).  

We think the same things are funny.  We spend way too much time on my iphone Juxtaposer app...taking pictures of each other, then switching our heads.  My head, her body/  her head, my body.  Tonight, we put our heads on Monster High dolls:).  Yeah, it was pretty awesome!

She is scared of the same things as me, which include (among other things): tornadoes, falling trees, daddy long-legs, and blood.  Oh. And we are both hypochondriacs.  To the tenth degree.  (She thought she caught tuberculosis from a mummy at the museum we went to this week...on the brink of spazing in the mummy exhibit.)

Everything is special.  And she saves her *most special* things in life for her future daughter...Which is really kinda cool.  I know she understands that I loved her way before I ever met her.  And that I often see myself as a little kid when I look at her.

She plays in my heels.  And wears nightgowns after 4 pm.  She hates tights.  And loves to wear my lip gloss.  

She is short and sweet.  We like to tease her about how small she is.  But I always tell her-- Some day you can be carried by a prince.  For some of us, that is not in the cards:).  Shortness seems kinda romantic this way.

And we made up a best friends handshake (her idea:).  "Best Friends Foreva!!"  Clap own hands.  Clap each other's hands.  Eskimo Kisses. 

I know a lot about Selena Gomez.  She knows a lot about Johnny Cash.  

She has cried for her friends.  In my bedroom.  Because she loves deeply.  

And when a boy on the playground told her tattoos were bad, she kicked him in the shins...

...Because she loves her family deeply, too:). 

She is my favorite chick in the world.  A total mix of all the girls in my family...from my mom, to my sisters, to myself...A little piece of each of us.  And still very much her own.  

I'm so thankful for her precious and sparkly heart. 
what are some of the little, everyday
things you love most 
about your 

craft girl


  1. That so sweet. My daughter hates sad movies like me, when I was a kid. I told my hubby that I won't let her watch Bambi or Dumbo. Maybe when she's older.

  2. This post is beautiful! Sounds like you two have an amazing magical relationship. I now want a little one...... Gah! <3

  3. Very special. Mum & I had a very special friendship in the latter decades of her life but it wasn't so as I grew up. I just marvel that God gave us a second chance. Take care both of you.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Awww, I hope to share these kinds of moments with my daughter (she is not quite 6 weeks old).

    I love when my two year old son says: "I love my grown lady" responding to me saying: "I love my big boy".

  5. such a gorgeous post! i love the relationship you share with each other - and you both are so beautiful!

    p.s. loooove the headbands - you two rock them out! thanks for the sweet shout out. :)

  6. oh krista i do so love these posts you do hun, you and niamh have a super relationship.

    I love so much about my little mo. He always smiles, even if he is sick he has this gorgeous smile and he loves to snuggle, which i love too!! he loves crafting both with me and on his own and will often pootle out to our crafty room and come in with something cute for me or daddy On thursday he was a bit poorly with an allergic reaction and he sat and drew some pictures for me and scott, that made our day.
    Have a great saturday hun
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  7. what a special post Krista,
    little girls are just fab, am so glad I have 2 of them :)

  8. Ah Krista this is such an amazing post sweetie!
    I have five children (three girls and two boys) and they are all so wonderful and so different. And they all make me smile so much in so many ways. :0)
    I have so much to be thankful for in my life.xx

  9. aw what a truly beautiful post krista.
    it brought a tear to my eye.
    our children are so special.i love my son more than words can say.he is bossy like me and stubborn but he has such a soft gentle heart and he tells me he loves me every day.

    xx coops xx

  10. This is such a beautiful post Krista, I loved reading it so much!!! I love my son more than anything, he is my gentle giant, always so thoughtful and caring...
    Hope you have a great weekend sweetie...
    Biggest hugs

  11. Awww Niamh seems like the sweetest girl ever; with a kick! You are both so lucky to have each other. I never thought I wanted a girl but now you have made me doubt! I have three boys and they are so much fun; but somehow I think having a girl would be way different. My two older boys almost 5 and 4 are rowdy and fight all the time but cant live without each other. They are both really sweet to their younger brother 7 months old. I love seeing how each have their own personality; even at such young age! Franco my oldest likes to be the boss and things must be done his way; or else! Gavino my sweet middle child is so so sweet but likes to cry for anything and everything; yet he is such a joker and always fun to be around.

    Thanks for making me take the time and really think about how my kids are soo so special to me.

    Take care; big hugs;

  12. What a lovely post to share, You and your daughter seem to have a special relationship. I have a girl, Carrie whos just turned 7 and two boys 12 &13 and we all have very close relationships. My daughter and i have a close close bond that is just so special. She is now at that age where she likes all things girly and we spend lots of time doing nails, hair etc and love to chat. The boys are also very close to me and we talk about everything. I always wanted them to be able to come to me about anything and thats exactly what its turned out. I am believer of what you put into your kids is what you get back. I am so proud of all 3 of my kids and the way they are growing up.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lynne x x

  13. WOW what a beautiful relationship you and your little girl have! That's so fantastic. I hope to have that type of relationship with my children some day, if I'm ever blessed to have any.

    I do have a wonderful soon-to-be stepson. He's 3 and is my best little buddy. Whatever I"m doing around the house he's always involved. I miss him when he's not here!! Shared custody is hard, but it definitely makes you appreciate the time you have when they're with you!

    - Mandi

  14. This is so beautifully written with loads of feeling. I love reading your stories, and little Niamh is so pretty, like her mother! You have a lovely special relationship that will last forever.

  15. Such a beautiful post Krista.....makes me happy just to pop over here and read what you have to say. Also makes me cry a little sometimes too....but we won't go into that! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  16. This is one of the most beautifull posts I have read. wow!

  17. This is by far the most adorable! -Mary http://meowwzie.blogspot.com/

  18. Oh Krista, I love reading your words. Just wait until Niamh is a teenager, most people won't say this but it gets even BETTER. My daughter is 16 and she is still my best friend in the entire world. She went through a little bit of a rough spot in middle school (I personally loathe middle school! Ha!), but we made it through! If anything, I do believe the hard times and tribulations strengthen relationships. Niamh is absolutely beautiful and she's lucky to have such a wonderful, confident, loving mom. :)

  19. Wow! So glad I found your blog today! This is one of the most beautiful tributes to a daughter I've ever read. It's so real and it's what I dreamed of since I was a little girl. I have two wonderful adult sons and went through early menopause so it isn't to be for me, but your words have touched me so deeply. What a blessing you are to each other.

    xo Susi xo



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