good bye weekend:).

The weekend flew by in a heartbeat.

Went kinda like this...

sleepy babies are allowed to stay up as late as they can on Friday nights. always interesting to see what time they come out and ASK to be put to bed:). Philly is always first. Niamh is a trooper and sucks every moment out of her Friday nights:).

they both eventually just drop:). and mommy gets to sleep in with her snuggled babies on a rainy Saturday morning. it was lovely:).

Krista Smith
Krista Smith

Church on Sunday. Grandmom and Pop's house after. i even stole some deer meat from my dad's simmering pot-- and now phil has a special lunch today:). (and i had to put zero effort into this one. nice:).

sunday afternoon my sister's and i did a photoshoot for our girlfriends. they are sisters, not twins:). and so pretty. sister one (me) took photos. sister two (Becca) posed, directed, and applied make-up. sister three (Jen, who is also almost 9 months pregnant) cracked jokes and laughed at everything i said. (you gotta love having a laugher around...just makes everything so much fun:).

it was muddy.

and we were on property we didn't own.

and me and Becca were carrying (yes, carrying) the two pretty chicks over the muddy spots. in our church clothes.

think we need to do more photo shoots. think i laughed for two hours straight...

and ended up with pretty pics to boot:).

Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith

hope your weekend was filled with fun and laughter. and maybe even a nap and a nice snuggle with kiddies:).



  1. sounds as beautiful as the pics turned out!!!

  2. Hi Krista,
    I daren't try that Friday night thing out - it would be me that flaked out first lol
    fantastic photos, so natural and relaxed

  3. We do the Friday night late night too!! Jude flakes out first everytime...then me next!lol

  4. What stunning photos! I especially love the ones of your kids, so gorgeous

  5. Such lovely pics! And gosh, they do look like twins!

  6. Looks like you had great fun with your sisters & the other pair. Your Philly looks so content with his toy & Niamh just totally at peace.
    Lovely keepsakes of your little ones.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Sounds like a blast...and the pics are stunning lady!

  8. Hillarious. Sounds like Something me and my two sisters would do. The pics are great though. Good job.

  9. sounds like a gr8 time! thanks for sharing the pix!!


  10. These are some amazingly beautiful pictures and some beautiful sisters! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    <3 Jenn



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