Philly's Day:).

The end of this week has been super-duper fun for the little guy! Yesterday was his sixth birthday. SIX. I still feel like he is a baby. He was always a big baby; not really pudgy-- just super solid. He weighed more at sixth months than most kids do at a year:). Our little football playa;). Maybe it's because he was always so big...or maybe because he still seems so small...but, it doesn't feel like he can possibly be six years old.

He use to drink his bottles so fast that milk would just run down the sides of his face. Didn't phase him at all...Still doesn't. That child has his last meal on his face until someone cleans it off for him. Just doesn't feel it, I guess:).

His first real word was 'ball.' Kinda fitting, seeing how he is always running from one end of the house to the other, re-enacting some type of football play, holding tight to his favorite ball:). He can already name most NFL teams just by seeing their uniform colors. Knows who the fastest NY Yankee is (this is more impressive than batting average at this age:). And he works a football and /or baseball theme into every homework assignment:). ( 'I' is for interception. 'T' is for touchdown. 'B' is for base. 'E' is for end zone...You get the idea.:)

He waits all day-- from the moment his eyes pop open until 7pm each night-- for Phil to get home. He loves his dad. LOVES him to death.

He indulges Niamh and saves her Barbies daily with his superheroes.  And turns the lights on for her in every dark room:). 

And, while he no longer cries walking into school in the mornings, he waved to me 11 times the other day before he entered the building.

Still my baby boy:).

I love being with him. Just hearing him talk makes me smile. Today I got to have him all to myself. His class went to the farm. And I got to be a chaperon. It was such a nice day! So much fun to see him run around with new friends. And hear him pray for the class lunch (he is the 'Prayer Bear' this week:). And in the middle of the day, he turned to me and said "I love you."

craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
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craft girl

We have this thing.
I tell him 'I love you.'
He says it back...
And then I say, 'love you more.'
After that, we both scream as fast as we can, 'love you infinity-estics.' I have no idea what number or amount that is. But that's how much I love this kid. Can't even put it into (real) words.

craft girl


  1. as always, it was nice to read your blog post, Krista and thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! congratulations to Philly, he had a great day!

    today is my daughter's birthday, and she was very happy this morning with her card which mummy has made for her, using ''Peace and Love Hipster'', it's her favourite image!

    Hugs, Alina

  2. awwww happy happy birthday little philly, i hope you had a fabulous day poppet xxxxxx
    lovely piccies krista,it looks like you had an awesome day.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Looks like you both had a great day at the farm. Love the pics, especially the last one. Awww !!!

  4. It's soo nice to read your stories!!! Love them!!
    Congratulations to Philly!!! What a nice pictures!

    gr. arjette.

  5. ok it's too early in the morning for me to start crying with how sweet that was.. so instead I'll just choke on my raisin toast and EarlGrey tea.. thanks Krista! Love you guys MORE! ;o) happy 6th to the wee man!
    P.S... how cool a mom are you - running alongside your kids at all their field trips - good for you!
    needle and nest

  6. Sending big birthday hugs to you Philly!!xx
    Lucy was like that with her bottles...she used to hold onto it with both hands to make sure you didn't pull it away from her!


  7. As always your posts make me smile so much,My son was also a BIG BIG baby and always looks older than the age he is, I love him to bits!!!!
    Take care sweetie and have a wonderful weekend...
    Big hugs

  8. Another gorgeous post Krista! And a big happy birthday to your little man, Jo x

  9. This is wonderful.
    My son turned 6 on October 7th too! I can't get enough of my little guy!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Happy birthday to your boy. Your blog is great, you are an amazing writer. :)

  11. Hope you both had a lovely day & belated Happy Birthday from me. That first photo is just terrific. Your stripey footwear is great fun & it looks as if you're having very good weather.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Oh my gosh, he has the cutest little face! I'm melting. How sweet that you two have such a wonderful relationship -- thanks for sharing it with us!



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