The Target Wolf.

I believe in letting my children develop their own personal style.

I do pick outfits out most days...but sometimes they dress themselves. And sometimes they take the clothes I give them and add their own personal touch.

Like when Philly put his clothes on for church today. Sweater first. Thermal second. (I had to fix this personal touch...it was church after all:). And I am pretty sure he didn't get socks on before we left. Just sneaks.

And we have walked through stores with Niamh's face painted green (she went through a huge Wizard of Oz phase).

Pajamas have been street clothes. Especially the long, frilly princess ones. Niamh loves a gown. And a good twirl. For all to see.

I love when they are confident in their choice of clothing. Niamh feels pretty in her nightgowns. And Philly is happy to stuff his sweater into a thermal:). As shy as I am, I've always been one to wear what I like. So what if people don't get me. If it makes me feel happy, I'm gonna wear it. It makes me happy that both of them are the same way.

And so far, the kid's choices have worked out pretty good. Because people in the stores smile at me...with a look that says, "how cute, they dressed themselves."

But I've never had to swallow my mommy pride and walk around with a growling werewolf. Until yesterday.

Yesterday people didn't really give me the 'awww, that's sweet' look. Initially, they jumped. And looked rather scared. And then gave me the Really? eyes. Yes, fellow Target shoppers. He really wanted to be a warewolf yesterday. And he is the sweetest wolfie I ever met:). Sure, he needed to be told not to growl here and there throughout the afternoon...but he is all bark and no bite. I assure you:).

craft girl
I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but Niamh has on these super big circle glasses.  They totally look like Harry Potter ones.  So I called her Harriet all day:).  Harriet Potter and a werewolf.  And I was wearing no makeup and messy workout clothes.  We were a ragged bunch if there ever was one, but we got some good giggles out of it:). 


  1. i think that this is absolutely adorable! too funny but yes, so cuuuute!

  2. Confidence to be yourself is so utterly important - valuable lessons & great that they are both secure in themselves.
    Paula (PEP)
    I had to chuckle.

  3. Awhh! That picture is so cute!
    Xo Chloe.

  4. he he he!!!! oh that is too cute!!! hugs Lou xxx

  5. LOL oh that is an awesome photo ;)
    My daughters are very different. My eldest is a tom boy and refuses to wear dresses (unless she can wear jeans with them) or skirts.
    And my youngest is very girly, loves dresses! even her night dress- can't wait to get that on at bed tinme hehe

  6. Awww Super cute and not scary at all!!!
    Beth spent 3 months going to pre-school in a tinkerbell nightie she had been given ... I had to wash it on a quick wash and dry it so whe could wear it during the day and then at night ... still loves that nightie!
    My philosophy is ... they are only little once ... if they want to wear clothes like that, let them!! They won't get away with it when they are older LOL!! (Oh but don't forget to take the photograph to embasrrass them with when they are older!)
    Cathy xx

  7. I think this is beyond cute! For both of them. I always appreciated that my mom let me dress myself and develope my own style. And besides... like Cathy said above me.. they are only little once.. and when they are little is when they can get away with things like the wolfie costume at Target. especially around Halloween.
    I love the photo.

  8. You are awesome for letting him wear that. I would do the same. Kids need to be given space to be creative, be themselves. And if any stranger gives you any look except one of surprised joy - well, that's their problem.

  9. I love it! When I was little, I insisted on wearing my Barbie Halloween costume to church. My mom laughed and let me. Kudos for teaching your kids to wear what makes them happy!

  10. I think his outfit is fun.
    And where's the pic of you today !!! Huh??

  11. haha what a lovely story!! I'm reading it with a smile on my face! They look sooooo cute!!!!

    gr. arjette.

  12. My boys generally pick out their own clothes (the only exception is church). My oldest went through an Optimis Prime phase and everything he wore had to be blue and red. There were several days that he wore red soccer shorts and a blue buttoned down dress shirt. : )
    I was never allowed to have my own style growing up and it's taken me into my 30's to actually discover what my style is. I want my by boys to experiment and discover their own unique style at a much earlier age.

  13. oh yes, I know that story well - I've lost count of the number of times I have gone somewhere and my opening line has been "I would just like to point out that Scott/Willow/Faith has dressed themselves and I am in no way responsible" lol

  14. Oh I well remember going to Church one day when both my rebellious teens were in Full Goth Mode, down to the black lipstick! All the sweet old ladies kept coming up to them and telling them how nice it was to see them in Church! My kids were really disappointed, they thought everyone would be shocked! It was so funny!

    Your two look just adorable!

    luv, Mags x

  15. I am all for letting kids develop their sense of self through exploration via clothes and costumes. Keep it up!



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