Figured I'd cop out a little and do an easy post tonight...I can't seem to shake the germs. I've been drinking lots of Vitamin C and taking cold meds...but still not back to normal. So, here is just a fun list of 31 things about me/us...(And I know I posted earlier in the week wearing the same sweater, but it's so comfy...especially when I feel blah! I've worn it almost everyday:)

Krista Smith

i am 31.

i was valedictorian of my high school. had over a 4.0 GPA.

i love sports radio. i usually do orders and answer emails listening to Colin Cowherd (love those eyebrows), Mike and Mike, or Mike Francesa. i'm gonna call up one day just to tell Francesa that I like him. even if he is kinda grumpy and scary sometimes.

i only saw Phil 4 times before i married him. he was just made for me. and i for him. i love his big muscles and tattoos and gorgeous smile. and i love (the most) his spiritual leadership, especially the past few months. there is something special about this guy:).

i have two younger sisters and a younger brother. i love them so much it hurts:).

i love christmas lights. all year. any kind of tiny lights, really. i'd probably string them through my hair if i could:P. hmmm....

i hate to cook and bake. i'd be happy to just buy dinner the rest of my life.

i wrap the kids in cool, wet paper towels when they are sick and have fevers. because high fevers scare me.

sometimes the hymnals at church seem like the most beautiful music i've ever heard. even if they are traditional, old, and slow paced. when i concentrate on the words, my heart is filled with praise and wonder for my Lord.

my parents make me proud.

i tear up easily. and it has grown progressively worse as i've gotten older. i wish it would go away completely.

i am really, really shy. and super awkward at small talk. great at big talk, though. LOL.

we get these huge creepy spider-cricket bug things in our basement during the fall. i hate when i'm doing laundry and one jumps between me and the door. and just stands there, blocking me in. then i have to go around collecting things to throw at him, so he'll jump away. and then i have to clean up my mess. because i've never had great aim.

i went to a Christian school for 13 years. and now my kids go to the same one. even have some of the same teachers!

i started college wanting to be a storm chaser. then a math teacher. then a fashion designer. then a journalist. i ended up with a degree in civil engineering. and now i'm an artist. i either have a lot of interests or a very small attention span.

i don't like spas or massages or getting my nails or hair done.

i let the kids sleep in our bed whenever they want. i know it is bad, but i just can't say no. i love their snuggly little bodies.

philly was an emergency c-section. i went under not even knowing if he was alive. it was the most awful experience ever. and i cried about it for months. i just felt so bad about how he was born. when they brought him to me for the first time, i truly fell in love instantly. he had a little pig nose. and drank every bottle like it was his last. so precious.

niamh was natural. with no pain meds. she was so tiny and skinny:). and she had black hair with blonde tips. she calls it her 'angel hair'. i think i took her to the hospital 30 times her first year. everything scared me:).

i wrote in my 'diary' a lot in middle school. one of the criteria for a future husband was looking good in a backwards ballhat. shallow, i know. but phil looks super cute in them:). check.

i love playing sports. and running. and watching sports. and i wish i could find a women's fantasy football league:).

i hate water. beach water, pools, lakes...it just freaks me out. i'm a terrible swimmer and i hate having the kids in it. we do, however, take occasional baths:).

i play word games on my iphone every night before i fall asleep. and i still can't beat Phil in scrabble.

flying terrifies me. i ran off a plane once right before they closed the tunnel and called my parents. told them i was gonna hitchhike with truckers all the way home. my dad got on the phone. and i got my butt back on that plane:).

i say something funny to niamh every morning as she walks into school...just to get that 'i have the goofiest mom' look. (she loves goofiness. it's her thing.)

philly thinks we are getting married someday:).

my youngest sister is having a baby any day now...and asked me to help during the labor. i am excited and terrified. more excited, though.

i love big hair. and huge earrings. i'm not sure if it is an 80's obsession or the Jersey in me;).

My middle name is Leigh.

I've had my face pierced three times and my belly button done. I took them all out. (Love you, mom;)

Phil and I go to a couple's bible study every Tuesday night. We are learning how to respect and love each other in the Lord. It seems so simple...but anyone whose married knows it is not. I can't wait till next Tuesday...I love growing together!

Krista Smith
Krista Smith

And I just had to add this photo of Philly, my camera guy:). I just want to smoooooosssssshhhhh his cheeks together:)! Love him.

Krista Smith



  1. awwww, well aren't you the cutest thing ever.. even if you're sick! ;o) Get better already! Thanks for sharing those fun.sweet.touching.hilarious tidbits of your life.. I still love you! hah!
    needle and nest design

  2. i loved getting to know you a little bit more, krista!

  3. Sorry you're not feeling well, but you look pretty good considering. Probably still better than me on a good day lol. So funny you should mention the crying bit, I was just telling a friend that I'm noticing I cry over just about EVERYTHING and it's REALLY hard to stop sometimes,lol. So far I'm not enjoying aging,lol.
    hope you get better soon!

  4. I wish I looked that good when I am sick. I am the I'm dying everyone help me, kind of sick, hehe. I do hope you get better soon though, you seem to have had this for a while now. I loved reading and getting to know you better as half of it I read, it's almost like I wrote it give or take a few things haha! And I am so glad to see that you liked your clip in feather thingy, hehe!

    Get well HUGS coming your ways xx

  5. you really are the cutest and coolest mom ever :)

  6. You CAN have hair lights! https://www.lightsforalloccasions.com/p-1221-glowbys-light-up-fiber-optic-hair-barrette-with-gems.aspx Just googled them up.

  7. Take care - hope you feel better, sometimes these things can just drag on. Great getting to know you a little more, I think I must be the total opposite of you, except God features & I natter to Him about many things. Sometimes I get surprised by an answer for I've only just sort of "almost thought about it" & He sort of just knows. It's great being able to share with you & that you're not going to think me wacky.
    Hope it all goes well for your sister. Philly's an amazing cameraman.
    Much love & get well wishes.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - hope the Mac is settling in??

  8. WOW if I didn't have a twin already I would swear it was you!! LOL (Not in the looks area) but wow it sounds like I wrote alot of it! Really apart from the age thing(I am 36), the number of siblings (7 brothers) and I went that I went to Catholic schools, it is me!!! OH how I HATE SMALL TALK!! LOL Glad to hear I am NOT the only one!! That is why I like the computer so much!! hehe HOpe you feel better soon :)

  9. I forgot to mention.....your son is a seriously great camera man!!! WOW!!!!

  10. This is a great post. I tear up a lot too. I keep hope my tear ducts will toughen up a bit, but no such luck ;)

  11. Love the sweater anyway . Im a tear uper too Krista, its great to find out about the lady behind the beautiful artwork I do love you girls xxxxxx

  12. your kids are beautiful and I must say that you are gorgeous! God is with you girl and I think the most important thing about marrying a man as a christian woman is being able to see Him as a spiritual leader and Him BEING a spiritual leader. Otherwise, with my strong personality I would end up being the one showing Him how to lead. lol


  13. are you loving "love and respect"?
    changed me and josh's lives
    i learned so much about respect
    and we work through practically every "fight" or miscommunication by referencing "pink" or "blue sunglasses" =)



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