7 Days. of Hairstyles:)

Isn't it funny how we are so connected to our hair?? How it can totally change our attitude. Our perspective on the day. I know it probably sounds a little shallow...but it really is true.

Have you ever cut your hair to make a new start?? I have. Not intentionally...but looking back, a lot of my (shocking) haircuts/ colors came at changing moments in my life. Funny how that happens. New hair always makes me feel refreshed.

A lot of my colors reflect my different style stages. When I get into a grungy/tomboy phase, I usually go dark. Really dark. And then summer eventually rolls around and I feel so excited to wear girlie dresses and go to the beach...so I want to go light again. (you'd think i'd learn that this is an awful process...but nope.)  And red is always my fallback color.  Think I like it so much because I'm so shy...but that red hair makes me feel like I look bold:).

And then there is always my good old dreads:) They opened a whole new can of worms...now any color combo/ length is possible:)

Hair is a huge part of my artwork. The long, flowy hair girls seem to be favorites. Although, I have  a cropped haircut steampunk girl in my stamp shop that sells out each week. Her hair is really unique and a style my sister has worn before. I love it on Becca...she has the perfect hair and face for that angled, short hair.

Krista Smith

I thought it would be fun to do posts on my favorite styles this week-- from the recipe for "mermaid hair" (this is Niamh's favorite style:) to installing clip-in extensions to a Jersey teeeeeeeeezze (learned it from a reality show...but it works girls!:)...Cover all my favorites! Feel free to ask questions, comment or...just laugh:).

Oh...and a fun hair question for you each day...First one--

Would you shave all your hair off for the *possibility* of winning a million dollars??  

(A few seasons back, on The Amazing Race, one of the girls did shave her head...And I'm pretty sure she did win. Kinda deserves it after that!!)



  1. it took me 4 years to grow out my hair and go back to my natural color after years of experimenting with black and pink and blue and what not. i wouldnt shave my head for anything in th world. or well, if you PROMISED me the million I might do it afterall and start a huge collection of wigs, haha

  2. Yeah she did I remember I was in shock and didn't she cry? I would had balled! To be honest until it was actually offered I'm not sure what I would say. My answer right now is NO! I loved your dreads, something I would love to do that hubby would mmmmm not overly like, like my dress today apparently lol! As you know I just cut my loooong hair for charity and I am liking the shorter style but not out straightened but boofy is nice lol?! xxx

  3. first off I love your Hair!!, I only way I would shave my head is if they gave me the million dollars first : ) growing up my parents had me belive I looked better it short hair, it was always cut really short, my dad cutted it...and my mom cut my bangs one time so short , I cried I think I was about 8yrs old then, then as an adult the last time I got my hair cut, the girl did such a bad job I said never again, I started growing my hair out since 1997, its about middle of my back, and im so picky on who trims it, it really needs a trim too but Im so afraid... I could write about how I feel about my hair, but dont want to bore you any more...lol

  4. I love your hair Krista, you have the confidence to go with it and change your style which is fab! I have very dark hair and i tend to stick to darker colours, but I do go for bright red sometimes. I wish i didnt have to dye my hair all the time, but needs must ( I have a patch of grey at the front now that keeps growing back really fast, I hate it, weirdly it started after my son died) I have long hair, not as long as yours but wear it up nearly all the time, but I never feel like cutting it short. One thing I hate is my hair is soooo thick, it takes forever to dry, its always funny at the salon as the stylists argue who is to dry it, cause it takes so long they get sore arms!! Lol
    I dont think i would ever shave my hair off, for anything!
    Im looking forward to your 'hair week' , cant wait to see your fav styles
    Kat xxx

  5. ...in highschool I remember writing that 'where Samson's hair was his strength, mine is my weakness'. I've done all kinds of cuts and colours in the past... I'm eager to spice it up again from 'boring mama brown' once I pop this baby out of me (yah trying to be 'chemical free' for babes sake).. funny we'll eagerly put it into ourselves tho! Anywho... you pull off any look cuz you're gorgeous. And to go bald? Sure, why not - once could afford sweet hats then!! xo
    Mel ;o)

  6. I feel ya! In college, I had hair down to my waist...until I decided it would be a good idea to go to the cosmetology school that connected to our campus for a $4 hair cut. Two minutes in the chair and the stylist freaked and literally cut half my hair off. It was really a blessing in disguise because short hair works for me. You've gotten me obessed with dreads now. I don't have a full installation, but I have so many colors now that I just pop a few in my hair and go when I need a hair pick me up!

  7. i would totally shave off all my hair for a million dollars!!! absolutely!!

  8. i'm excited to see your hairstyles! my hair has been all over the map, too :) and i would definitely NOT shave my head for the chance to win a mil. my hair has gotten so thin over the past few years, i'd be afraid it would never grow back!

  9. I would shave my hair off for free! Wigs can always be worn if it ends up looking bad... I've contemplated this a lot. haha

  10. shave my hair any day. it grows back. & i would love all the stages of it coming in to experiment! i've always wondered what i would look like with a short pixie cut.

    also i'm super excited for this week of hair. i absolutely love your dreads. i can't wait to get mine! i'm talking with damnationhair & so excited about changing it up. you inspired me! so i'm taking the leap & the hubs will love it. thankfully!

  11. I totally relate! I started dying my hair when I was in 5th grade, well, sorta! My mom wouldn't let me dye it so I would use nail polish remover to take the color out of my hair. yikes! In high school I would dye my hair every couple of months with the changing seasons or just my mood. Every time I broke up with a boyfriend I would feel the need to cut my hair. Today, I admire those who can wear graduated bobs because they look so chic. My hair is too big and frizzy for that! I have to keep it long so the weight of it will keep it from getting too big! Thanks for your post, it was fun to read. I love the dreads and the pink! I wish I could pull off those looks. :)

  12. uuuh, what a great idea, really looking forward to your posts. I'm always up for hair-inspiration... these days there's not really much that I haven't tried before, except I'm still looking forward to rapunzel hair...
    I wouldn't shave my hair, not because I wouldn't dare, but because it would feel wrong doing such a thing for the prospect of money.

  13. I would shave my hair even if I wasn't going to get a million dollars. I've wanted too for such a long time. And if I were single I would go do it tomorrow. But now that I'm getting married, I think my fiance would kill me.

    I'll just have to go super short again after the wedding.

  14. "my good old dreads:) They opened a whole new can of worms.."
    I howled with laughter over the keyboard & couldn't read the rest of your post - don't think I can even begin to explain my wacky humour (R says I don't have one - a sense of humour that is........ but that's another story.
    Paula (PEP)



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