Saw this fun post idea yesterday on Danielle's blog...then on Tiffany's...then on Kellie's. And I want in:). So, here she goes...

Obsessing over: The Walking Dead.  Blew me A.W.A.Y. this week!  I have it DVR'd so I can re-watch.  And re-watch.  And...you guessed it!  Re-watch:).  And look at the awesome Mac cover I found!!  I can't wait till it comes in the mail...mixes two of my favorite things, princesses and zombies:P!!

goorin brothers hats

Working on:  A couple hours ago, I finished up sending out my cyber-Monday orders!  I think over 125 orders came in within 36 hours!!  It was so fantastic...and a little crazy!:)  Now that all the digi's are out, I'm focusing on:

Finishing my first newsletter
New artwork for my ART Etsy shop (opening back up after Christmas, revamped and all new!!)
Christmas Gifts!!
New digi's (for release this Friday!)
Business Cards
And reading/ re-reading this girl's new e-course.

goorin brothers hats

Thinking about:  My dad.  Just random thoughts because I love him so much!!:)

Anticipating:  Giving gifts at Christmas.  I SO love giving people gifts!!:)  The kids are at *great* ages this year!!  (I have said that every year to date...)  Especially Niamh.  She seems a bit older and is really into crafts, journals, perfumes, music...all things I am having a lot of fun shopping for!

goorin brothers hats

Listening to: so far this morning (it's only 6:55am), the kids and I listened to Casting Crowns....and Niamh's penguins. She told me they were singing, but their voices are so tiny, you just can't hear.
 To be a kid again:).

goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats

Drinking: Orange juice and a black coffee.  Black because the lady at Dunkin Donuts didn't get my order quite right:).

Wishing:  For more organization.  More time.  A cleaner house.  And to loose my Thanksgiving pounds magically:).  Since that probably won't happen magically, I got this for Phil and I...to give us a little nudge:).  Can't wait to get my muscles on!

What's on your list?


  1. ooooo I LOVE the walking dead
    i watch every time, and a little bit irritated if the show is over. in holland the show isnt that far as in amerika....but i have my programm so i can watch the newest
    the last episode i watched was a little bit sad about the end....but i dont tell because i didnt know how far you are
    hhmm I WANT MORE....i must wait till monday

  2. walking dead is an amazing show.. i cant wait to the season returns!!!

  3. OMG, isn't Shane flippin' nuts now?! gyyyaaaaaahhhhi love that show!

  4. My husband loves The Walking Dead and I make him watch it when I am asleep cause zombies scare me and I get nightmares! But I stopped watching Lost after the first episode was so creepy and then loved it two years later. So maybe if you like it then I will, I thought only guys liked zombies, lol. Also, your daughter is so cute with those singing penguins! Whats on my list? I want something that sparkles, doesn't every girl? :)

  5. Great pictures and love this post ♥ Have a sweet week :)

  6. I'll pass on the MAC cover but thumbs up for the penguins!
    Have a wonderful day - I'm battling with the WordPress manual.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. I LOVE giving gifts too!! I tend to get overly excited when I find great things and squeal and it's pretty hard not to tell or give it to someone right away, haha. so much fun!

  8. The Walking Dead... O_O never heard of it. I'm sure that some of my friends know all about that show and follow it but my imagination is so vivid and overactive I have a hard time watching shows like that! But your daughter is cute as a button with her singing penguins!
    Christmas is my favorite season, I love the music, baking, snow(if I'm lucky!), and giving just the perfect present! This year I think the top of my list is a pair of snowflake earrings!

  9. Wow, I am the 3rd Paula to comment...how not common is that! Haha...Krista, my list is kinda short but right at the top is coloring your images that I ordered on Monday. I have just 'found' you! I am so freaking excited to bring your girls to life and see what's new on Friday..woohoo! I need to put up my Christmas tree at some point, this weekend...but I also have mixed media projects on my mind....BIG list for moi. Happppy, happppy I found you. :)

  10. Top of my list is finding a suitable house - lol... that's why I'm kinda awol from blogland lately.. ah well.. I'm looking forward to that blissful time a few weeks (wishful thinking now) down the road, when it's all over, and we're settled in and I can sit back, colour, and craft properly again.. Smiles.xx



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