Eleven years ago today, I met you on a blind date. Set up by your mom:).
krista smith
gingerbread cookies
She told me you were a marine. A Christian. And that you had tattoos. I clearly remember thinking something along the lines of, that sounds gooooood. But, brushed the conversation off. Never expecting that a couple months later I'd meet my future husband. Never thought for a second that less than a year later, I'd be driving across country with that tattooed marine. Married. In love. And totally on cloud nine.
gingerbread cookies
Thank you for loving me.
For loving all of me.
For lost bets.
New York teams.
For an addiction to ink.
And changing my opinion about The Beatles.
gingerbread cookies
For your encouragement.
And thoughtfulness.
Twizzlers on Valentine's Day.
And for making me a perfume girl.
For sticking with me through all my hair colors.
All my impulsive puppy adoptions.
All my spazz moments.
All my messes, in the house and the truck.
Thanks for kisses on my forehead.
Phone calls every day.
And the occasional energy drink.
For Johnny Cash.
And your beautiful family.
And most of all, our babies.
Thank you for being an exceptional father.
gingerbread cookies
You are the best 11 years of my life.  Can't imagine there are two goofballs more perfect for each other than us:).  Love you, babe.xo


  1. Happy Anniversary!! and a very Merry Christmas.
    Love the tattoos by the way xx

  2. Congrats to you both, I met my hubby on a blind date that my friend and hubby's sister dared me to arrange, yes I was given his phone number and dared to call him and arrange to go out as she had tried to get us together 3 times and failed. I had to ask what he looked like after I'd made the arangements maybe should have done that beforwe but then where's the fun in that.
    Hope you all have a fab Christmas and many more years together we have been happily together for 19 years and married for 18, well when you know you have met your soulmate why have a long engagement.Good luck for 2012 too.

  3. Adorable post, and happy anniversary Krisa.

  4. Congratulations - loved your story. :) It's just so wonderful when you can spend your life with someone who "gets" you, isn't it? Merry Christmas.

  5. Happy Anniversary! It's so refreshing to see how two people still love each other like you, after (so) many years...

    Wish you many more happy years together and Merry Christmas to you all.


  6. Happy Anniversary! and Happy Holidays!
    This is sooooo romantic!
    Bo, xx

  7. aww, this season is even more LOVE-full for you guys - congrats!! Big hugs to you and your crew sweet Krista.
    needle and nest

  8. Happy anniversary and happy holidays krista. The top pic of you looks just like niamh. So beautiful. I am so thankful for our bloggy friendship this year. I have treasured it. Thank you for sharing stories and photos and your awesome talent. You and your family are very special. enjoy the holidays and may 2012 be good to us all.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!! Your post choked me up :-) So happy for you and Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!



  10. Enjoy your special day together! What a lovely post, Jo x

  11. Happy Anniversary! Such a precious post :)

  12. Sweet! Congrats and may you always feel the love!!!

  13. That's very cool that you met your hubby through your Mother-in-law. Uh oh, though I'm from Boston (not really a problem with you being a New York fan. I have relatives in NY. Hubs is constantly wearing a Patriots or Red Sox shirt). Happy Anniversary.

  14. Happy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a precious post!
    Big hugs,

    Maria B.

  15. Happy Anniversary. I KNO & you almost had me in tears but grinning at the same time. It's 11 years with Richard too from the week before Christmas 2000. We're such strange odd creatures the two of us but God knew & He did with you two too. Can't you just imagine Him orchestrating the two incidents on the separate continents & knowing that we'd one day be Blog friends & that was before I even knew I was going to play with paper!!
    Much love to you both
    Paula (PEP)

  16. SUCH a lovely tribute!! You both are too cute! I hope to one day find myself 11 years in and just as happy as y'all :) congrats!!!

  17. Awww only just seen this post Krista, but you aren't gonna believe this but my John was a Marine Commando for 15 years!!! lol.......oh and he has a few tats, i have none, hugs xxxx Vick



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