Tonight I met with an old friend for dinner. Girls night out:). Well, dinner out. It was nice to catch up, especially with one of those friends that no matter what the distance or time apart, the conversation just picks right back up like it never stopped. It was a lovely night.

new jersey fitness
december daily 2011
krista fitness model
december daily 2011
fitness model new jersey
krista smith
new jersey model
jeans, Alloy.  turtleneck, Victorias Secret
 vest, Target.  boots, Free People.  
scarf,belt; Target.   

Been rocking my running pants almost every day lately. I'm slightly obsessed with Under Armor. I get more excited over good running pants than beautiful heels. It' true. And they are so comfy, it's easy to find excuses to wear them all day. I finally made it out of them tonight:). So figured I'd better get an outfit post in on the oddball December day that I'm actually properly dressed:).

How are your Christmas preparations coming?? Just a few more gifts before I'm totally done everyone! Wa-hoo!:) I'm so excited for the kid's to open their gifts on Christmas day. This has been the year I've *most* enjoyed shopping for them. Although, I do say that every year...but, seriously, this has been the best!!
I can't wait for the 25th!:)


  1. You are just plain gorgeous! I LOVE your hair.. Ive got hair envy right now. And you look rockin in that outfit!

    Ive totally been rockin only comfy jammi pants lately, myself! lol

  2. Good for you - glad you had a nice night out! :) I am soooo not ready for Christmas, heading out Friday to do most of my shopping. I am hoping that gets me into the Christmas spirit! Have a great day, my friend. xo

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous and SO tiny!!!

  4. Wow you look Fabulous(Outfit, hair, and figure) lucky you i love the casual jeans outfit.
    Have a Wonderful Christmas.
    Trish (-:

  5. Great outfit Krista! Love the torn Jeans!

    Dropping by to wish you and your Family a Fabulous Christmas and a happy festive times too!

    Wishing you continued sucess and prosperity in the NEW YEAR.

    Take Care
    Big Hugs

  6. it's lovely hearing you so excited for the children. Glad you had a good time with your friend - things like that are so important. I had to smile over your running gear. Hope you have a lovely Christmas with the family.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. oh my goodness you are too cute! love the jeans!

  8. I can't believe Christmas is only a few days a way @.@.

    I love your outfit :)

  9. Love those jeans!! By chances do you have the direct link to those jeans on ALLOY??

    Cute blog btw




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