Joey the Bat

Over the last year or so, I have definitely come to value the role of the artist, regardless of the style, medium, or specialty. I’m actually embarrassed to say, that before I was trying my hand at making a living through my art, I’d never really given it much thought...I mean, I never valued or was even aware of the idea of buying handmade, supporting small local businesses, buying vintage pieces with the back thought of being a good steward, or the essence behind the idea of “the starving artist”...Suddenly, when I stopped working a 9 to 5 office job to pursue a dream, I began to appreciate the long hours of a girl behind a messy desk trying to create something beautiful and one of a kind. I started really valuing the thought of small handmade gifts, rather than gift cards...re-used, re-stitched, re-invented clothing rather than the tee on the hanger in the local department store...creativity behind something small that makes it truly unique and worth far beyond it’s face value. So, slowly I admit, I’ve grown to search a little harder for something special that supports an artist, like myself, who takes pride in their work and appreciates each customer. I definitely feel like I’ve discovered a community of like-minded people...from ladies who still appreciate the thought behind a handmade card to girls who sell hard-to-find vintage items on Etsy; we know the struggles faced by artists of all sorts...and we all know the satisfaction of someone else “getting” what we do...

Not long ago, I came across an Etsy Alchemy request that was for Joey the Bat. Immediately, if only for the sheer cuteness of the name, I clicked to read what was being sought after. I found a story of a little stuffed animal bat named Joey who travels the world. His owner wanted to select the works of different artists to tell his story...to give him, well, ...wings (cheesy, I know...couldn’t resist that one;) I was hooked and wrote vigorously, putting my vision of the little guy into words.

If you ask 100 different artists to depict the same exact thing, chances are...probably 100% every time...you will get 100 different—completely different—pieces of art. The collection put together by Joey’s owner will be displayed in a Fall 2011 gallery show in Manhattan. And, guess what!!?!...I was chosen as one of the fortunate artists to create a piece!!...

I am really excited. Here is my thought behind the piece I am creating... I want to depict Joey, after his exciting and adventurous life with his current owner comes to a close, being sort of recycled. He is given to a little girl...maybe accidentally, maybe intentionally. Nonetheless, he has another go at it...but this time he belongs to a small girl, from a small town. Chances are, he won’t be visiting any exotic destinations with his new owner...but he is happy all the same. Because, at the end of the day, he is just a little toy bat who wants to be treasured by a little child. It won’t be about taking him places...it’s about taking a little girl places; albeit, they are imaginary....but wonderful all the same!...

I really do love an old toy—Niamh has dolls I collected when I was little...And she truly loves them...like she gets a glimpse of me at that age...So, this toy bat story just came to mind...I will be surre to post my artwork when I am finished. I mostly just envision a sweet little girl holding him...swirls of old memories of travel fading away...and him looking up at her quite content indeed;)

Most of all, I am thrilled to work in a group of other artists with the same end in mind, all with a different way to get there...That is the magic in the world of all things artsy—there is a freedom and uniqueness in everything we do! Check out the Alchemy request, as well as the Facebook page...He’s sure to capture your heart as well!!


New Home:)...

Here is to fresh starts:)...This is my new blog...Much more fun to look at, I think;). I was unable to bring over my wonderful followers, so please feel free to click the follow button if you were on my previous list...or, even if you weren’t:):) ! I am going to have a free download-able valentine on my sidebar soon...so check back for that in the next day or so...I think you’ll find my valentine character a “deer”, charming little thing (hint, hint).

If this is your first time reading, there is a little history here, my previous blog site. I’m going to leave it up for a couple weeks. Right now, I’m working on some fun projects that I’ll be sharing over the next few days...plus finishing up some new stamps for Sugar Nellie! (Can’t give you a peek, though...but you are gonna lov ‘em!) It seems like set 4 went over pretty well! Check out how gorg the witch is on the Sassy blog today!! Fantastic coloring!

This week I finished up two custom zombie girls (well, actually, one was an “undead” girl...though I’m not sure I completely understand the difference;) I did one for a mom, who wanted to turn her gorgeous daughter (gorgeous...like, ‘oh my gosh—she looks like a model’ gorgeous!) into a pretty zombie. Her daughter likes the gothic look, but is really fashionable and pretty....so I made her into a rather eye-catching zombie, I think:). (That’s what all the zombie boys are saying at least!)

And the undead girl. She was purchased to make a future tattoo out of (awesome!)...Needed to be blue with tattoos, pinup-y style, and have an undead kitty:). She is one of my favorite custom pieces to date.

And if you’re not a zombie fan like me (totally understandable...my mom doesn’t really get it either:), I put a sweet new butterfly catcher in my shop...and a new little music number;)

Well, thanks for coming along to my new place! I appreciate all my readers and love getting to know you!...Hope you’ll visit frequently!...Have a lovely Monday!



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