Thinking Spring...(again)

Two pretty spring trends...Something to think about as warm weather is just around the corner (*hopefully*)...

Super wide-leg pants. They are so flattering and girly....

Maxi skirts. Long and chic, and really perfect for staying cool and looking relaxed:)

I think my favorite is the last skirt; although, I am partial to anything that has the look of denim:) Kind of like a princess skirt mixed with your favorite pair of jeans. Could there ever be a better combo?;)

Pants in order:

Missoni spring collection 2009/10

skirts in order:



To the Zoo, on a Sunday...

We visited some animals today. Played on a playground. All on a whim after church...It was a great day:)...

The bird house was a big hit...Philly tried to grab an escapee...and the reptile house was pretty awesome, too:)

...hope you made some special memories this weekend, too:)



Poor, Little, (UGLY) Table...

I went thrift shopping today; and managed to find quite a little bundle of goodies-- all for less than 35.00! One skirt, two dresses, three toys (Philly was with me...and shopping is not his thing-- it's the least I could do:), a funny bobble head for my brother's GF, and this wretched thing...

It's rather awful, I think:)...But I needed a table for a lamp to put by our loveseat, and this is the perfect size. Maybe with some new paint and hardware, it'll actually be kinda' cute;)...I'll post pics later in the week. If it is not a total disaster, that is.

The skies have been dark blue all afternoon with just tiny peeks of sunshine coming through. Plus, it has to be the windiest afternoon ever!! My old house is making lots of creaking noises-- scaring my two kiddies:)...I think it could pick up and blow away at any moment. My only wish (if this were to happen)?...Please, please let me meet the Wicked Witch of the West!!:)...She's top of my "Who I'd Like to Meet List." And yes, I do believe she's real:):)...hehehehehe...

Well, have a great weekend!:)



Ideas, Ideas, Ideas:)

Having some thoughts about new projects always makes me excited and very much inspired. I think that's part of feeling inspired for me; continuing to dream and push myself to do new things.

I've been wanting to do a coloring book for some time...Niamh will sit for hours and color in my Simply Sassy girls (I print them out for her, since I have the line work saved and ready...plus, it is easier for her to color a bit larger than the rubber size...but she's the only one who gets the digital version...sorry, girls;)...Anyway, I thought about sending artwork samples to publishers that deal with activity and coloring books (and I still might), but I've been thinking about printing my own. The up side to that is obvious-- the design, layout, and theme will all be left up to me:). I'd like them to be kind of special...maybe even for older girls. I'm hoping for perforated pages as well, so the images can be framed nicely. Hopefully, sometime this spring I'll be able to start selling them. I am starting to get ideas together now...as well as some equipment I'll need (I want them to be spiral bound...it will be so much easier to color that way:).

I do have some new artwork I've been working on as well. I fell in love with these Holga cameras lately...I don't own one yet, but would love the chance to play around with one!...I thought a set of three "Holga" girls would be a cute addition to my shop. I finished one today, and I have another just waiting for a final draft. Still thinking of a third:) She is a little retro, little bit sexy, too:)

Here is what a Holga looks like...This one is especially cute with it's special colors!

And here is my new little girl, Freckles:) I don't like to do teeth a whole lot, only because they are difficult for me...But I thought I'd give it another go. She's a little on the goofy side, but makes me smile:)...

Tomorrow, I'm going thrift shopping with my cousin. There is a nice store I've never been to about an hour away, so if I find any goodies for a possible Project Re-style idea, I'll be sure to post some pics:)...Adios!



What I'm Loving...

Things to inspire, catch your eye, or maybe just make your day a little bit more pretty:)...

My dream art/craft room is based on a turquoise, white, and red color palette...so, yes, feeling a tad jealous here;)

Simple pink pleasures.

Lace...and pretty lights...

Missing my sister who went back to NY yesterday...Come back to us Carla! (Her name is not really Carla; it's a sister thing:)

Beautiful shoes I would be too scared to wear; but a girl can always dream!

My brown, red, and pink dreads are 1/3rd way finished!...Yay...I am loving the thought of playing with hairstyles once I get them in...Her's are tidy and sweet.

This skirt is from FreePeople. Finally, a long, bustled skirt that is not part of a Halloween costume...I have waited literally years for this skirt!:)...On my wish list!

Finger art. This is me and the kids "thing" while we wait in the bank drive-through...But we call them 'worms'...it's fun:)

Pretty places to sleep or hide away:) I especially love the last...reminds me of sleeping at my Grandmom's. She had a shelf above her guest bed just like that, filled with cute toys and dolls. Felt like sleeping in a toy shop:)

And finally...

Gonna go do some sheep-counting, as I'm up too early...(or maybe far too late:)...I had this exact toy when I was really little. I love this pic!...Good night:)

(All images via weheartit, except if noted otherwise.)



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