Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Here are a few things to make your Wednesday extra sweet:)...

Loving her style...

and her style...

and her style.

Shoes that will be the end of me:). First ones almost got me in trouble (my impulsive buying stopped when they did not have my size); second ones will get me in trouble (when they are in stock:); and third ones...well, I might get away with those (neutral shoes, a must have for summer weddings:).

Perfect necklace for the airplane fanatic (me;). Check it out here.

Words to live by.

Cutest collectibles ever:) You can find these sweeties here.

Pretty shutters. I need shutters on my house. They always make a home look cottage-y. (Not really a word, I know;)

Coastal Living is one of my all time favorite magazines. Flipping through it always feels like a mini vacation:)...all those gorgeous beach houses and white, sandy shores. *sigh* I love it so much, I drive 40 minutes every month to pick it up. (Why don't I just get a subscription?...Well, it's a nice excuse to get in the bookstore for an hour. And grab a frappachino and a cake pop:)

Movies I love. Little Miss Sunshine. Wish everyone could see Niamh do the funky beauty pageant dance! The Notebook. It's just a magical love story that never gets old. And, A Few Good Men. It's on late like every single night...so, I've watched it probably three times in the past month while doing artwork in the wee hours of the mornings:) It's the truth. What?...You can't handle the truth?! (Sorry...I had to.)

Speaking of notebook...Here are some cute ones, the journaling kind. Do any of you use journals??...I love them.

This has to be the best outdoor movie theater ever!:)...We actually have a drive-in theater close-by...All us girls went and saw Eclipse there last year, first showing at 12:00am midnight:). It's so fun!...and part of the excitement is just setting up your area...blankets, lawn chairs, lanterns...Good old fun:)

Thanks for stopping by:)..Feel free to tell me your favorite in the bunch...or maybe leave a link to a favorite of your own...or, if you happen to find those snake heels in a size 8, please comment with that link as well;) Bye now:)

Pics via pinterest unless noted or listed below.

Shoes: Topshop, Victoria's Secret.
Movie pics: google.com
Journals: Etsy, abeautifulmess



A Beachy Weekend:)

The beach in March is COLD!!!...But I'm feeling pretty warm and cozy hanging out with my family:)...

I know you may be wondering if we brought the kids to the playground...or if they brought us...seeing how the adults had way more fun playing there:) Promise, the kiddies were there, too. And the question of the day was, how many adults can you fit on a tiny merry-go-round?...Quite a few, actually:) (I did not participate in this activity, as I would have been sick-- like some of the people in the pictures-- for the remainder of the day:)...

Thanks for checking in:)...Hope your weekend was fun, too!!...



Little Bit of Everything...

Going a hundred different directions today, as tomorrow we are off to the beach house (BOY_YA!;)...Yay, I can't wait:)...I even did my nails just for the beach...not that the beach cares what I look like mid- March:)

I love this no-paint thing. Definitely worth the price tag. Oh, and I finally took that pic of Philly I spoke of earlier in the week. Thanks to the yucky weather, I missed the entry deadline (plan on being ahead of game for next contest!)...but anyways, here would have been my entry to The Paper Mama's blog for the theme "green."

Philly is obsessed with these windmills we pass on the way to Niamh's school. If you ask him about them, he will tell you exactly this: "they turn on the lights and are environmentally friendly" :). Here's two more...

Getting a 5 year old boy to focus for a picture in the middle of a big ol' field is a little hard to do...but now I have a couple to frame and put in his room.

So, I am packing at some point today...and working on a few art pieces tonight. And watching Fringe:)...I will be sure to post pics of our vacation at the beach as the week goes on. My whole family is going to be all warm and cozy in one big house:) Gonna be fun (and loud. My apologies Ocean City, NJ...for my boisterous family;)...

Oh, and working on tweaking my pages in my title bar under my banner. I managed to finish up "About" today:). Next, I need to edit my character page to include my top favorites...But, that will have to wait till next week.

Have a lovely Friday night!...



Wednesday What I'm Lovin'...

Take a peek:)...

Starbucks cake pops. Oh. My. GOODNESS. These are so yummy!! I love the tiramisu flavor the best:) My advice: Try one! (or 6.)

EEK...These are too adorable:) I have ant salt and pepper shakers now; but wouldn't mind getting a couple new ones (from Modcloth)...especially these two sweetpeas:)

Simple, pretty, comfy dresses. (From Anthro *on sale* and Modcloth, respectively). They are a minimalist style...but sometimes just a change in texture or a quiet pattern can be enough. I love them both:)

Pretty, huh?...Organic, exquisite, and rather magical.

No frames needed:)...I really like this idea. Just gotta find me some pretty colored jars. And a mantle to put them on:)

Dream closet. *Sigh*

Alice and Wonderland meets backyard bird feeder.

I saw this on Modcloth and bought it immediately:) You can stick a little note inside the doll from underneath! I'm going to surprise Niamh and put it in her lunchbox. We are big on lunchbox notes...and every once in a while, a special little treat, too:)

Loving these accessories from Anthropologie. Once in a while, they put out a robotic looking animal or person necklace...and I just adore them all! Wouldn't mind snatching up the wide belt or the colorful scarf either:)

And lastly, a picture that made me smile:) ...Thanks for checking in! What's your favorite??

Pics via pinterest, except where noted.



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