Walkin' On Sushine (Yeahhhh...)

Today was the last day of spring cleaning at Niamh's school. You have to put in your 4 hours during the year or pay the 100 bucks instead...so, I chose the 4 hours of cleaning. And, yes, waited till the last minute. (It's not one of my top five ways to spend a Saturday, ya know?) Anyways, Phil is working...And Niamh is having a blast at her cousin's in Pennsylvania...So, it is just me and the little guy.

I bring him cleaning with me for the 4 hours. And 15 minutes into it, he's like-- okay ma, when we gettin' outta here:). It's very difficult to explain time to a five year old, so I usually put it in terms of Disney shows. Philly-- we are going to be here for about 8 Disney shows, babe. Go play on the chalk board.

Well, we did manage to get the hours in. At the end, I succumbed to his pleading eyes and played a few games of Foosball and one game of Trouble in the after-care room. Then we hit the playground for a bit. Played some soccer. We even found a nasty little mole, twitching and acting very sick on the ground. Had us a nice little lesson in Never Touch Dead or Twitching Animals as we walked back to the truck. (Any mother of a boy knows this is a very important lesson. Second only to How To Aim. Haven't perfected that one yet...our bathroom wall knows all to well:).

Pulling away, it was a funny and happy feeling to know I played for years on that same playground...never thinking I'd be running alongside this sweet little guy of my own someday...talking to him about being careful on the big slide and how to be a good goalie. So, yeah...kinda walkin' on sunshine today. Which, in light of the day we had, feels pretty darn good.

Speaking of sunshine, these are not the shoes I wore to clean. And, not the outfit I'd normally pair them with. Cuz it looks like I'm trying out for a slightly pudgier Sandy role in Grease. But, I wanted to show you my new shoes:). EEK!! So pretty! I got them here...I love Jessica Simpson shoes. And I love wedges. I actually hate the color yellow on myself, but couldn't resist them. (I have an old pair in a red print and lurrrrvvv them!)

I think some of the best days in life are the ones that you start out a bit be-grudgingly. Rolling out of bed with a grumpy moan. Looking more forward to the end of the day than the next minute...You know that day, right?...And then, it turns out pretty good...Because you spent it with a cutie pie. And danced around in some hot new shoes;)

It was a good day:)



May on the Way:)

I love the month of May. It's not my favorite (I think that has to be June or July...I like it 95 degrees and wretchedly hot:)...But May is one fo my favorite times of year.

When I was growing up, we were neighbors to a big Christmas tree field. Each May, there would be one morning when a big yellow spray plane flew over the field, drenching all the bugs in some sort of bug spray. All four of us kids, in the midst of getting ready for school, would run whooping and hollering out of the house to watch the plane dip towards the treetops...and almost hit the branches of our own big trees. It was the yearly event that signaled summer was just around the corner. Definitely the best morning of the school year:).

I still can't shake the excited feeling of waking up in May and hearing those old propellers start winding up (it's a funny coincidence, but I now live across the street from the yellow spray plane's airstrip)...Makes me feel quite like a kid again:)

I'm looking so forward to next month. Warm mornings, flip-flops, and evening ice cream stand visits...all the things that seem so distant during the snowy months are finally here! Yippee! I also have some fun things planned for my blog...including a week of Mother's Day posts:) Should be a fun time!

Oh, and before I say good-bye...Here is a little peek of some sitting artwork:)...This would be my design inspired by #5 from here. I will be sending three new designs for Karen to choose from in just a bit-- they are all really cute-- thanks again for your help:) You make a girl's drawing job that much easier!



Wednesday Lovin...Me and My Camera:)

Today I thought I'd refrain from grabbing all the pics that have caught my eye across the web this week...and keep it short, sweet, and a little more personal...Here is what I'm loving...through my camera lens:)

I'm being honest when I tell ya, this is my favorite combo. Here is my computer desk right now. Coffee and soda. I think it might be a sin.

One of those spring days when it rains...and then gets sunny..and then rains...and then sun-- You get the picture. I took this in a rain shower. Looks pretty sunny, huh?...Couldn't find the rainbow, but this picture will do:)

Summer dreadlocks:). Already hanging in my closet...All I'm gonna need is a red bow for a perfect Fourth of July look;).

Speaking of summer...I can't wait to hang clothes on the line. It makes me feel all prairie girl mixed with perfect homemaker. Both of which I am not, although I'd lean more to the prairie girl side I think. Yes, Phil agrees;)

Making appointments to get my half sleeve finished.  I can't wait.

Weights I have sprinkled throughout the house. Getting shoulders and back into tank top shape! Thumbs up to all the girls who like muscles:). Pretty muscles, that is:)

...It's anywhere I'll ever go and everywhere I've been
Nothing takes my breath away
Like my front porch looking in...
(Lonestar lyrics I love)

A little peek at my collection of signs. I buy them based on meaningfulness, sarcasm, and humor. Gotta have one of those three to even be considered for my walls:)

And I love vintage airplanes. Here is a model hanging in our kitchen. It has a cute little pinup girl on the side. I love it.

So, there are a few of the things in my view today that I thought I'd share...Thank you to all the girls who left comments on yesterday's post as well...I'm so glad I asked and received your input! I will post some artwork later this week, showing you what I come up with...I feel like there was a strong leaning towards 1 and 5...but I will probably draw up one more, just to give Karen some choices:)...You girls rock!!



Day Trip.

We have been promising Philly a return visit to the Battleship New Jersey...So, on Niamh's first official day of spring break, we headed to the waterfront. With his Pop's battleship hat in tow, the kid never looked happier:). I swear, if we told him we were moving onto that ship, he'd have his toys packed up in the blink of an eye. He loves it...And Niamh had a great time, too!

(Don't they look so tiny?...I believe the word Niamh used was "crumbs"...yes, tiny as crumbs:)

We aren't too sure where Phil's right foot went for this pic...Apparently, it fell off somewhere on the ship...hahaha. Oh, and judging from some of the pictures, we broke a few signage rules. Opps.

Yeah, I've got a thing for guys in uniform:)...Phil already knows....It was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Saw him in his cami's and was like- yup. I gotta marry this guy:)

Philly loves a car ride where he gets to peek at the city, too:)...Afterall, it's named after him...or so he says:)...It was a great family day:).



Happy Easter.

Niamh's school Easter party craft...The kids were amazed what you can do with a coffee filter, markers, and a couple spritzes of water. Hope your Easter is filled with God's love and special family times.

With love, The Smiths:)



Napping kiddies are a thing of the past for us. Niamh and Philly can just go and go...sometimes I wonder where they store all that energy. This afternoon Phil and I had a nice catch outside. Niamh and Philly played some sort of hybrid army-princess make believe world:) He kept "saving" her. Must of worn the poor guy out.

Isn't he the sweetest...even with the dirty fingernails (that's what happens when you save a princess). I love watching the kids sleep. Love to just look at them and know they are all mine. That I know all their special qualities...that Niamh asks to pray every morning on the way to school...and is honest to a fault, just like her grandmom...And that Philly comes out of the bedroom every night after bedtime , to give me a stuffed animal to keep at my desk...and that he thinks I'm his girlfriend.

I am so thankful for my babies...love the noise and laughter they add to each day-- but also cherish the quiet times. Just some breathing...it's pretty magical.



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