good bye weekend:).

The weekend flew by in a heartbeat.

Went kinda like this...

sleepy babies are allowed to stay up as late as they can on Friday nights. always interesting to see what time they come out and ASK to be put to bed:). Philly is always first. Niamh is a trooper and sucks every moment out of her Friday nights:).

they both eventually just drop:). and mommy gets to sleep in with her snuggled babies on a rainy Saturday morning. it was lovely:).

Krista Smith
Krista Smith

Church on Sunday. Grandmom and Pop's house after. i even stole some deer meat from my dad's simmering pot-- and now phil has a special lunch today:). (and i had to put zero effort into this one. nice:).

sunday afternoon my sister's and i did a photoshoot for our girlfriends. they are sisters, not twins:). and so pretty. sister one (me) took photos. sister two (Becca) posed, directed, and applied make-up. sister three (Jen, who is also almost 9 months pregnant) cracked jokes and laughed at everything i said. (you gotta love having a laugher around...just makes everything so much fun:).

it was muddy.

and we were on property we didn't own.

and me and Becca were carrying (yes, carrying) the two pretty chicks over the muddy spots. in our church clothes.

think we need to do more photo shoots. think i laughed for two hours straight...

and ended up with pretty pics to boot:).

Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith

hope your weekend was filled with fun and laughter. and maybe even a nap and a nice snuggle with kiddies:).



Creative. Pink. Johnny.

The other day, I was driving in the truck and thinking up different projects I want to give a go...And I started thinking about that feeling of just wanting to create something. You know, I've got drawers filled with my 'creations'... some I keep tucked away for a future day. For the perfect time to give to the perfect person. Other things, well...they sit because I just don't know what else to do with them. Sometimes I try a new craft, love it, and then look back and really don't feel the same about it at all. Same thing can happen with my artwork. I use to feel bad...and maybe a little bummed about my proto-types or faded passions...but I've come to realize that they serve a good purpose. Everything I have attempted, tried, failed at, or moved on from...all those crafts and projects were a little stepping stone on the way to the creativity I feel right now--the projects I'm excited about at this moment. And the projects get a little better each time. I learn a little more with each one. And then my dreams get even bigger, too:). I'm glad I get that feeling of wanting to make something almost on a daily basis. It is never a waste to sit and create a piece of artwork or a new craft project.

It is the same for everything that requires passion and a desire to make something...whether you are a musician. or a writer. singer. baker. an artist. or even someone who has the gift of hospitality. It kinda just wells up inside until you can get an hour or two to create. Give life to your ideas. Make something beautiful just for the sake of creating-- totally independent of anything or anyone else. I love how God has given us that inner desire!

Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith
Krista Smith

So this outfit verges on too girly for me:)...had to bounce out all that pink and fluff with some black tights and combat-esque boots:). Still wasn't sure if I was feeling it...until I got a package in the mail late in the day that added that extra touch of toughness that I like:). Take a peek...(And look at that beautiful packaging!! Prettiest I've ever seen!!)

Krista Smith
Krista Smith
I almost died when I opened it!!  An up-cycled Cash tee-- now a totally awesome handbag!:)  Phil was outside and I literally ran out of the house waving my new handmade bag at him:).  I really need to be invited to a fun indie-music-cafe-marketplace-type thing, people:)...I just can't waste this awesome gift on the supermarket, ya know:)? 

Who made this crazy-awesome piece??  One of my most cherished blog readers, Mel:).  (I really love this chic!:).  And you HAVE to go check out her blog (one of my very favorites in the whole bloggy world!:)!  It is filled with the most unique and precious handmade gifts/crafts you could ever find!  She is a true artist and a daily inspiration!  Her family is sweet and she is so lovely, inside and out!  Oh.  And like-- hysterical!  I never visit her blog and leave without laughing out loud:).  If you want to treat yourself to a *truly beautiful* blog read, hop over to Needle and Nest Design...and add her to your daily dose of everything creative!!:)...BTW, this was her thank-you to me for winning one of my giveaway totes!!...how sweet is that!?!

So, what is on your Creative TO-DO List??
...I'd love to know!:) xo



Hello all! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the girls who left lovely, heart-warming comments about my guest post on Casey's blog. I really enjoyed reading through all your insightful, encouraging thoughts! It is so fun to meet new readers, and I'm so thankful you guys took the time to say hello! I hope you will continue to find my blog a place for encouragement and friendship!

Because some of you are new readers, I thought I'd share a little about what I do. For the last year and a half, I have worked from home. I started selling artwork on Etsy April 2010...and that sort of morphed into designing digital stamps. I opened my second Etsy store this fall (September 2nd was the first day I listed items)...and I've barely caught a breath since opening!!:) I really love being involved in the crafting community; everyday I am inspired by other crafty, artistic women. It is a true joy! And it has allowed me to be at home with my husband and children...which I am so very thankful for!!

Here are some of my characters colored in for projects and fun little gifts...

halloween craft
halloween craft
halloween craft
halloween craft

They are a little quirky-- big eyes and most of the time puffy lips...and I like big feet, too:) LOL...I don't know why, but my character's feet tend to be a little over-emphasized:). You can check out more designs by clicking the link to my shop.

In other news...I've been MIA since Sunday. I didn't feel great this weekend. Just off. And then Philly was sent home from school yesterday with a sore throat and a fever. For some reason, he can go from totally great to super sick in a very short time. He seemed pretty good all afternoon after I brought him home. He chatted up the doctor (who also said he did not seem sick at all:)...And then last night he went down hill again:(. Ended up with 103 degree fever. So I wrapped him like a mummy in cold paper towels (something I find is really effective in bringing down fevers...and is a slightly better option than a chilly bath)...poor guy. We were both up until almost 4am. But, thankfully, avoided a hospital visit. (I go to the ER when fevers hit 104. I just get way too nervous.)

halloween craft

He is feeling much better today. He's such an easy going kiddo. And the sweetest, too. He didn't want me to give him a kiss last night because he was afraid I'd get sick:). I told him I'll take me chances. How can I not kiss that kid...wrapped up like the cutest mummy ever??:)

Hope you all have a lovely day...Thanks for stopping by:)xo


Guest Posting...

Hi lovely readers!

halloween craft

I'm guest posting over at Casey's blog today!! (hop on over...cuz she is an amazing and inspiring chica!)

*have a beautiful Sunday!*


Track #4.

halloween craft

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.
You are just a vapor that appears for a little while
and then vanishes away.
James 4:14

In high school, I had a teacher that would give extra credit if we observed certain stars/planets in the night sky. It isn’t too hard to walk outside at 8:30 at night-- so why extra credit you wonder? Well, most of the star clusters or planets we had to find seemed to make their way into my night sky in the wee morning hours. I woke up that year so many times between the hours of 2 and 4am to get extra credit. Although, the extra credit wasn’t the whole reason. Probably not even the biggest reason. (I didn’t need extra credit in science. It was kinda my thing)…

The mornings were cold. I’d roll out of my cozy bed and pull on my sneaks. And with my eyes half open, head outside. To stand in my nightgown. Freezing. And looking very chic. (sneakers and nightgowns are so lovely together, you know). I’d find my star or planet. I got good at it. My mom and dad even bought me a star gazing book for Christmas. (said book is in my living room now. i’m a little attached to it). But, after I’d done the homework part, I’d just stand. Under the night sky. Silence. And I’d think how small I must be.

You know, light travels fast. I mean, that is pretty much general knowledge. This speed is approximately 186,282 miles per second. And despite that speed, I’d stand in my yard and wonder what time I was viewing a star’s light from. The universe is so huge, I could be seeing the light emitted by a star years ago. Like thousands and thousands of years ago. It made the night sky seem so far beyond what my brain could handle. And it made God feel even bigger than that. And to a girl in a tiny town, shivering in her pajamas, and not really seeing any further than science class that afternoon…well, that was a feeling that scared me. It terrified me. It thrilled me. And I loved it.

Fast forward a bunch of years (okay. not a bunch. i’d prefer 'handful'), and the kids and I sing this song most mornings on the way to school…Take a listen. Because it is really beautiful.

The Bright and Morning Star. It makes my eyes burn a little with tears each morning we listen to it. Venus is called the Morning Star (also, the Evening Star), because you can view it low in the sky right before the sun comes up (or goes down). I think it is the third brightest light in our sky, after the sun and moon. And it was my favorite ‘extra credit’ assignment. It is so beautiful and bright. And the song brings back that feeling of being in complete amazement of my Creator. The same thing I felt standing in my yard.

You know, I never really liked the Bible verse that likened my life to a vapor. It kinda bummed me out actually. I mean, I want to be important. Remembered. I want to be big. Leave an impact. And a vapor. Seriously, Lord?? It didn’t leave me with a happy feeling. But, I think I was missing the point.

When you spread out everything before you. Your family history. The history you learned in school. The pages of all the science books you’ve had to study. The world that went before you. The world that will go on without you someday. The night sky. And a verse that tells you your life is like a vapor….you probably will feel pretty tiny. A lot like a vapor. A fading flower. A moment.

The point is not to take the wind out of our sails. It isn’t to pop our dream bubbles. It isn’t really to make us feel insignificant. Or just to prove how tiny we are.

The verse is revealing how big God’s love is for us.

That He even listens to my prayers baffles me. That He holds this chick in the same hands that created the stars…that is kind of…well, BIG. I am important to Him. My struggles and triumphs, they matter. It’s this feeling that still terrifies, scares, thrills me.

The things we did as kids…sometimes we just gotta go back for a second. Be simple and open and ready, like little kids are. Trust like a child. Believe in possibilities. Feel small-- but important. Feel treasured.

halloween craft

Even stand under a night sky.


Trick or Treat Bag...

Here is a cute idea for the sweetest trick-or-treat goody bags on the block.  They are so cute, the kids might be reluctant to rip them open and eat the candies inside.  Okay.  That's a long shot;), but still...I think they would make cute party favors or school treats, too!...Take a look.

halloween craft

Here is what you need...

halloween craft

Wrap your candy in a plastic bag.

halloween craft

Cut your paper bag into two squares *big enough to fit your candy in with a little extra room!*

halloween stamp

Sew up three sides.

halloween stamp

Slide the candy into your bag. 

halloween stamp

Sew up your last side:).

craft girl

oh.  And don't forget the back of your bag!!:)

craft girl

Isn't it fun!?! 
Hey-- and it could totally be a project for this challenge:)...


Wednesday Lovin'

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I think I like it even more than Thanksgiving!! It's just so fun-- the kids look so forward to costumes and treats!! My family always tries to do some type of Halloween party for the adults. Well. We are all really still kids;)...but this year, my sister is throwing a party for the real kiddies in the family:) instead. I was thinking of some fun treats to giveaway to cousins and extended family...and here are my 5 favorites from browsing online:). So cute and fun-- puts me in the trick-or-treating spirit!!
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl

So, my favorite?? It has to be the last one! I love how gross but cute they are!! And, with a gas stove, this would be pretty simple and easy to make (I'd want my marshmallows a little crispy on the ends:)! I also like the candy corn parfaits...These ones were made with a cheesecake mousse, but I think pudding or cake layers would work just as good! They look so fun for a kids party!!

What are your Halloween plans this year?? Any fun traditions?? Share!! xoxo


The Target Wolf.

I believe in letting my children develop their own personal style.

I do pick outfits out most days...but sometimes they dress themselves. And sometimes they take the clothes I give them and add their own personal touch.

Like when Philly put his clothes on for church today. Sweater first. Thermal second. (I had to fix this personal touch...it was church after all:). And I am pretty sure he didn't get socks on before we left. Just sneaks.

And we have walked through stores with Niamh's face painted green (she went through a huge Wizard of Oz phase).

Pajamas have been street clothes. Especially the long, frilly princess ones. Niamh loves a gown. And a good twirl. For all to see.

I love when they are confident in their choice of clothing. Niamh feels pretty in her nightgowns. And Philly is happy to stuff his sweater into a thermal:). As shy as I am, I've always been one to wear what I like. So what if people don't get me. If it makes me feel happy, I'm gonna wear it. It makes me happy that both of them are the same way.

And so far, the kid's choices have worked out pretty good. Because people in the stores smile at me...with a look that says, "how cute, they dressed themselves."

But I've never had to swallow my mommy pride and walk around with a growling werewolf. Until yesterday.

Yesterday people didn't really give me the 'awww, that's sweet' look. Initially, they jumped. And looked rather scared. And then gave me the Really? eyes. Yes, fellow Target shoppers. He really wanted to be a warewolf yesterday. And he is the sweetest wolfie I ever met:). Sure, he needed to be told not to growl here and there throughout the afternoon...but he is all bark and no bite. I assure you:).

craft girl
I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but Niamh has on these super big circle glasses.  They totally look like Harry Potter ones.  So I called her Harriet all day:).  Harriet Potter and a werewolf.  And I was wearing no makeup and messy workout clothes.  We were a ragged bunch if there ever was one, but we got some good giggles out of it:). 



craft girl

Niamh is my very best girlfriend in the whole world.

I try and bring her to all me and my sisters' girl nights.(Except when the movie is too old, of course:)...

We have our moments, like all really good friends do.  When she is ignoring me.  And I am giving her my stinkiest eye.  And there is huffing and puffing.  From both of us.  

Then there are sorrys.  And, are you still my best friend? questions.  And hugs.  And more hugs.  And pinches on the behind:).  Cuz that makes her laugh.  And me too:).  

We think the same things are funny.  We spend way too much time on my iphone Juxtaposer app...taking pictures of each other, then switching our heads.  My head, her body/  her head, my body.  Tonight, we put our heads on Monster High dolls:).  Yeah, it was pretty awesome!

She is scared of the same things as me, which include (among other things): tornadoes, falling trees, daddy long-legs, and blood.  Oh. And we are both hypochondriacs.  To the tenth degree.  (She thought she caught tuberculosis from a mummy at the museum we went to this week...on the brink of spazing in the mummy exhibit.)

Everything is special.  And she saves her *most special* things in life for her future daughter...Which is really kinda cool.  I know she understands that I loved her way before I ever met her.  And that I often see myself as a little kid when I look at her.

She plays in my heels.  And wears nightgowns after 4 pm.  She hates tights.  And loves to wear my lip gloss.  

She is short and sweet.  We like to tease her about how small she is.  But I always tell her-- Some day you can be carried by a prince.  For some of us, that is not in the cards:).  Shortness seems kinda romantic this way.

And we made up a best friends handshake (her idea:).  "Best Friends Foreva!!"  Clap own hands.  Clap each other's hands.  Eskimo Kisses. 

I know a lot about Selena Gomez.  She knows a lot about Johnny Cash.  

She has cried for her friends.  In my bedroom.  Because she loves deeply.  

And when a boy on the playground told her tattoos were bad, she kicked him in the shins...

...Because she loves her family deeply, too:). 

She is my favorite chick in the world.  A total mix of all the girls in my family...from my mom, to my sisters, to myself...A little piece of each of us.  And still very much her own.  

I'm so thankful for her precious and sparkly heart. 
what are some of the little, everyday
things you love most 
about your 

craft girl


Wednesday Lovin' ; Free People Edition:)

I received the Free People October catalog in the mail this week.  It is such a treat to find it in the mailbox!  Like getting a free magazine that I love:)!  It's just a beautifully presented clothing company.  FP clothing is so boho-hippie-gypsy...I literally love almost every piece on the site:)!  Here are some of my very favorites right now...

craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl

Out of the five, I think the first piece is calling my name the loudest:).  I've been wanting a long, light sweater-jacket thing for fall...and this is so pretty!  I'd love it with the twist back maxi over a pair of flared jeans!  How cute would that be!?!  

What's your favorite??...Are you a boho/hippie chick, too??... 


10 Awesome Years.

Yesterday Phil and I snuck off to the beach:). Last week we hit our ten year mark-- 10 years!! I still can't believe we've been married that long! We don't do anniversary presents, because we would rather use the money to go on a date. Since it's a nice round number...even a bit of a milestone...we drove 45 minutes east to our favorite place. Possibly on the planet:). Ocean City. My parents love this big, pink hotel right on the beach...and my mom convinced me to make reservations there when she raved about their morning omlettes for the third time in one phone conversation:). (i'm an omelette chick. you put a big fat cheese omelette in front of me, and i'm just goooooood:). It was a little pricey for one night, but we were right on the water. And left the sliding doors to the balcony open all night. Listened to the waves in our sleep:). It was my favorite anniversary date so far...and I think it might have to become a tradition. We already want to go back:).

craft girl
craft girl
craft girl

I love spending time with Phil. And it is nice to know he really enjoys hanging out with wifey, too:). He is my greatest friend. I could talk endlessly about him, but I'll keep it short. So you get 10:).

1. We have had exactly 167 conversations about the movie 300 (one of my top three movies ever)...How every guy in that movie is air brushed (Phil's opinion:). And he calls himself my 301. *giggle*

2. In the middle of every throw-down (this is when he is tickling me relentlessly on the couch), he likes to add (just so I know), 'I'm only at 10% right now.'

3. He gave me a second family that I love more than life. His sisters, brother, parents, nieces and nephews, and brother-in-laws are a beautiful part of my life. I couldn't live without them. And he loves my family just like I do. As much as I do. And they adore him, too. Especially the girls;).

4. Phil and I like to have a catch outside. I love his face when I throw a wacky one waaaaaaay over his head...his annoyed, grumpy face:)...And the thing is, it just makes it even worse. Cuz then I'm trying so hard to throw the ball good, that I just suck the rest of the time:).

5. After we rent a scary movie, he turns all the lights off like he is going to bed...and then hides somewhere in the house. To scare me. Every. Single. Time.

6. He is a great dad. A really, really great dad.

7. He loves Halloween. He has a whole stash of masks in storage. Last week he bought a mask and drove around for 15 minutes doing errands with me as Freddy Krueger. Claw and all.

8. He buys me perfume once a year. Like the really good, expensive kind. And I'm not even a perfume person-- but I cannot wait till he hands me that package on my birthday:).

9. He told me once that he took a double take of me. Before he realized I was his wife. And that he was sorry:). I wasn't sure if I should punch him or kiss him. (I kissed him...I mean, how romantic is that??:)

10. Last month we were fixing the roof together. Not really getting along up there-- as we both new the 'correct way' to do it:). And it started raining. And thundering. And things were rolling off the roof onto the ground. And I was telling him I would NEVER work with him on a construction crew. And he was telling me that he'd never let me. And then I asked him for a kiss. Cause we'd never kissed on the roof before.

And he kissed me. A lot:).

It is a good feeling, after 10 years, to know we couldn't work on a construction crew together for more reasons than just butting heads;).

I love you more than life, 301.

craft girl


Pink Hair. (just a little!)

Hello lovelies! Hope your weekend was super-duper great!!
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
craft girl
skirt, UO. scarf, FP. tights, Target. tanks and hoodie, Target. boots, Wanted.

I tried clip-in hair extensions for the first time today, and I gotta say, I love them! It's a fun and quick way to add a pop of crazy color:). I put in two sections, one auburn and one hot pink. Curled my whole head of hair. Came out of bathroom. And hubby liked;). Figured I'd try to get by with some extensions till I go back to dreads. Speaking of which, half my next set is curled. They are so pretty, sometimes I just pull them out to look at them:). I'm trying my best to give my hair a break, though. Trying to be a good, no-dreads girl:).

If you want to check out the clip-in extensions, click here. It is my order from Damnation Hair. (Yes, I am her most pesky, loyal, and devoted customer:). OH!! And my digi shop will be **closed** Monday and Tuesday. It will re-open sometime *Wednesday*.

This girl is goin' on a mini vaca:).

Be back soon!! xoxo


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