Saw this fun post idea yesterday on Danielle's blog...then on Tiffany's...then on Kellie's. And I want in:). So, here she goes...

Obsessing over: The Walking Dead.  Blew me A.W.A.Y. this week!  I have it DVR'd so I can re-watch.  And re-watch.  And...you guessed it!  Re-watch:).  And look at the awesome Mac cover I found!!  I can't wait till it comes in the mail...mixes two of my favorite things, princesses and zombies:P!!

goorin brothers hats

Working on:  A couple hours ago, I finished up sending out my cyber-Monday orders!  I think over 125 orders came in within 36 hours!!  It was so fantastic...and a little crazy!:)  Now that all the digi's are out, I'm focusing on:

Finishing my first newsletter
New artwork for my ART Etsy shop (opening back up after Christmas, revamped and all new!!)
Christmas Gifts!!
New digi's (for release this Friday!)
Business Cards
And reading/ re-reading this girl's new e-course.

goorin brothers hats

Thinking about:  My dad.  Just random thoughts because I love him so much!!:)

Anticipating:  Giving gifts at Christmas.  I SO love giving people gifts!!:)  The kids are at *great* ages this year!!  (I have said that every year to date...)  Especially Niamh.  She seems a bit older and is really into crafts, journals, perfumes, music...all things I am having a lot of fun shopping for!

goorin brothers hats

Listening to: so far this morning (it's only 6:55am), the kids and I listened to Casting Crowns....and Niamh's penguins. She told me they were singing, but their voices are so tiny, you just can't hear.
 To be a kid again:).

goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats

Drinking: Orange juice and a black coffee.  Black because the lady at Dunkin Donuts didn't get my order quite right:).

Wishing:  For more organization.  More time.  A cleaner house.  And to loose my Thanksgiving pounds magically:).  Since that probably won't happen magically, I got this for Phil and I...to give us a little nudge:).  Can't wait to get my muscles on!

What's on your list?


Staying Cozy!

goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
Earlier this month,   Robyn from Minimalist Knitter invited me to select an item from her Etsy shop.  I'm sure by now, you know I love scarves, especially the handmade kind...so I picked out this lovely green scarf for winter.  It's short and sweet and super cozy.  A nice change from longer, bulkier scarves- especially if you don't want the added bulk, just the warmth:).  I'm pretty hooked!:)  (Think I might snag another for each of the kiddies, too.  I always worry about sending them to school with long scarves, since the play on jungle gyms and climb sliding boards...I know it is me being a worry wart, but I just fear they might get tangled.  These are THE perfect kiddy scarves! No wrapping or fixing for little hands.  

Please head over to Robyn's blog (she has a little baby...he is the cutest!!) and say hello!  Also, check out her beautiful assortment of handmade items here.  (I bought my sister the Snug as a Bug Sleep Sack for my newborn niece, Elphie.  She loved it...such a nice way to keep baby warm without worrying about covers!)

goorin brothers hats

And some pics from our Saturday.  Our old lady dog, Lilo:)...Getting rid of our pumpkins.  (Philly cried...he thought you could keep them forever; so we took a picture for memory's sake:)...Bought the kid's footie- jamas.  Philly picked Spongebob.  He also sleeps on a Spongebob pillow.  With Spongebob plushies for snuggling.  (Do you notice a theme here?:)  Niamh tried to talk me into the adult size pj's...but I just couldn't do it:).  Oh...and Sally Hansen nail strips-- Christmas prints!!  Now I'm candy-caned out!:)

Hope your Saturday was lovely and relaxing!!  Any Christmas decorating going on??  
I'm so ready to bust out the lights and tree!!:)

vest, target
jeans, ?
cardigan, target
tank, target
earrings, target



Something for YOU!!

Hello lovelies!! So. Have any of you braved the hoards of shoppers today?? I always skip on Black Friday. I know lots of people love the excitement of the sales and kick-off to the holiday season...but it is not really my cup of tea:). I prefer to shop online anyways...so Cyber Monday is more my thing:).

However, since it is the biggest shopping day of the year, figured I'd throw out a little freebie for ya:). Just until end of day Monday. (So, if you think you might want to play with it later-- download it now and save it:). I will be removing it from the link once Tuesday morning rolls around:).

It's a foldable Christmas greeting card. Kind of like a Christmas Valentine...you know, the ones that fold easy for kids):. It would be perfect for a daughter to hand out to all her little girlfriends at school. It can be decorated and fastened together in so many cute ways...even makes a super cute gift tag for your Christmas pressies!!

goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats     
To print, I open the file and choose to print two 5x7" size cards on the same 11X8.5" paper.
After printing, cut the card to be 5" tall.  The middle image is 2 1/8" wide.  Cut the sides of the first and third images so that they measure 2 1/8" as well.  Score along grey lines.  Fold in mountain/valley folds.  

goorin brothers hats

Have you ever been nervous to stand under a mistletoe?? This girl is, but eventually she puts herself center stage for anybody giving out Christmas kisses;). If you'd like to download the printable card, click the picture below.

**Please note: She may be used as a digi if you'd like to put her on a handmade card/craft instead. However, the printable card is MADE TO LOOK VINTAGEY AND I WILL NOT BE GIVIG IT OUT ANY DIFFERENTLY. (The image was drawn in pencil only, shaded, and the paper is speckled here and there...all intentional and not removable for download.) Please see above for printing/cutting/folding instructions.

goorin brothers hats

I will also be re-opening my Etsy art shop after Christmas.  The artwork available in the shop will be new and not available in digital form.  So, everything will be unique...and most pieces customizable to your own color preferences for hair, eyes, skin tone, and clothing!  I can't wait to open shop again-- I've been working on some really sweet new characters:).  Here is a little sneak peek:)!...

goorin brothers hats

And if you made it all the way down here:) before giving up on the reading:)...Kudos and a coupon to you!!:)  (It is a CYBER MONDAY coupon...so it won't work till 12am Monday morning EST:)


For Monday only, receive 35% of your entire purchase of digi stamps from my Etsy shop and a NEW RELEASE DIGI for free with any stamp purchase (one per customer:)!  The free digi will be a surprise...so you will have to wait for your order email to see her:).

That should be some pretty good savings...so you might want to sneak in those digs on your list while they are cheap:)!...And this coming Friday will be my last release of stamps before Christmas...I will have a group of really sweet ones ready for purchase-- from princesses to Valentine's inspired girls, bookworms to fashion girls.  A nice variety available to keep you all busy through holiday crafting!:)

Okay.  Whew...I feel worn out from all those announcements:).  Hope you weren't bored to death...I hope you come visit me on Monday...I wish I had a real store sometimes-- so you all could come in and order digs with me over coffee and muffins:)...Guess we will just have to make a coffee date over the computer:)...Till then,  HUGS my friends!

Linking to Casey's Follower Fest today...If it is your first time over here, please say hello and leave your link so I can come visit you as well!  Muah!x




The kiddies were feasting today at school. Both went as Indians. Niamh has to have her trademark howling wolf painted on her face. It has become a tradition ever since my sister drew it on her little cheeks three years ago. Philly went as Little Bear:). Because all I could come up with for his face was a bear print. And it didn't really compare to howling wolf girl-- so he got a name, too:).

goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats
goorin brothers hats

It was Philly's first school feast. I asked him what his favorite part of the meal was. He said the popcorn and the 'white pa-nay-no-s' (mashed potatoes:). I never make them because mine always come out grossly slimy. (I know. Only I could manage to make slimy mashed potatoes every time!) Anyways, poor kiddo doesn't even know what they are called...but I just loved how he said it. So for now he loves pa-nay-no-s. Might even get some more tomorrow...I hope he says it again cuz it is too adorable.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Krista Smith

Saturated Canary? 
What’s behind the name?
sat•u•rat•ed (sa chu-r at ed) adj. Unable to hold or contain more; full.

I love this word, because I want to be completely filled with the Lord, my family, and the abilities and possibilities He graciously gives me. ‘Canary’—I love my mom so much...She has always been a huge encourager and supporter of everything I try. Her favorite color is yellow. That is where it all comes from;).



Krista Smith
Krista Smith

She woke up and JUMPED out of bed today. Funny what the prospects of gorgeous hair will do for a girl's Tuesday morning:).

Krista Smith

ps...I learn so much from you girls across the ocean! never knew braids were called plaits in some places.  i told phil this and he said, "well then, what do they call 'plates'?? thought you might enjoy a chuckle from us US people:).


edit-->  **pronounced 'plats'.  thank you Sharon!  will relay to hubs;)**


Mermaid Hair, Before:)

I have the beginnings of mermaid hair tonight:).  It takes a full sleep to go from human hair to mermaid hair, you know:).  Anyways, it is the easiest thing ever, and you all have probably tried it before.  It is Niamh's favorite!  (She actually hates the process.  Whenever you french braid wet hair, it doesn't feel too good-- lots of knots.)  Always worth it in the morning, though!  She can't wait to get to school and show her girlfriends her big, poofy, crimpy hair.

Need three things:  newly washed hair, blow dryer, and products.  I use my curly mousse, this heat-activated curl spray, and hair spray.  Work the mousse/ spray/ gel-- whatever your preferred product-- through the hair, from roots to tips.

Krista Smith

Krista Smith

Krista Smith

After I put the mousse and spray in her hair, I blow dry until it is only damp and not dripping wet.  Some parts are even completely dry...but overall, it is still fairly damp. (Braiding completely wet, thick hair won't work.  You're just gonna wake up with wet, slightly wavy hair:)

Krista Smith

(This is Niamh's pain for beauty face:) 

Krista Smith

I section off her hair into three parts.  And french braid each section.  The more sections you use, the tighter your crimps in the morning.  Niamh will sit still for three sections.  That is her limit:).

Krista Smith

Braid all the way to the very bottom, until you can't manage to go any further.  Use a little elastic band.  Sometimes the bigger elastic bands roll out during the night.  (Insert:  1/3 of hair not crimped.  not a great look. know this from experience.)

Krista Smith

It's such an easy way to have her hair 90% done in the morning.  I can't wait to show you her pretty hair tomorrow:).  Mermaid hair.  I always imagine mermaids must have either super crimpy, long hair (not sure how this works out in an all-water environment:) or super long colorful hair.  (yes, we believe in mermaids;)  Due to my hair's frizzy nature, I choose the colorful option for myself.  And I'm going to completely cheat:).  Here are my new dreads:).  SO PRETTY.  And I got them curled this time.  Just for some extra sweetness!  Might have them installed soon:).  

Krista Smith

What kind of hair do you guys have?? 
Long, short, curly, frizzy, straight, silky???  
Do you love your hair...or do you fight with it? 
 I've had a couple throw downs with mine...but all in all, I kinda like it.  Frizzy mess and all:)!!



Here is a pretty and delicate hairstyle my sister introduced Niamhy to a while ago.  It reminds me of lattice...or maybe a web.  I think it looks kinda whimsical...and added some butterflies to the elastic bands to really pixie her out:)

Krista Smith

Start with a middle part.  and pull two tiny sections from the part.  Make sure they are an inch or two away from each other.  

Krista Smith

Bring the two pieces together in a "V" with a pony holder.

Krista Smith

Repeat.  And move around the part, all the way to the other side.  

Krista Smith

Split each new ponytail into two.  Bring pieces from different ponytails together, just like above.

Krista Smith

Finish with some pretty butterflies or flowers.  

Krista Smith
Krista Smith

I like this hairstyle for Niamhy because it's so easy and unique. All she needs now are some fairy wings:).



7 Days. of Hairstyles:)

Isn't it funny how we are so connected to our hair?? How it can totally change our attitude. Our perspective on the day. I know it probably sounds a little shallow...but it really is true.

Have you ever cut your hair to make a new start?? I have. Not intentionally...but looking back, a lot of my (shocking) haircuts/ colors came at changing moments in my life. Funny how that happens. New hair always makes me feel refreshed.

A lot of my colors reflect my different style stages. When I get into a grungy/tomboy phase, I usually go dark. Really dark. And then summer eventually rolls around and I feel so excited to wear girlie dresses and go to the beach...so I want to go light again. (you'd think i'd learn that this is an awful process...but nope.)  And red is always my fallback color.  Think I like it so much because I'm so shy...but that red hair makes me feel like I look bold:).

And then there is always my good old dreads:) They opened a whole new can of worms...now any color combo/ length is possible:)

Hair is a huge part of my artwork. The long, flowy hair girls seem to be favorites. Although, I have  a cropped haircut steampunk girl in my stamp shop that sells out each week. Her hair is really unique and a style my sister has worn before. I love it on Becca...she has the perfect hair and face for that angled, short hair.

Krista Smith

I thought it would be fun to do posts on my favorite styles this week-- from the recipe for "mermaid hair" (this is Niamh's favorite style:) to installing clip-in extensions to a Jersey teeeeeeeeezze (learned it from a reality show...but it works girls!:)...Cover all my favorites! Feel free to ask questions, comment or...just laugh:).

Oh...and a fun hair question for you each day...First one--

Would you shave all your hair off for the *possibility* of winning a million dollars??  

(A few seasons back, on The Amazing Race, one of the girls did shave her head...And I'm pretty sure she did win. Kinda deserves it after that!!)




Figured I'd cop out a little and do an easy post tonight...I can't seem to shake the germs. I've been drinking lots of Vitamin C and taking cold meds...but still not back to normal. So, here is just a fun list of 31 things about me/us...(And I know I posted earlier in the week wearing the same sweater, but it's so comfy...especially when I feel blah! I've worn it almost everyday:)

Krista Smith

i am 31.

i was valedictorian of my high school. had over a 4.0 GPA.

i love sports radio. i usually do orders and answer emails listening to Colin Cowherd (love those eyebrows), Mike and Mike, or Mike Francesa. i'm gonna call up one day just to tell Francesa that I like him. even if he is kinda grumpy and scary sometimes.

i only saw Phil 4 times before i married him. he was just made for me. and i for him. i love his big muscles and tattoos and gorgeous smile. and i love (the most) his spiritual leadership, especially the past few months. there is something special about this guy:).

i have two younger sisters and a younger brother. i love them so much it hurts:).

i love christmas lights. all year. any kind of tiny lights, really. i'd probably string them through my hair if i could:P. hmmm....

i hate to cook and bake. i'd be happy to just buy dinner the rest of my life.

i wrap the kids in cool, wet paper towels when they are sick and have fevers. because high fevers scare me.

sometimes the hymnals at church seem like the most beautiful music i've ever heard. even if they are traditional, old, and slow paced. when i concentrate on the words, my heart is filled with praise and wonder for my Lord.

my parents make me proud.

i tear up easily. and it has grown progressively worse as i've gotten older. i wish it would go away completely.

i am really, really shy. and super awkward at small talk. great at big talk, though. LOL.

we get these huge creepy spider-cricket bug things in our basement during the fall. i hate when i'm doing laundry and one jumps between me and the door. and just stands there, blocking me in. then i have to go around collecting things to throw at him, so he'll jump away. and then i have to clean up my mess. because i've never had great aim.

i went to a Christian school for 13 years. and now my kids go to the same one. even have some of the same teachers!

i started college wanting to be a storm chaser. then a math teacher. then a fashion designer. then a journalist. i ended up with a degree in civil engineering. and now i'm an artist. i either have a lot of interests or a very small attention span.

i don't like spas or massages or getting my nails or hair done.

i let the kids sleep in our bed whenever they want. i know it is bad, but i just can't say no. i love their snuggly little bodies.

philly was an emergency c-section. i went under not even knowing if he was alive. it was the most awful experience ever. and i cried about it for months. i just felt so bad about how he was born. when they brought him to me for the first time, i truly fell in love instantly. he had a little pig nose. and drank every bottle like it was his last. so precious.

niamh was natural. with no pain meds. she was so tiny and skinny:). and she had black hair with blonde tips. she calls it her 'angel hair'. i think i took her to the hospital 30 times her first year. everything scared me:).

i wrote in my 'diary' a lot in middle school. one of the criteria for a future husband was looking good in a backwards ballhat. shallow, i know. but phil looks super cute in them:). check.

i love playing sports. and running. and watching sports. and i wish i could find a women's fantasy football league:).

i hate water. beach water, pools, lakes...it just freaks me out. i'm a terrible swimmer and i hate having the kids in it. we do, however, take occasional baths:).

i play word games on my iphone every night before i fall asleep. and i still can't beat Phil in scrabble.

flying terrifies me. i ran off a plane once right before they closed the tunnel and called my parents. told them i was gonna hitchhike with truckers all the way home. my dad got on the phone. and i got my butt back on that plane:).

i say something funny to niamh every morning as she walks into school...just to get that 'i have the goofiest mom' look. (she loves goofiness. it's her thing.)

philly thinks we are getting married someday:).

my youngest sister is having a baby any day now...and asked me to help during the labor. i am excited and terrified. more excited, though.

i love big hair. and huge earrings. i'm not sure if it is an 80's obsession or the Jersey in me;).

My middle name is Leigh.

I've had my face pierced three times and my belly button done. I took them all out. (Love you, mom;)

Phil and I go to a couple's bible study every Tuesday night. We are learning how to respect and love each other in the Lord. It seems so simple...but anyone whose married knows it is not. I can't wait till next Tuesday...I love growing together!

Krista Smith
Krista Smith

And I just had to add this photo of Philly, my camera guy:). I just want to smoooooosssssshhhhh his cheeks together:)! Love him.

Krista Smith



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