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Happy Saturday!!

krista smith art
tee and jeans/ Alloy.  headband and necklace/ Agape Love.
My beautiful friend Maria sent Niamh and I the sweetest headbands this past week. I've seen her wearing them on her blog and always liked how unique and pretty they looked. (And hey, she is gorgeous. I love the way she wears eye make-up. Just had to say it:)...Anyways, Niamh has been rocking her headbands all week at school...and I've worn mine twice this week. I'm hooked! So comfy and pretty!

 Please pop over to Agape Love Designs, Maria's blog and say hello! 
 She is such a sweetie and I love her heart for the Lord! 
And she is hosting a Facebook link-up party...so maybe you can join in the fun!:) 

 Have a great Saturday lovelies! 
 Mucho kisses! 


  1. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I just wanted to say thank you. I love your work, your heart, the freedom you have to live life and share about it. The pretty things you post are inspiring to an artist, and your love for the Lord is a blessing when few seem to have found Him. Keep it up and know that you have a huge fan in this girl! :)

  2. ahhhh, there's the funky-fabulous version of you that first caught my eye in blog-sphere! :o) You're rockin' that look, and who the heck is giving you the great 'swirly' shot - so fun!
    Have a beauty weekend luv.
    Mel :o) xo

  3. the color in your hair - amazing!!!!!
    love the new header, too. :)

  4. Hey sweets headband is looking fabbylicious me dahlin & your new blog look is awesome........totally rockin hun!!
    Oh by the way loving the hair.......think I'm too old for this style now..........woah who said that.....me too old I'm still rockin with the with the boppers & boppin with the rocksters lol.
    Hope you are ok sweetie you know where I am if ever you want to chat or even yell.......especially if you want to sing.......I'll sing with you we'll do a duet......the song could be 'Steal My Sunshine'.....& hunni you gotta whole lot of sunshine!!

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  5. The hairband is cute and the blog makeover is great.

  6. Thank you so much Krista for your kind words. You are the sweetest. I am so glad to know you and your beautiful heart. You are SO gorgeous, I love the dreads, and your shirt!!

  7. I LOVE THE NEW BLOG WOMAN! So lovely. And just so you know, pink is my favorite color so your definitely doing all the right things to keep this girl reading :). ha ha But of course, I couldn't and wouldn't follow you if you didn't share your heart and life so beautifully with all of us. Always encouraging :)!!



    p.s. expain the hair... is it yarn braids or did you braid with color extensions or did you really dye your hair?? I love it. So free and fun!

  8. I like your new layout & header - the way you are looking at the bird with the mixture of graphics & photography plus your artwork is a super combination. Definitely a Pocahontas look & a lovely photograph of you & your individuality.
    Paula (PEP)

  9. Love the new look of your blog. That headband is cute. Are you ready for the Superbowl? We're having a party. Have you sent out the free digis?

  10. Beautiful picture. I will go check out Agape. Great name too.

  11. Hi Krista
    You must have thought me sooooooooooo terribly rude the other day, as I forgot to thank you VERY VERY much for the lovely digi that you so kindly gifted. My only excuse (in my defence), is that I completely forgot to thank you because after reading your post I was so upset/angry for you (hence WHY I ranted ), so I hope you accept my apologies. Krista you have such an amazing talent, and to say I love your image's is an understatement, so I hope this horrible person won't put you off from creating your wonderful image's.
    I love your hair band (only wish I weren't such an OLD wrinkly), so that I could wear one lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  12. I love your hair, the headband and your new layout!!!

  13. Love the new blog me darlin, and I do love your dreads if I had been younger I always wanted those, aw well the perm and the grey roots for me lol xxxxxx

  14. Hi Krista,
    This is my first stumble over to your blog. Of course I know of your digis and have visited your store...but this is the first time I have read about you. You remind me of a beautiful friend I have and her daughter (that i taught in Grade two) who is also a beautiful friend. I dont get to see them as much as I would like anymore as we live a long way apart. I love your digis and I am devastated that another artist is copying your work. I know they say when someone copies it is the highest form of a compliment, but it is still very hard to take. I really enjoyed your honesty written all throughout your blog. I struggle with that a little on mine because you just never know who is reading it. Anyway, just wanted to write a comment to say that I have been here and have found endless inspiration here.
    Alicia xx



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