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if you popped in to visit with us, (and yes, i'd totally love to have each of you over for coffee:)...you might find...

the four of us impressing each other with our lack of dance skillzzzzz, *party rocking* to JustDance3 in the living room

Niamh's pet elephant, 'Peanut', and manatee, 'Boone,' taking up the entire couch in our bedroom (they are real, my friends, and need to be "comfortable." the elephant alone is 5 feet long.:)

 Phil and Philly having a catch in the living room

 a mess. or two. or 25.

 dishes in the sink. you know, i've never EVER owned a dishwasher. not once in my whole life!

 bottles of water everywhere. it's like we are stuck in the movie Signs. at least if an alien ever breaks into our house, we will be prepared for him.

 Phil would definitely ask if you wanted a cup of tea or coffee from his new coffee-maker. he is in love with this machine.

 candles. i love lighting candles. my kids love to blow them out when i walk out of the room:).

 i might invite you to a girls movie night over at my sister's house around the corner. during last night's movie I ate two HUGE pieces of carrot cake. kinda wish she wouldn't bake at all when i go over...because i cannot pass up her goodies!! must have gained 7 pounds over night!

 i'd tell you that i am trying to feel peaceful. my word for the year. but it is hard for me. i'm glad i have an entire year to work on this.

 Niamh would say something funny. because she is just hysterical. intentionally hysterical. i.e., today she told us her new line, "you just scared the hiccups out of me." pretty good, huh?!

 Philly would say something funny, too. but he wouldn't mean to:). he is just so by-accident-funny:). i.e., tonight I put him in long-johns for bed. he told me, "i call them 'long' cause they are so long on me. and 'johns'...cuz...they look like johns!!" (what does that even mean?? he is so cute!)

 you might find Storage Wars on TV (like. this moment:). or re-runs of Modern Family. or a Knicks game.  oh, or Good Luck Charlie.  (i admit it.  sometimes i put that show on and i'm the only person awake in the house.)

 Philly is probably somewhere attached to my body. he is such a snuggler.

 Niamh will be with her dad if Philly is with me. she likes to make sure everyone feels loved.

 i'd tell you that i turn 32 on Saturday (eep!) and that, for the first time EVER, Phil has NOT given me my present early:). (the guy cannot stand to wait until the special day. but, so far so good.)

 i'd tell you that i am a total hypochondriac^2. my doctor just laughed at me today. told me to get out of her office and go enjoy the sunshine:). (i am Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she is THAT patient!) 

my kids would pop out of the bedroom at least once after i put them to bed. either to go potty. get one more drink of water. or one more hug. the last one is my favorite reason:).

 i'd tell you that I'm working hard to be better at friendships. i'm really terrible at returning phone calls and making the time to do things with others. but i am working on it. little by little:).

 Phil would make you feel at home. he is good at chit chat. i tell him he is charming;). that's why all the ladies love him. specially this one:).

 oh. and you'd see how excited i am about going out to lunch with him tomorrow. he's taking me because i reached 1000 followers this week! he's that on top of things, girlfriends!:)

 And i hope you'd feel like you had spent time with a true friend. and her family.  even if the house is a little messy and the kids a little loud and my hair a little very crazy... we'd still be so glad to just get to know you, too!  It really does sound fun!

you'll have to take us up on it sometime:).
Phil really does make a mean cup of Jo:).

****Winner of Casey's Sponsorship Giveaway****

congrats girlie.  i will email you shortly.


  1. One of the reasons I love your blog so much is because it always feels like coming home. Maybe not my current home but a home & family I would like to have myself and definitely be friends with. Keep up the good work.
    Neesie Designs

  2. OM!!!!!! I think that we must be related...Your house would meld with mine perfectly..kids, hubby,dogs and the coffee..Your home life, values,and priorities sound perfect..Thks for sharing and if you r ever my way..Stop in for a tea, coffee and some desert...take care

  3. Oh what a fabulous blog I've stumbled on!! You are just my kind of person!!! LOL! Your artwork has me crazy in love with it... ordered 4 digis yesterday, 4 more today!!! Eeekkk!!! I need more money cause there are a ton I want!!!! LOL!! Your children are stinkin gorgeous!!! Fun blog, great artwork... I am so following!!!

  4. Ooh, how I would love to come by for a cup of tea. But I'm afraid we're across the country, practically. Perhaps I will just messy my house, steal one of my nieces and nephew, grab a cup of tea, and pretend I'm at your house.
    Your blog is so real and I love reading it!

  5. YAY! This is my first ever give-away win. Thank you so much!

  6. what a great post! I love the part about being 'peaceful'. what a great objective. cheers!

  7. You crack me up Krista! A dishwasher can be overated...someone still has to load the darn thing...lol

    xoxo Marjo

  8. What a warm and fuzzy post, it makes me feel like I have just left after visiting you!

  9. You and your family are too cute. I'm loving your blog. I hope your birthday is magical:)

  10. THis is a great post. And your house sounds like a wonderful place, and your family sounds wonderful as well. I love readng your blog! :D

    <3 Jenn

  11. Krista I love this sort of post. Our house is a hub of crazy and vegging most days but mostly just togetherness which I adore!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  12. I just have to tell you, reading this post has totally weirded me out. I love your blog because I can relate it to it almost entirely. The things you write about your personality and your family and friends are truly uncanny. I'm from PA and when you talk about Philly and even your trips to King of Prussia it's like you're bringing me a piece of home. And I promise I'm not some crazy stalker, I just really enjoy your blog :) But of all the things you post on here that truly sound like my life, there's just one more thing that has me floored. My birthday is Saturday too! Only I'll be turning 34 :) It's seriously so weird. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that. Love your blog, and your digi's :) Congrats on all your success, oh and Happy birthday!

  13. Mmmm coffee sounds great!

    and ps that tutu on the pic on the left is awesome! :) dam cute kids.

    B :)

  14. What a lovely post. When I was reading it, I really felt like I was visiting you and your family :) Thanks!

  15. I take your word on it, even if the house is quite crazy and silly at times. :]

  16. Things are mostly in their place - except where I've managed to leave a bit of me strewn about the house before Richard has tidied it up. I laughed & laughed as I read your post - it sounds totally comfortable. Congratulations on your 1000+ Followers - that's quite something. I never quite know what is going to be next in your blog & you come up with things that make me think - His Hand often appears somewhere......
    Paula (PEP)

  17. love posts like these!


  18. Wow Krista, this post says so much! I think you are probably very brave and have loads of confidence! I'm so glad you feel comfortable with sharing who and what you and your family are. I love reading about the fact that I'm not the only one that has dirty dishes, madly in love with coffee and always counting how many times the wee ones sneak about! And don't even get me started with the bad hair day! Glad to have the op to learn what makes you tick and by the way, tock too! lol
    Tammy Louise

  19. Sounds like my house, cups of water included! I'm totally addicted to coffee, so that would be a must if I visited :)

  20. lol loved reading this post... sound a lot like my house... even the Storage Wars and Good Luck Charlie...I watch i-carly and all those shows when my daughter isn't even home..lol Thanks for giving us a peek into your world. It was fun!Oh and kudos to hubby for being on top of things... he is a keeper! Happy Early Birthday!!

  21. It's good to know that I am not the only Mom that watches Good Luck Charlie after the kids are in bed. : )

  22. Happy Birthday, Girl!!! My kids do the same thing when I light candles, then it smells like someone just blew out there birthday cake smell, right? I love candles too!! Also you got a total hypochondriac friend over here, so with you on that! Had to stop looking symptoms up on the computer cause I was having crazy panic attacks, you are not alone(: Congrats on your 1,000 followers and I know you will have many more cause you are an awesome writer who keeps it real, sincere and full of care. Keep on keepin on, sista!!! love, kristin toledo

  23. This is too cute!
    love your blog!





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