krista smith art
 Via Instagram.

1.  Niamh at kitchen sink.  Such a random moment.  And I love.  it.
2.  One of Niamhy's favorite Christmas presents this year.  White boots from her Aunt Bec.  (Mama said no to white boots all winter long. Apparently, my sister and daughter have similar shoe taste:).  
3.  My Niamh's collection of Monster High dolls.  We She is up to 23.  I already have my eyes on two new ones.
4.  New digi (coming soon).  I know, I've already got two rainy day digis in my shop.  But I just love this theme:).
5.  New Year's nails.  Kinda awesome for a party running around the house with two kids banging on pots screaming our heads off.  (We set a car alarm off down the road.  Yeah.  Pretty awesome!)
6.  A masterpiece.  
7.  Where we hid presents.  
8. Philly sleeping in [TWO] NY Giants jerseys.  Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks (aka "team nicks").  I'm so keyed up for these games.  Mostly for the sake of this boy.  
9.  Another digi.  First profile one.  Profiles are hard for me-- but I really liked how she turned out:). 


  1. Ooh lovin the digis!! And I am totally with Niamh on the white boots, agirls just gotta have white winter boots lol!
    Hugs Kat xx

  2. oh liking new digis and awesome pictures happy new year. Just coloured 2 of your images for up and coming challenges

  3. OH I.. erm... I mean Jude loves those Monster High Dolls too!!lol!
    Rainy day digis will be great...I've not been out the house in 5 days!!! Horrible windy and wet here since before Christmas..it's getting me down... even took the Christmas decorations down today! :0(( Roll on Summer! xoxo

  4. The skyline is amazing. Love both the digis & those nails certainly look fun.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. lovelovelovelovelove instagram :) and statement nails #favorite

    Lovely Little Rants

  6. We are loving Monster High and LaLa Loopsy's over here!!! Love all the pic's, you have inspired me to start blogging again(:

  7. Hi Krista, love your photo's, when are your new digi's out?

  8. Loving seeing your life in photos, love "your" dolls hehe! xo

  9. Not gonna lie, it hurt to watch my Cowboys embarrass themselves against the Giants last night...even still, your sweet boy looks adorable in his jerseys.

  10. I am fully lovin the black nails and the one pop of pink!!! SOOOO cute!!!


  11. I also slept in my Eli jersey.... :)
    Although I was not nearly as cute...

  12. What a lovely idea krista I hope you had alovely christmas it sounds like it. Thanks for all the wonderful artwork and looking forward to new ones, I want the lot lolx

  13. oh how I love Instagram - as you know I have always resisted the iphone, although I did once admit to G that the only reason I would ever get one would be so that I could use Instagram. Well guess what my fave app is now that he bought me an iphone?
    loving all the pics - and I think Niamh and my Willow must be cosmic twins or something. She's (we've) started collecting the Monster High dolls and even G is impressed with the detail on them. They are stunning.
    Oh and love the look of the new digis - especially the profile, and I have to say I'm better at profiles than full faces, I always struggle with the left hand side of faces for some reason?!

  14. Monster High dolls? What are these wondrous things and why haven't I known about them until now? I love the profile digi! Profiles were actually my favorite in school, but now they seem to have gotten a lot harder. http://locker-elf.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/#/d34d83b



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