my Rock.

The other morning I called Phil at work. I knew I'd been disconnected this week.

 Sitting next to him in the evening, but not listening.
 Or even talking.
 Just working away.

 He'd say something and then I'd catch the end of a question...(I always reply 'yup' in those situations and hope for the best;)...But he knows when my eyes glaze over and I'm just saying yup to give the appearance of a listening ear.

 I felt like I hadn't talked-- really talked-- to my best friend all week.
 Was he being distant?

Or was it all me??

 We chalked this week up to being busy and tired (he works 6 out of 7 days this week, 12-hour shifts...I've been working just about that same amount myself.)

 While I knew it was mostly me, those weird marriage weeks always leave me feeling jipped. Like, hellooooooo. Do you see how hard I work? Do you want to say anthinggggg????? (insert: you are the most lovely, hard working, perfectly amazing, organized (okay. went a little far with that one) wife ever. ever. ever.)

 But all I got was silence (and the occasional tale-end of a question).
 And that's pretty much all that was coming from me, too.

krista smith art krista smith art krista smith art
While I was driving the kiddies to school the other morning, we were listing to Tenth Avenue North. Funny how God puts in your ear just exactly what you need to hear sometimes. Yeah-- He definitely finds ways to speak very clearly to us. If we listen. The song I'd heard a hundred times before, but there was my answer to Generic Marriage Week. I hadn't taken very much time to spend with Him. I mean, I pray all the time with the kids...and we talk about the Lord constantly. But my time with Him was unaccounted for. Like. Zero.

 How can I expect others who are having a tiring week to fill the voids that God should be filling in my heart? If I take delight in the fact the I'm living my hour.day.week. to His glory and praise, then I shouldn't feel 'jipped' when I don't get noticed by my zonked-out hubs on the couch. Only God can be everything that I need. And when I make time for Him, I can be more of what others need. Like, a listening, loving wife. A patient mama. A peaceful person. Here I am, barely paying attention to my favorite person in the world, wondering why he isn't paying attention to me. Kinda crazy:).

 I remember hearing this example one time. Fill a jar half full of sand. Then try to fit a bunch of big rocks inside. Chances are, you won't get it all in. But. If you put the rocks in first, then dump the sand in...let it filter into all the tiny cracks...you won't have an overflow. That's exactly how life is. Put God first, and everything else will fall into place. You'll get it all in. Because your priorities are right. And built on The Rock.


  1. I was blessed by reading your post and listening to Tenth Avenue North. It's so easy to get caught up in "life" and miss spending time with the Giver of Life. Thanks for reminding me. Thanks Lord, for reminding Krista, too.

    I already knew I love your artwork. It's so nice to get acquainted with the artist behind the art. Thanks for keeping it real.

    another Smith girl xoxo

  2. Absolutely spot on.
    The number of times He uses your post to remind me of something.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Fantastic post! Thank you for your sharing!...Nancy :o)

  4. This is such a fantastic reminder. My husband and I definitely have those weeks as well. Only God can truly fulfill us, especially under such exhausting circumstances.


  5. a tender and transparent post.. thank you. I think we all know those times in our marriage - so restless with where we're at and longing for more: intimacy/faith/understanding/connection. Love the rocks/sand illustration and its so true. I tell Ben he's always like 100% hotter in my books when he's pursuing God first! lol
    muah... hope you guys have a much richer/connected weekend together.
    Mel :o)
    needle and nest

  6. Thank you for sharing this song, Krista! Awesome song, Awesome post!

  7. You rock girlfriend! I am listening to the song now - getting my happy on ;)

  8. Very Inspirational! Thank you for this open and honest post. Often, it feels like I am the only one struggling with priorities. Awesome reminder of why we feel times of emptiness.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing! This post really spoke to my heart! This song is one of my favorites!=)

  10. can i just say....you ROCK! thanks for posting this girl! i needed a reminder today too! :) xoxo <3

  11. Krista this is such an awesome post as I think we have all been there at some point, I know I have because this is pretty much how our weeks were going before I decided to do just 2 full days at work instead of full time. Now I only do the 2 and its just what we needed, money is tight but we are all so happy and strong in our family unit now and i am so thankful for that. Love the song too, its beautiful. I hadn't heard it before so huge thanks for it hun
    Huge hugs Lou xxx

  12. that was an awesome post! and such a perfect reminder of our walk with the Lord, too! you can tell you have a very tender heart towards your family (and God!)
    p.s.lovin' the colorful assortment of eggs :) someone must really appreciate your help! hee hee...

  13. That was seriously as if you were just speaking to me Krista!!! I have those off marriage weeks sometimes and its all work and no talking. Thanks for helping to put things into perspective sweetie you are an inspiring person! Hugs R xx

  14. Tenth Avenue North has the best lyrics! and thanks for being so real :)

  15. thanks for being so honest. I enjoy reading you. Its refreshing.

  16. Great, great, great post! Dont you love the way God speaks to you!? It seems to be (for me at least) mostly through music. Like you said...you hear a song so many times.. and then suddenly its like an answer or a message meant just for you.

    And wow.. that idea about the rocks and the same. So good. Ive never heard that before.. it gave me goosebumps.

  17. I love that song, thanks for posting it and for the great reminder!!

  18. I just wanted to tell you that this post has really got me thinking this week....thanks for the spark!

  19. Man oh man, woman. I FEEL ya! That had been my week as well. Except I think mine was a bit more aggressive. :0/ Still working that one out , actually..... And I really understand how crapy it feels ....he is my best friend... my most favorite person in the world! And here I was asking something of him that I didnt even give myself..... and i didny make ANY time for God this week. I had thought about it several times....it just never happened. But boy am I thankful that He covers a multitue of sins! He reached me through a small saying that I saw on Pinterest. I cried and told hubby I was sorry....he said it was alright and then joked...."I was wondering how long it would take you" lol got to love that man! Thanks for sharing Krista and for being such a wonderful, truthful friend! <3 ya

  20. Found you as I was searching for your images Krista, Found an even greater Treasure here :)) now off to get what I was looking for....lol
    Wonderful Song and a wonderful testimony.
    We all need to refill those vessels every day, its so easy to let them depleat xxxxx
    Hugs xx

  21. What a great testimony Krista! I always love reading your words, so full of insight, and encouragement you are a wonderful woman of God! I hope the craziness settles soon!

  22. I love this! That little saying got me lol.... We expect for everything to be ok with out putting God first, but when we put God first everything will be fine no matter the situaion:)
    Thank you for the reminder!

  23. Oh me Krista your post certainly struck a chord with me and gave me something to think about - thank you xx



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