Back from Trip.

krista smith art

You can find me over here today! 
Hop on over to see my most favorite dress in the world. 

 Just got back from my Copics class. 
 Learned oodles!:) 

Gonna share my favorite (newly learned) technique this week!  

Happy Saturday!  xx


  1. Waiting patiently to see what you got :) Pamela

  2. Girl, just checked out your fabulous map dress!!! You look stunning and it's so YOU!!!
    Love it! And I thank you for introducing me to Modcloth, that site is amazing!!!
    I just purchased a "I have to have it" dress, for my son's Communion in May! I am so super excited to have found the perfect dress and some classy sunglasses to go with it!
    Thank you ~ Thank you ~Thank you, my sister from another mama (:

  3. You are so insanely beautiful!!


  4. Welcome back tehehheee great dress! Wow! And glad you had a good time on your workshop too!! Look forward to reading what you learnt even though I colour with distress inks, hugs me x

  5. Hi Krista,
    Went over to see your 'most favourite dress in the world' and indeed it is lovely. Left you a comment over there, couldn't get back to leave one here that day as I was in a rush. Such a lovely design and it suited you well. Looking forward to seeing what you learned at your Copic class. All the best Linda

  6. Hello Krista, surprise us with your Copic color work, greetings Diny

  7. I LOVED your guest post! I get equally as giddy about dresses, and I'm obsessed with yours! I love the way you boldly styled it. You are so awesome!


  8. Krista!

    So I've been searching through your blog for like an hour now, and I stinkin love it. New follower! So glad to find you! :)
    Kaleigh x

  9. LOL. Glad you had a good time and figured out that blender! have you ever shown your kids " The Littles" the show from back in our day? Maybe you've never heard of it, but it's the original borrower concept and my kids love it, yours probably would too! Jealous you got to go to a coloring class, they've only had one in my area and my baby sis just had to be getting married the exact same weekend :( Hope youre eyes are better soon!

  10. Looking forward to seeing your new technique later in the week. I'm totally the opposite to you - everything is miles too long but I must admit that I like the look of that dress, especially the bottom detailing of it.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. So glad you had a good time, can't wait to see what you learned...



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