A to Z LOVE.

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
kiss tee/Alloy. tank, jeans/Target. boots/?

Airplanes.  i love the old, vintage, WWI and II aircraft.  and the artwork/pinups on the sides of them. Insert: future tattoo

Buttercream donuts.

Children's prayers.  love listening to my kids talk to their Father.        



Friday movie theater dates with the family:).

Going to the beach and renting an expensive house (for WAY cheaper) because it is off-season.  and no one goes to the Jersey beaches in March.  except my family.  such a blast! cannot wait!

Happy hour at Sonic.  yes.  a Rout 44 Diet Cherry Coke for $1.21 can make.my.day.

Inglorious Bastards, possibly my most favoritest movie.ever.


K. it's my letter.

Lattes. particularly the green tea variety.

Monster High dolls.

Niamh.  and how she says "already."  it always, always comes out "early." "i early did that, mom."

Owning a sandwich maker.  how did i ever live without it?
thanks mom and dad;)

Pull and peel Twizzlers.  best candy in the world!

Q-tips.  sorry.  couldn't think of one for this.  and I do appreciate a good q-tip.

Running.  always feel good afterward.

Seinfeld episodes.  love me some 1:00am Seinfeld watching.

Three. O.  One.  nevermind...THIS is my most favorite movie ever.

Underwear-- The Joke.  if my child ever comes up to you and says, "what's under there?"save yourself the hassle, and just answer "underwear?"  :)

Vacations.  gonna go live it up with the hubs this weekend in Virginia:).
(it's actually just a coloring class.  and he's gonna tag along to the hotel.  and we'll probably just swim and workout and watch TV. but doesn't that sound so good...)

Walking Dead. i'm on Team Shane.  and Daryl. and Rick.  mostly Shane, though. (kinda crushing on that guy;)

X.mwah.  love these cyber kisses;).

Yellow.  but only because it makes me think of my mom.  she loves yellow. and tote bags.  pretty napkins.  elephants.  and happy faces--the yellow kind:).

Zippers.  who doesn't love a good zipper?  yeah...couldn't think of one for Z either.

krista smith art

Hope your (yester)day was filled with LOVE!  
this is the Valentine's hug i'm sending each of you.

ps. yes, i'm wearing animal print pants at 32.
pss. and kinda loving them.



  1. Hi Krista,
    This is a lovely thing to do, I think I would like to try this about my life and family (even though they are all grown up now- well one just started University). Looks like good fun, thank you.
    Hope you are having a good day today and had a loving day yesterday.
    Hugs across the miles Linda

  2. Great post Krista, and I see no problem with the whole animal print pants thing! Jo x

  3. Oh Happy Hour at Sonic - a GIANT Strawberry Limeade for me please!!! So yummy! And you always look so gorgeous!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!Love your hair :)

  5. Very cute, it made me sit here and think why didnt she use zombies for Z? Lol
    Anyway. Had to tell you i love love love this last release of digis. Its possibly my favorite yet. Thank you for being so talented. Lol.
    Love u

  6. You look FAB!, Hope u had a great Valentines day hunny, and lots of lovely things, Hugz
    Kenzi :-) xx

  7. Ah Krista, you make me smile (and a few laughs, too) Great list, everyone should do one!!! Love how your mind works!!!

  8. That's such a lovely list. I have to say I envy you being able to go to the beach in March. I live an hour from Panama City Beach, so EVERYONE comes to my beach in March.

  9. You and your family are so very nifty.

    I have not forgotten about your present!


  10. Hi Krista!
    I´m all new on your blog and have recently bought my very first Saturated Canary-girl. The Peace-ragamuffin and I LOOOOOVE her!!! I finally had a chance to do that piece of "art" with Peace, Love & Understanding. I would love to show you what I made - may I??? Pretty please? I have only just begun scrapping, cardmaking and altering things but the card with your Peace-girl is my all time favourite! Love all your work - it´s amazing! SO GLAD that I found your Digistamps & blog! How nice when life brings something really new and exciting into ones life.

    Be well!!
    / Victoria, Sweden

  11. Im kicking myself for not buying those pants at Target! I picked them up to try on, but them put them back :/ They look so cute on you!

    XO Julie

  12. totally loving your list and your outfit! It rocks!!

  13. Hi Krista, this is my third post to you...just wanted to tell you that I love the A to Z post :) This is a great idea for a scrapbook page! You have a darling family and beautiful children. Love your new outfit too. Hugs Barbara

  14. Just opened my emails and saw there was a post from you - not even out of bed yet and I'm smiling / that's a good start to my day - thank you- even if it goes down hill at least it started good!! ; )
    PS love the new digs - got plans for them already x

  15. Found ya from Ashley at the Shine Project. Seriously, how gorgeous is your blog!? Love your hair girly :-)


  16. I just really cannot get over how much I love your hair.
    That is all.

  17. Krista,
    You Rock!
    Loving the A to Z post.
    I may have to give it a try, can't wait to see more of your creations and great posts!!!
    Have an awesome day (:

  18. Hi Krista, I have had time to read this post properly today and I have to say I LOVE it and what a great post it was I could think of things I LOVED with your letters at the sametime! I have to say though LOVE your photo's too! hugs to you too! hugs me xx

  19. You had me absolutely chuckling - enjoy the colouring class & time with Phil; sounds like you'll have a super time. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about the class too.
    Paula (PEP)

  20. i love those pants on you! even though they're a bit daring for me, i think you wear them perfectly :) xx

  21. ..almost makes me wanna pull out my leaopard tights from the back of the closet... *lol* Nah - wouldn't fit me anyways! YOU however rock those pants, great pics! And the A to Z made me think to finally maybe start that BOM scrapbook (Book of Me) a couple of years in the making... W is Walking Dead for me also ~ Team ♥ Rick!

  22. oh!!! peel and pull twitzlers!!!!
    now this preggo is craving some of those BAD!!
    you are so stunning, girl! xo

  23. Oh my I love your hair... so much fun! New follower.

  24. Oh me darling how do you always look so cool!!!!!!! I love visitng here and hearing about your antics etc, you cheer me up no end bless ya, have al ovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. New follower
    I love your blog and I will promote in my blog is ok for you?

  26. I found your blog via Little Chief Honeybee & I'm in love with your blog.

    Your colorful dreads have to be one of my favorite things! I cannot wait to read more from you!

    -Madeline Grace
    Just Let the Sparrows Fly

  27. First things first,your hair is rockin'! The Walking Dead is a great tv show/comic. And Monster High dolls are so cute. I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  28. Hi! Just found out about your blog via Kaelah's blog. I absolutely love your style + your hair is to die for! I look forward to reading your blog on the regular.

    Michele, www.shortgirllongisland.com

  29. Hi Krista, Love the whole outfit! Very edgy and fun!
    Hope all is fantastic for you. Feb just flew by.
    I have been missing in action lately?!
    Busy, busy just same old.
    Lots of love to you and your sweeties,
    xo Sue



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