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krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
shirt/Target. skirt/FreePeople. Boots/?. tee/ Victorias Secret. tights/Target.
This week...

I'm excited for February. Only a month away from our beach vacation!

Super Bowl weekend. Spending it with Phil's family in Pennsylvania. My boys are over the moon.


Starting out the month with a nasty case of pink-eye in both eyes. But. On the upside. I could pass as a Cullen.

Philly is reading! Reading:). It is the cutest, slowest paced reading...but he is proud. So is mama.

 Finishing (or at least hoping to!) new artwork. Get your colors ready girls:).

Loving long skirts. This is my favorite. It is also my most dangerous skirt. I almost landed face down in Target yesterday. Bit too long:)

New episodes of The Walking Dead are just around the corner. Have I mentioned, it is my most favorite show EVER??

Continuing my One Little Word project...Will have more photos this week!

Thinking about this post and this post to start my month...two of my favorite bloggers right now. Love these girls.

Loving spring weather in February.  Today is gonna be over 60 degrees!  Crazy!

A fun card swap for the kiddos!  Check it out over here.

Oh.  And we are already working on Valentines!  (Got this for Niamh for Valentine's Day.  Shhh!:)  She doesn't have a clue!  So excited to surprise her!)

What's going on in your week??
Anything exciting?



  1. Loving Jami's post hun. Very thought provoking.
    Also wishing we had the weather for skirts of any kind, hehehe.. battling hail stone and snow this week. Although the sun is out today instead of grey skies which is hopeful. Smiles.

    I'm planning a night away (in secret) as it's our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 14th.. bug sshh! Don't tell.. :0) xx

  2. oooh I love the swooshy yet dangerous skirt hun!! its beautiful!!
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  3. the skirt is fabulous! And yesterday I was trippen all over because of these boots. It was pretty humbling. ha ha


  4. lovin' the boots and skirt in a major way.... wanting a pair of mocassin boots I saw after Christmas myself.... oh they are wonderful!
    we are zombie fanatics as well and love The Walking Dead, too. make sure we have the Twinkies on hand when watching.... ha!

    take care!

  5. Love your outfit! Bit bohemian and a bit country :). I love the walking dead too! Hope you will have a great week! Hugs, Hanneke

  6. Loving that skirt, Krista!! You look so cute in everything you wear! Yay for Philly learning to read! It's the sweetest thing to hear them finally "get" it!
    My plan for the week is to finish my first Saturated Canary card and color more!! Lofty goals, heh? LOL! Have fun this weekend!!

  7. Gorgeous photos Krista !!!


  8. Love your style! I watch the Walking Dead also, one of my faves. Waiting on The River to start we'll see if that's a good one.

  9. Lovely skirt.... (just your style) and FABBIE photos hon....Thanks for sharing them..
    And your little boy reading? One proud Mom I think!
    Nothing too exciting here, apart from I've been chosen for a Design Team.. YAYYYY!
    Big hugs
    Christine x

  10. You are SOOO beautiful! I'm going to check out your favorite blogs, I just love finding new inspiration :)

  11. Lovely pics Krista your a star and I cant wait for the new images either lol have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxx

  12. GOOOOOOOOOO G-MENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! I am probably just as excited for the game as your boys :)

  13. I so love long skirts sweetie! I just don't have enough of them I had a fave a while back but had to get rid of it after it had a tonne of holes through so much wear and tear lol!
    My son Caleb is beginning to read too! He is so clever! We read words every night, he has like 65 of them on his wardrobe door and we practice, I should take a photo and show you!
    I'm off to check out what you got Niahm for valentines, I still need to make something cute for the kids!
    Lol at you passing for a cullen, maybe if you spray some glitter on you and walk out in the sun you could start a stir lol!
    Have a fun weekend hugs Rebekah xx

  14. Take care of your eyes & hope you have a wonderful weekend. Freezing cold here with some snow; the waterfalls on the Beacons are frozen & look so strange - I've never seen a frozen waterfall. Do be careful in your long skirts - love the combination with boots. Great that Philly's reading....... & won't Niamh be surprised?
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Hi, no long skirts here today, wellies, coat, gloves, hat and scarf shovelling snow of the drive so darling husband can catch his flight to Malaga, it must be love!!! I adore this blog and recently discovered your digi images and copics so this is like crafting heaven, does it get any better LOL! Have one more week at school and then we break for half term soooo looking forward to crafting and doing other nice things, take care, Doreen x ps. looking forward to the new images!

  16. Fantastic Pictures Krista! your so photogenic! Have a brilliant weekend have the superbowl on too! Whooooo!

    Oh by the way when you are Drawing if you fancy it can you draw a fizzy jinx hugging a floppy eared bunny rabbit... I LOVE Fizzy and have lop ear rabbits My hair is sometimes like Fizzy's wild! hehehheee hugs Samantha :0)

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