krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
shoes, Jessica Simpson/jeans, Alloy/blouse and thermal, Target/jewelry, have no clue:)

Little Things.
that make a girl happy...

when the weather shifts and becomes a little warmer.  and spring has really sprung.  and the day when it is okay to break out the peep toe shoes for good.  

philly's bedtime prayer last night.  "thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross and we don't deserve it."  from the mouth of babes...

my niece.  she is just pint sized.  tiny as can be for a three year old.  looks like a little waif.  but has a dose of spunk that can set a room on fire:)...her personality just bubbles out.  stink face and all.  love that kid.

seeing phil's sense of humor come out in niamh.  not many people are as funny as that guy...he is quick, witty, and just makes me laugh all the time...and she just might give him a run for his money, be the last comic standing.  she is hysterical.

my mom's birthday dinner out.  babies and kids being passed around to sit on laps.  smiles.  laughing.  funny pictures at the table.  birthday presents.  hugs and kisses.  and feeling like a tornado whipped through the restaurant that night.  the tornado being us.  all 16 of us.

niamhy's very good report card.  brought it home today.  makes a mama and daddy proud:).

new ideas and projects.  and new friends...and sweet emails.  and all the times i wish i could reach out and hug you guys...a big squeeeeeezy bear hug for each one of you!

and, one thing that especially touched my heart this week-- the comments you all left on the post with the free download digi.  i sat with tears in my eyes reading your comments, girls.  so many having experienced loss.  and the ones who have personally dealt with cancer in their own life. and triumphed.  beautiful, sad, and courageous stories.  i'm the one that needs to say thank you.

thank you, each one
for your strength and courage.
for reminding me to be thankful for and present in each new day.
and thank you for sharing your stories with me.
it means a lot.

what is bringing a smile to your face this week?


  1. I love this post Krista, it reminds me of how happy I am no matter what happens I have my girls that I have a story a day to tell hubby when he gets home, a phone call a day coming my way from him and laughter every day xxx

  2. Thanks Krista for reminding us of what really is important. You are a star :)
    My kids they are my true sunshines and every day I think I am just so lucky to have them. My sweet little princess with her big brown eyes waiting for her 4th birthday and planning cakes and guests the whole day :) My beautiful 11 yr old, so big and in the same time still my little boy needing a hug.
    So precious both of them :)
    Wishing you a fantastic day and thanks again krista

    Big hugs

  3. kirsta what a lovely read...you are one very thoughtful clever loving and witty lady..i love your work your family sound fabulous...as all mine have grown and have children of their own i have the gift of grandchildren each one special and very unique your read evoked memories of when mine were small and the funny things they said and did..sadly my family has suffered great loss as everyones has but its times like his when someone evokes a memory that im thankful i have my menmories and even though my children have grown they still are all my babies and are not scared to give the hugs and love i sometimes feal i dont deserve...i love them all so much..and truly treasure the memories their love and how blessed i really am..faced with death last year they were my rock they got me through and nothing i could do or say will ever tell or show them show just how much they are loved....im grateful to be here just answering your post..sassyx

  4. Well - you just did!
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Hi Krista, You got it so right with this post, what a brilliant read....It's great to 'Take Stock' of our lives every now and then, just to see what really matters....usually right in front of us....it reminds me of my favourite verse, at the end of each line it reads, I'm drinking from my saucer, 'cos my cup has overflowed....love it...decribes my life....have a fab day.xxxxx

  6. What a gorgeous post, Krista. What has brought a smile to my face this week is you, you clever lady! I've found your artwork and love your digi-stamps, they make me smile, and though I've only coloured one so far, I'm so pleased with it. So thank you for making me smile! Zo xx

  7. You are truly a sweetheart ! There are so many times in ones life that are taken for granted . But as long as people continue to stop and look around , more memories will be made. Less fussing over dumb stuff and more loving over great stuff! Thank you for the reminder to stop and cherish what you love! ;0)

    Oh...and btw your outfit looks killer!!!! I'm digging the jeans!!!

  8. oh krista hun, i so love popping in here, your posts are awesome.
    huge squooshy hugs right back at you hun
    Lou xxxxxx

  9. awww happy for your happiness, sweet face! Those are all precious souls and moments to praise God for!
    love it!

  10. Hi Krista!! Wow, I feel like I already know you. I came across your blog from another fellow blogger and became a follower as I dl'd your freebie. I then read your 'family' page and you have the most beautiful family!! I'm so happy to have come across your blog and look fwd to 'getting to know' you better. Love your post today. Sounds like our family when we go out. Mind you, the youngest is about to turn 3, so there's no 'passing of the babes' BUT there's a lot of praise and chatter I tell ya. We always have a good time, that's for sure. Have a wonderful day and LOVE that outfit!

  11. hi,

    i know this is not the right place to place it but i really don't know how else i can contact you.
    i really want to buy your stamps but i can only see dollars and i can only pay with euro's and i don't have a credit card or paypal account can i pay by ideal or something like that ?
    can you send me a message at my blog


    with love celine

  12. Thanks for the happy :-). HUGS!!!!!

  13. Hi Krista,
    Thank you for todays post. It is thoughtful and considerate; something that is lacking in our world today and you, so generously, have reminded us to count our blessings. Growing up that is the one thing my mum and dad stressed to us and we even used to sing the song at sunday school 'Count your blessings, one by one'. If we stop at the end of the day and count our blessings we will automatically start to smile. My blessing this week is my Grandson, Jake. He is 3 and into everything, but he brings me to life.
    It's funny but when my life seems 'not so good' he only has to look at me and I feel ashamed; his Joie de Vivre just lifts me out of the pit of gloom. I am so blessed to have him. So my smile this week is JAKE.
    Thanks for sharing again with us.
    Best wishes Linda (UK)

  14. Hi Krista, thank you for reminding what is important,I love reading your posts. You have a beautiful family. your digi images are great, I downloaded the free one and just finished making the card and about to put on my blog.

  15. Gorgeous pics Krista!

    So nice to hear someone appreciate the little everyday things that so many take for granted.


  16. I've always wished I had the passion for writing all of the things I feel, other times, I love to read what others write so that I feel I'm not the only one! Thanks Krista
    Tammy Louise

  17. My babies, they always bring happiness in my life...knowing that I am a child of God, that He loves me and cares for me =0).....I have a new blog "the sassy crafter" one is being closed, I need a new begining, www.thescrappingfabric.blogspot.com

  18. Krista I love reading your blog and your daily happenings! glad you have had a wonderful day/week! and thank you also for posting the thread about the boobies! I too sat with tissues I know and have known also friends and loved ones! thank you from them also, hugs me

  19. you are amazing, krista!
    hugs, heike.

  20. what a beautiful post Krista x

  21. Krista you just made me smile :) you are so right with what makes you happy :)

    For me this week its the little things, my son has just started flexi-schooling and he has managed some work at home and done so well, thats made me so happy this week :)

    Having my little nephew over for a few days makes me smile too, he is off to turkey with his mummy for 2 mths on Saturday I am going to miss him much :(

    Have a Great Weekend Krista

    Joey xx

  22. Love this post! I'm new here, and I just adore your blog! I'm off to stalk the rest of your site... Have a wonderful weekend, sugar! xo



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