There is a little lack of variety in my posting this week:).  My time has been spent getting ready new artwork.  New things are hopefully falling into place that will offer a bit more variety for you stampers:).  Which is exciting...And Smash pages are my little outlet.  A half hour break.  To get the creativity brewing again!

I said last post that I like my Smash pages set up with empty space.  I like some empty, girls:). That being said, I wanted to go crazy with one page and totally load up on the pieces.  Bits and pieces everywhere.  Stacked.  Layered.  All of it.  

The thought of it made my face start to twitch;).


I did it.  Well...as much as an empty space girl can.

krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith

I chose to do a page in my big Red Smash book- which I decided to theme Art/Creative Stuff. This page is my Inspiration page:).  All the simple things that inspire me.  Make me smile.  Catch my attention, creatively.

vintage pinups.
whimsical machines.
pretty things.
pretty hair.
my two knuckle heads...aka, Philly and Niamh
funny animals.
monsters and creepy kinds.  (see my little blood sucker? he's cute, huh?!)
my faith.
a late night coffee.

How can a girl be inspired by a donut??  Well, you must not have tried Century Bakery donuts.  Those buttercream donuts make my heart sing:).  Inspiration can be as simple as something that puts you in a good mood!

Basically, the page is filled with all these little pieces...things I love.  That make my day happy. Make my heart feel alive.

That's what inspiration is, I think...
Something exciting. lovely. and yes, even tasty:).

So...give me the scoop!  One thing currently inspiring you??....


  1. ....YOU! I've never thought about doing a SMASH book, but this page totally inspires me! Now, I'm thinking about it! Hugs, Rosie

  2. I just love your smashing! You are the smash book queen and every time I see a post and know there is smash involved I can not wait to hop over and read, your such an inspiration! xx

  3. Krista, I love this page so much, well I love all the pages you do. I have a Smash book but haven't started it yet as I was going to be about my pregnancy, the kids and just life with being pregnant but as you know with me losing the baby.. well that idea is out now and now I just have to figure out how I want to do it now. It may take awhile to figure it out. I look at all your post but just never have time to comment but I always love reading them and seeing what you create and what you have to talk about. I also love seeing what you are wearing from day to day. I love your style. Take care of yourself and your family. You have a beautiful family Krista and I love your love and faith with the Lord.

  4. ooooh krista! this is an awesome page. I love all the layers and omgosh those embellies are just adorable, love the cute little reindeer guy :)
    My inspiration comes from all over the place but mostly from things that I have experienced. I would really like to do a wish list kinda page with all my stamp/ crafty wishes on!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Krista, I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I looked at it like 4 times just trying to soak it ALL in. You make me want to sit down and think about what truly inspires me. This would be a fun smash page challenge for sure! If only I could get a bit creative tomorrow but alas, I have SO much house work cleaning up to do it's not even a tiny bit funny. LOL

  6. I don't think I could say just one thing that inspires me - but until I get this assignment for Uni done, I know I can't even think about anything else creative.
    The 2 things that really jumped out at me from your page - was the steampunky hot air balloon and that pretty little strawberry pennant, a fab eclectic mix that gels perfectly
    have a great day chum

  7. Such beautiful pages you make in your Smash Book!
    Really love them!
    And every time I look at your last made page, I see something new! :-D

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Absolutely wonderful Krista - just amazing - think I'm gonna have to take the plunge!

    Have a great day.

    Toodle pip

    Hazel x

  9. Rosie beat me to it...You! And your artwork. I had to make a DT card and was totally stuck, so I looked through my SC images and there she was....Ivy with her big glasses, perfect for what I needed to make. SO that then inspired me to go to your shop and buy 4 more images! Can't wait to get them and to play. SO keep up the fab work, Krista. You're an Inspiration! Zo xx

  10. Love your page! I am inspired by blogs...I hop and hop and hop...then create!

  11. Whoa, that IS a lot of fillin' up you did!!! But it is soooo cool!!!! Love that it's an inspiration book, what a great idea!!!!
    Can't wait to see what you are dreaming up next!!

  12. Saw this on the Smash*Addicts group on FB and so in love!!! It's gorgeous! Great job!

  13. You're having a ton of fun with that book! I guess I'm going to have to cave and get one myself!

  14. omg krista its you who inspires me and a lot of others I am sure ... you are amazing ... love your work love your blog love your little digis ... well done happy crafting and love sandy xx

  15. one thing currently inspiring me.......YOU and your artwork!! Love the page x

  16. You and other bloggers are so inspiring and a little five minute fix here and there, makes the day shine!

  17. That's great with getting all of your favorite things on the page.

  18. You certainly filled it - but left some space for resting!! Looks like a good mix to me.
    Texture galore & I love the fact that you incorporate your own images.
    Have a good week & hope you get all you need to done.
    Paula (PEP)

  19. this is so pretty... your smash books are always so beautiful... so creative...

  20. Such a beautiful smash page. I only hope my smash journal will look half as good when it's done.

    Current inspiration is being found through music - found a new artist/band and rediscovered my love of singing - all in all, its putting me in a good mood and as you said, a good mood can be all the inspiration you need

  21. Another beautiful page. It was you who got me into smash books, and now i have 2 [ a pink and a mini] which im slowly working on. I find nature is inspiring me at the moment, my dog and you! I made a journaling page recently about my dog.
    Link: http://craftynataliesblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/digby-at-3-journaling-page.html

  22. Awesome so much content and work you have created a stunner! thanks for the inspiration! hugs me x

  23. great inspiration going on those pages, I am eating up color lately, so much fun. hugs

  24. It's great! So much inspiration! All the spring flowers have been inspiring me lately.

  25. I'm super happy I found your blog! I love your smash pages. I'm in the process of creating a journal for one of my classes at school. Your smash page gives me lots of inspiration! I am now following your wonderful and extremely colorful blog.




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