My Movie Date with Me.

You'd probably think, since I work from home and am self employed, that I have plenty of time to fit in things I really want to do.  Especially since the kiddies are in school for 6 hours each week day.  But honestly, I work-- like work my tail off-- those days.  And the moments during my day that are not invested into my artwork and business, well, I usually hop on the treadmill, run an errand,  or do a bit of house work.  We play board games and tell stories and watch shows at night.  And then there is bedtime.  And prayers.  And I sneak off for some more work while everyone sleeps.  

And I find, maybe because I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work doing something I truly love, I put 110% into it most days...Which, every now and then, burns me out.  Sometimes I don't even know its happening.

A whole week might go by where I only wear Under Armor.  (Phil calls my 'active wear' leotards.  Or. When he really wants to get the message through, he just calls me Jane-- as in Fonda.)  

I might fall asleep with the computer on my lap.  Wake up all make-up eyed ( translate: ugly-faced:)  and worry as I stumble into the bedroom if my occasional make-up sleep is gonna ruin my hopes for a wrinkle free mid-thirties.

And the dishes from dinner are there staring me in the face in the morning.  The same morning my dad stops by on the way to the golf course just to say 'hi' (which I love.  melts my heart:)...And I'm hoping all he sees in the kitchen door window while he waits for me to open it is his own reflection. Heaven help me if he can actually see in.  Cuz this girl is tossing last night's dinner dishes into the oven.  

Yes.  I have stooped that low, my friends:). 

I feel like somedays I do a bunch of things okay.  And nothing really, really well.  Even though I'm trying super hard at everything.  And I honestly wonder if Phil thinks I'm the housewife from you know where.  Cuz it is a cold day in you know where when my house is sparkly clean and I'm looking pretty and my work is all caught up.  Those things rarely align like that.

Then Phil and I have a conversation in the truck this week, driving home from errands.  With kids making a ruckus in the back seat.  I don't even know why/how it came up...And wasn't sure he had actually heard me... But I told him I've always wanted to sneak off to the movies by myself in the afternoon.  

It looks silly writing it now:).  I've just never done it...never justify the time being spent like that.  But to sit in the movie theater by myself-- to me, that is kinda awesome (insert: angelic choir singing).  
Some girls like to get their hair done. 
 Or get a massage. 
 Or have their nails painted.
I wanted a movie all to myself:).  
Popcorn on the side.

And you wanna know what Phil said to me today...on his day off from work?
Go see a movie.
You've been working really hard.  And deserve it.

Brownie points X 1000 for that guy:).

krista smith
krista smith

So I sat today at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in a big theater all by myself.
Big, nerdy 3D glasses on.
Popcorn and soda.
And had a date with the Titans.  
Turns out, the movie pretty much rocked.  

Also, the dishes were done when I came home.
And no.  They weren't stacked inside the oven:).

I'm so thankful that Phil sees past my messes and leggings and short comings.  And listens when I say things.  Because just when I think I've pretty much dropped the ball in every way, and start to feel burnt out, and think maybe I missed the domestic lesson that all the other girls I know obviously aced...

He let's me know he gets me:).  All of me.  Even if I'm stuffed into lycra and have smudged make-up and am accidentally cooking our dinner plates.  

I knew I was onto something when I found this guy:).  


  1. Such a sweet post! :) Sounds like you take good care of each other. And a solo movie sounds delightful. :)

  2. Lovely post, Krista! Good thing Phil send you to the movie! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

    This weekend my kids are going to stay with my parents and me and my hubby are having a peaceful and quiet weekend together with time to do our own things.

    Hubby is going to work in our garden and I'm locking myself up in my craft room, hahaha!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. Krista, you sure have yourself a great guy, such a sweetie, glad you enjoyed your film! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Very special chap - I've got one too: tells me to go & do something I'm good at whilst he's cleaning the bathroom! Take good care all of you.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Aw that's lovely. So nice to able to have some me time. I've never done either, but I do make a mess of the kitchen chores and my house is a tip at times, but it's ok. Life is more important! Zo xx

  6. Aww Krista I think we can all relate to your post, it's always mum/wife/daughter/sister/auntie/friend/attempts at being a domestic goddess first, and then we put ourselves last and a little "me" time now and again is sooooooooo good :)
    How lovely of Phil for knowing just what you needed and sending you out :)
    hugs Mandy xx

  7. Loved your post Krista! There were so many things I can relate to - mostly like the dishes being left in the sink 'til the morning and never really having enough hours in a day, despite the kids being in school for 6 of them! I too am blessed with a very understanding husband, so got to go to Manchester the other day to see my first musical (Phantom of the Opera) with my Mum, sis and Auntie...loved it! It's great that they get that sometimes you just need to be you, rather than Mum, wife, friend or any other hat that we need to wear! Thank goodness for our other halves! Lisa X

  8. Take it from a movie(loner)geek-if hubby is encouraging you to take time for yourself/by yourself there is nothing more freeing, relaxing than an afternoon movie! I like that you get the theater practically to yourself. No distractions, sharing or washroom breaks. I luv it.

  9. awww.....I love this! I think all us "professional Mom's" feel a bit inadequate sometimes....I know I do! If I take a day to craft and don't clean I feel like poo later! I think it's a woman thing....

  10. Oh my gosh! This is so funny lol My hubby went to the movies on Monday to see that movie. He can't watch the 3D stuffs b/c of his glasses, and the only time they were playing the 'reg' version was at 11am! So I couldn't go with him and I felt bad /sniff. But he said that he liked it alot!!

  11. What a great post, all moms need some "me time" and if for you is going to the movies by yourself, then good for you that you went =0)


  12. I absolutely love this post. I work at home to and I hear exactly what you're saying. You have an amazing hubby there. Mine is the same and isn't it the sweetest thing? To me, knowing he's listened is more romantic than anything. I might say on Monday - I would really love to just go and sit and have a pedicure - on Friday he'll come home with a gift cert and here I've forgotten about it because I have been so busy. I love your idea about a movie by yourself, something I'll have to try one day!!! Enjoy your day today!!

  13. Good for you krista. Well needed im sure. Sometimes my husband gets when i need a break and sometimes it gets overlooked. Good for phil for getting it. Hope your feeling a little refreshed.

  14. Krista, you need to do things like that and bravo to your darling hubby that he sees and remembers!!! Your post reminded me so much of myself at your age... and I still have never gone to a movie by myself... and have always wanted to! We women tend to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of before we allow ourselves to be taken care of... how sad is that? But it's what makes us who we are.... Love the part about your dishes in the oven... mine go in the broken dishwasher!!! heehehe!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. that.is.awesome! hehe... gotta love having a great guy to support/hold you through all the craziness!

    Love you!!
    Mel ;o)

  16. so glad you got your movie and your guy, hugs

  17. Krista
    Not sure if first post went thru so here it is - I think you are amazing and don't sweat the small stuff. I can see and feel the love you have for your family. I always told my children be remembered for the fun and good things you did with your life and rest falls into place! You are a great mother, wife and a great artist! Keep growing in the direction you are in - its a path well blessed for you! Hugs

  18. That is so sweet!!! you have a great husband.. and you are a great wife for being able to recognize that!!!

    God bless!!

  19. Something we definitely share in common, our lovable husbands who get us 110%. :]

  20. You are truly blessed my friend.

  21. Loved to read your post sweetie :)
    I don't think it is only your husbond that is sweet Krista, as so are you :)
    Thanks for sharing these perfect little moments with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend with or without dish in the owen ;)

  22. you are so NOT the only person who has ever thrown their dishes into the oven (or accidentally baked them either! grins!) when company pops by.... and you're not the only one who has ever snuck away to a movie by yourself either. it's a nice treat every once in a while. so good for you! :)
    how wonderful that the both of you have each other!

  23. Good for you girl! It sucks that we actually have to make a huge effort to do something like that for ourselves. I'm always putting everyone else first. Honestly, I'm a SAHM who never worked half this hard at a "job" as I do now. There's always a flicker of guilt when I'm away, but we have to put our sanity in check!

  24. Yeah, he definitely sounds like a keeper! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I think you definitely deserved it. And man, if I had to keep a spotless house, I'd fail miserably, and I don't even have the kids to use as an excuse for the mess!!! LOL

  25. What a sweetheart!!!

    I have one of those amazing Husbands too...

    One time I told him I would try harder to be a better person (childhood abuse) and he told me you don't need to try harder I understand and I knew who I fell in love with! That moment melted my heart forever!

    We are so fortunate to have someone's true unconditional love!!!

    And you deserve your movie time :)

  26. Awwwwwwww Krista, he is one in a million :))) its the little things that keep it all ticking and working so perfectly :))) Love your post, glad you got a little me time in too. Joey xxx

  27. What a man you have...and yes, I too have stacked - and I mean stacked - the dishes in the oven. Hugs lin

  28. Krista,
    This is such a sweet post! I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to your situation and feeling overwhelmed. I know I sure do! Everyone cannot say they have a guy who fully gets them, though! You are super lucky!

    Have a great day! Hugs!

  29. This really made me smile...Such a lucky lady:) Thanks for sharing!

  30. Is there anything better than a good man? Almost put me in tears reading this, and reminded me of how awesome my own husband is. Thanks!:)

  31. I can totally relate to this, and it's so funny, because lately I've been wanting to see a movie alone too. I'm glad you had fun! :)

  32. Boy can I relate. I would love to go see a movie by myself. Imagine having 2 hours all alone, just me. That would be heaven. I'm glad you got to take some time off for you.

  33. Sounds a log like me! I am busy busy all day, then I remember the house is a mess and dinner needs to be ready in an hour...or less!! You go girl with your titans

  34. That's fun getting out alone once in a while. I usually like to go to the mall alone. I think I might do that this coming week.

  35. He is one in a million!!!!!! Have one just like him at home x

  36. Awww Krista you are one lucky lady, Phil Rocks!!!!!
    It makes all the hard work worth it.
    trish (-:

  37. This is the strangest thing but as I finished reading your lovely post a minute ago, Notting Hill finished on TV and Shania Twain sang, 'You've got a way with me' and I thought, how apt. Some people go through life never realising just how blessed they are to have the partner they have, so it makes my heart feel so good to hear you praise you hubby so well. I think that is probably why he loves you the way he does, because for all your so called 'failings', he must know you love him and appreciate him. Good on you both, it is wonderful to hear.
    Take care of yourself sweet lady, your family needs you.
    Hugs across the miles. Linda (UK)

  38. What an awesome husband and a great day for you!! You deserve more of those for the joy you bring to others.

  39. What an awesome post that I can TOTALLY relate too. Just know.. you are not the Lone Ranger over there.

  40. You totally Crack me up! I love reading your blog posts.
    I guess because I totally relate to you. It's good to see that someone else is faced with the same situations, kind of makes me feel "normal" whatever that may be. My house is clean about 1 day out of every week... I just think when my kids grow up they will never say," thanks mom for keeping the living room spotless,". But rather, "thanks mom for living and being an active part of our lives"!

  41. I adore your posts, nice to know how 'Real' you are..lol...and as for your OH...well, he just loves you, simple as that..xxx

  42. What a fab day, glad you enjoyed the movie, could have been a bad one! Love reading your blog, just loaded a creation on my blog using the freebie breast cancer image, so thank you Krista. Jane (UK) x
    The Craft Bucket Blogspot

  43. ha ha! the thought of you cooking the dishes makes me laugh! I have a feeling your "things I'm good at" list totally crushes your "things i could do better at" list. and you'll be gorgeous at 80. in lycra with bed makeup :)

  44. Im pretty sure we all feel the same way. I didnt ace the domestic class either, and After having the entire house spotless then your family trashes it etc... which is what goes on here its very easy to get burnt out and need a lil break .. you go girl!!

  45. Hiya Krista,

    This is such a fun post - Love it!

    That was really sweet of hubby to give you your very own movie date!

    I had to laugh about the dishes in the oven -oh my my girl ha ha I have done the same,any available space and an unexpected visit!

    I think when you are creative the Oven and dishes makes sense but then the mess,messes up your creating as well?

    Sometimes we need a break from ourselves and the stresses and unreasonable demands we put on ourselves!

    Have a great day and a very relaxing and creative flowing ideas day!

    Take care
    Big Hugs



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