An Outfit.

krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith
krista smith

I like girly-ness in doses.  

Mixed with something opposite-- tomboy. edge. grunge.   Something.

I have a few pairs of 4 inch heels. One of them is even cheetah print. And I realized the other day (despite the fact that I'm 32), a whole section of my makeup could be appropriately labeled *glitter*.  I cringe even admitting that.  And my toe nails are always bright.  Usually red or hot pink.

But I'd rather get a tattoo than get my hair and nails done.  And I love to have a catch.  I own a fair share of jeans bought directly out of the boys section.  Because "Boy Cut"  jeans are not really cut like boy's jeans. And I like my baggy guy jeans for real.

I wear too many hats.  I like to hide in them:).  And my mom once expressed her fear that I might go bald someday from wearing them too often.  (Just for the record, I'm good...Still good on the hair front, people.)  

I hardly ever wear my over-the-knee boots.  For someone with a healthy dose of thighs;), it isn't the best look.  But I like them for the bit of meanness they add to an outfit.  Nice meanness:)...

And what's a girl to do when her photographer wants to quit half way through the photos??...

krista smith

Make a funny gif.  

This is also the dance she was doing when she earned her first set of stitches earlier this year.  
Sent herself tumbling into the TV stand.  
After watching this, I'm pretty sure it was the hair.  
All up in her business...can't see a thing:).

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Let's hear it.

Do you vote girly?  Or are you more of the tomboy/grungy type??
I'm sneaking a vote in for each.



  1. So girly here! Love my nail polish in all different colors with polka dots, stripes...whatever! And love shoes, although I don't usually wear high heels, i have a few pair. LOVE LOVE LOVE boots, and yes-I have over the knee ones-I wear them all the time!!! ALOT of my make up can be considered "glitter" and I'm older than you!!!!

  2. Ha!! Too funny.. was just posting about this today too.. 'style' that is, and of course, I'm right there with you - needing to grunge up and girly side! Love that lace sleeve look tho!!

    You guys are too adorable... always.
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  3. Totally girly.
    Lovin' all the glitter and sparkles in the world!
    But I have to say I don't get as girly as I'd like because I am always in
    PINK boyfriend sweatpants from Victoria Secret. That's all I wear, with sneakers, everyday to run around and be comfy.
    But now that I am on a mission to get fit and healthy, I can't wait to treat myself to a girly outfit and go out for some drinks and dance the night away!
    P.S. Rock the thigh boots, girl...you so can wear them!!! You GO GIRL!!!!

  4. Love the whole ensemble! I'm a girly-grunge girl myself - what are you wearing, if I may ask??

  5. You are adorable & I love your outfit! I'm putting a vote in for each!

  6. Niamh is cracking me up. Reminds me so much of gianna at that age. Love your outfit too. I also have a brand new pair of teal 4 inch heels and im actually afraid to wear them lol. Oh well, maybe i will get my nerve up soon. I also want another tat but im wanting to lose a few more pounds before i do. I want a dandelion blowing in the wind with the words breathe. Anyway have a great weekend.

  7. I would be perfectly happy if I could still pull off what I wore in the 90's. Was totally in to the grunge/punk/metal scene. Baggy jeans, a wife beater, a flannel, and a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylors. But now that I'm in my mid-30's I'm pretty boring. Usually wearing distressed jeans and a tighter fitting shirt so I don't look frumpy. I wore enough tight jeans in the 80's to last a lifetime...lol.

  8. LOVE that lace shirt under your tshirt!!!! LOVE THAT!!!

  9. he he he!! love the niamh dance!!!!!
    ok so i am probably right there in the grungy stakes, the only make up i ever wear is tim holtz distress ink!! lol!!! and i am never comfier than when i am wearing my boyfriend cut jeans, i love baggy and comfy!!!
    love the cap too hun! its fab!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  10. Hi! I just love your mix of girly and grunge! Soooo good looking! I realise I have become a little to boring in my clothes... Might need a change! Thank you for sharing and inspire! Hugs Sandra

  11. Lovely piccys Krista, love Niamh with her dance :) I would probably be more boyish with my clothes, I do love girlie girlie things but only on occasion lol, not very often, love love nail polish and have so many bottles but dont like to have it on my nails ?! lol, love heeled shoes but would fall head over heels, think in an ideal world for me I would be a bit hippy chick with my clothes :) Joey xx

    ps: LOU made me laugh :) distress inks, maybe a look to try xx

  12. I'm a bit of both to be fair! I love my make-up and having pretty nails but much prefer jeans and boots with a tee over skirts and pretty flouncy things! Fab pics again, love the style of them, great shots! Zo xx

  13. I have those boots too but mine have a few long tassles on 1 side of each boot, the tassels are as long as the darn boot lol but I absolutely LOVE EM!! I love jeans I currently own 23 pairs........skinny, boot cut, ripped, boyfriend.........you name I have it its my absolute fave item of clothing in the world & I love wearing check shirts as well lol. The ripped ones I wasnt willing to pay £50 for so I brought a pair for £10 & did the rips myself they look freakin awesome & always get asked where I got them....think I should dress mor grandma like..........ner not a chance lol!!!
    I think it all depends on my mood & what I'm doing but I like both tbh altho even the tom boy has to have some feminine about her so I will dress it up some other way..... I also prefer tattoos to getting my hair done, you are lucky if I go to the hairdressers once a year & I've NEVER been for a ladycure (manicure....) I could spend that money on the kids, hubby or my home & that is what I would rather do, hence why my hair nearly touches my ass lol. It does get a snip now & again I get hubster to cut straight across the bottom & I have a cheats way of adding layers.....lol. You pul your hair to 1 side & twist the hair then snip away with scissors, just a bit at a time as the darn hair just wont go back on.........not even with sticky back plastic damn it!! The you do the same the other side & gives nice layers in the hair I've done this for years when I feel like I want layers in for when I want curls as my hair is too strong & long.
    Anyhoos my lovely lady love the outfit its totally me, altho the sleeves over the hand would hide the tattoo on my hand so would have to push them up a bit lol. Having my next tattoo VERY soon on both of my arms, I'm having a caption with a message for my family & how much I love them going on the inside of each arm but it will say it in italian.....I want a diff language at the mo thats what it is....but it could change lol. Will post piccies when its done also want my other hand tattooed lol.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx
    Guess what I'm feeling bit betta........what do ya mean you could tell by my babbling!! ;0)

  14. Ooops also Niamh......go girl she soooooooo looks like me, I dance around the kitchen like that at times, not when I was younger........but now!! I'm the big 40 in July but when you dance like this you feel so young all over again!! Niamh rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ha haa your gorgeous either way....I'm more on the grungy side myself... but like to through in that 'girly' bit every so often to surprise people, but I absolutley love my knee high's.... even though I'm almost fff....ff.. I'm 39 (shhhhh)...lol
    Big hugs Kaylou xx

  16. I am team girly! You are rockin both very well though :) Love those boots!

  17. oh the dance gave me a case of the giggles! who could resist?! I am so all over the place with my 'style' but have never been into ruffles and such. love a bold blue on my toes or a green as opposed to pinks, although I wear pinks. I am such an enigma! tee hee! you have a beautiful style all your own!

  18. you always look so good, krista! i love how you can pull a really eclectic style and make it look good! :)

  19. I love the layered look you created with the lacey sleeves & the jumper, combined with the jeans & boots you look terrific & I can see that you have a foot in each voting camp. I'm best in jeans & jumper but love ear rings so I'm a bit of both too.
    Paula (PEP)
    Have a lovely weekend & hope your photographer returns to duty.

  20. I LOVE and ADORE your style. But wouldn't have the confidence to wear it, I like to hide away in my big hoodies. If I felt I could wear what I wanted to wear, your girly, grunge is definately my look! Maybe one day...

  21. Love that shirt...I do both girly and grunge and a bit of both. Depends on my mood or what I am doing....sensible, girly, grungy, beachy or just daggy when I'm doing boring housework or gardening.

  22. Nice to hear that someone else rocks guy pants :)
    I'm a bit of a hodgepodge of styles myself...although I think I'm usually the convenient, hand-me-down/cheap/whatever-clothes-I-have for my usual daily style :) I like the look of heels & whatnot, but it sure is nice to be comfy!

  23. Lovely Post, I've really enjoyed reading this one and the photos are brilliant! Thanks hugs Samantha xx

  24. wow!! I just love your Cross sign locket.. That's really Awesome!! and the last baby gif image made my day. Thanks for sharing.



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