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I've been a little under the weather these last couple days, so I am posting a little Smash page I put together last week.

 So much of my mom is ingrained into Niamh. She loves her grandmom to pieces...and it is funny how so many little things about her make me think of my mom and smile:). Like her obsession with tote bags. And how every little thing in life is a small treasure. That must be saved. (Niamh's dresser has it's own 'special drawer' full of little notes and cards and trinkets she's collected through the years.) They both love being at the beach. Niamh loves to relax on the sand and read. They are like clones, just separated by a few decades. It's very heart warming to see my mom in my daughter...It makes me proud.

 I had this photo from our beach vacation in March. Niamh was tracing her name into the sand. Had her tote bag on one arm. Just in her own world by the water's edge. She kinda looks like a little beach comber:). So I added embellishments that reminded me of my mom...and chose the page that had a big "SAVE" word.

 Because these are the moments I want to capture and treasure. 
 And save in my heart forever.

What photo moment have you smashed/ scrapbooked recently??
Leave me a link...I'd love to take a look!


PS: Hey Jen Scull, you are the winner of the Evalicious giveaway!!  (Philly picked #60 comment!!:)
PSS: Hey, Sammi, you are the winner of some Angie Delarie bunnies!

PSSS: I know.  It's getting old:)...
Some of you have asked about the colors I used in my last video.  Also, what song I used:).
Here are your answers:)...

hair: E53, E31, E33, E13, E15
face: E00, E11, BG02, R20
outfit: R20, B000, B00

*i think;)*

Oh! and the song is Eyes Open, from The Hunger Games.  You can find it on iTunes...I think under Taylor Swift.

Okie Dokie.  I hope I've covered everything I wanted to add to this post:).  If you've made it all the way to the bottom here-- kudos, friend!  Thanks for reading the nitty gritty:).


  1. Wow. BEAUTIFUL page and I love the little observations on how your Niamh is like your mom! Makes me smile. :)

  2. oh krista this is so gentle and completely gorgeous! i love the seaside themed road sign!!! and niamh looks like she is concentrating so hard bless her!
    Mo is a bit of a treasure keeper too, i always have to check his pockets for treasures before i wash anything! he keeps them in drawstring bags all around the house!!!
    feel better soon hun!
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  3. Hope you are feeling a little better hun, I love your scrap book page, and your little post about your Mum and Niamh:) It is so heart warming when we see a resemblance in our children with someone we love very much:)

  4. A beautiful page Krista. Love the soft tones and gorgeous embellishments too.
    Hope your feeling better now
    Anne x

  5. Such a sweet photo of your girl :-). Makes me wanna go kiss my babies. Rest up and feel better soon, Lady!!


  6. Sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you are feeling a bit better. I love your scrapbook page and your post about your Mum and daughter Niamh, sometimes our grandson has a resemblance to his Aunt (who sadly is no longer with us), it is very heartwarming to see this resemblance in him. Hugs Marlene

  7. Love your embellishing with this - I can see how much you enjoy doing these pages & putting thought into your project which makes it very special indeed. I'm not suprised you're proud - it's delightful to see family traits coming through the generations.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. What a heartwarming post!! How precious is your baby girl in the sand with her tote bag!! Love her!
    Sending you all warm hugs and hope you are feeling all better!

  9. PS - I got so engrossed in thinking about families my mind flitted off before I'd said I hope you're feeling a bit better. You've been thoroughly on the go with things so hope you can have some rest & time for yourself.
    Take care
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Love this page!!! Love that you love so much!!!! Hope you feel better!!!!

  11. isn't it so special when we see those wonderful traits passed from one generation to the next? it makes my heart sing when I see things about my dad in my sons.... or things about my huband in them as well. how precious that your daughter has so much of your mother in her! :)
    your page is amazing as always! I love those layered butterflies! beautiful!

    so tickled to have won! please tell your son thank you so very much! :)

  12. Hi Krista, hope your feeling better. Love the Smash page, so addictive, waiting for mine to get started, such a treasured memory x

  13. oh gosh, I also hope you feel better REAL soon! I'll be saying lots of prayers! :) sending hugs!

  14. Gorgeous! What smash book is this? And that tape with tiny hearts on where have you bought that?

    1. Hey Maria:)

      The book is the large purple one.

      The Washi tape I ordered from here:

      Have a great day:).

  15. What a great page. I haven't really scrapped any photos lately, but I got a Smash book just for our summer activities, we have a lot of fun things planned and I don't want to forget them.

  16. This is wonderful Krista I love the page and the fab photo. My eldest daughter loves to write and collect things, she collects pictures and leaflets but she writes and writes and then makes journals and books of everything!
    Hugs Rebekah xx

  17. Beautiful page you made, Krista!
    It shows a lot of love for your daughter and your mom...
    Love it!

    And I understand how it must feel for you to see your mom in your daughter.
    I have a similar feeling about my daughter and my sister who passed away 7,5 years ago.
    They are so much alike...

    They behave the same, sometimes even look the same (same facial expressions)...

    I cherish those moments and think about my sister a lot and how much I miss her...

    Thanks for sharing this, it makes my day even more brighter.

    Hugs, Sandra



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