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saturated canary digis

I've received lots of emails and messages asking about my shop opening:)... I was planning on a Wednesday (today:/) or Thursday opening.  And then ran into some techie problems...I want your purchases to be sent immediately upon checkout.  And I could not for the life of me get that working.  I think I probably bought 8 stamps from myself trying to get it right:).

I made a couple phone calls and sent some urgent emails...and I think we are good for a Friday shop opening!  I will post the link Friday morning:).  Thank you all for your patience with me.  

Oh!  And before I scoot outta here, I have a really special giveaway coming up tomorrow!  See my new polka dot dress??  Pretty, huh?!  Maybe you'd like your own!  Check back tomorrow for details:).

Have a lovely day...huggles to you all!


  1. okay i love this photo! it is very classy

  2. I seriously die over that dress, where'd you get it!

  3. Can't wait for your shop....super cute dress but other than my daughter's wedding 3 yrs ago i haven't worn a dress for at least 10 yrs....just don't feel comfortable in them...all all about jeans and t-shirts...tfs

  4. Love the pic! Can't wait to see the new shop!

  5. Oh sweetie! You look stunning! I love this dress soooo much on you! Just beautiful.
    Looking forward to the grand opening, cant wait to see the site!
    Love and hugs
    Kat xxxx

  6. Lovely pic....polka dots? are you serious? I'm crazy about polka dots =0)....so happy your opening Friday

  7. Hey Krista! That is one cool picture! love the colors, the polka dots and the old truck! Looks like it was fun to shoot and to pose for it. Can't wait for the shop opening but I understand about the technical stuff can get a little tricky sometimes. Best wishes.

  8. So happy to hear this since I have Friday off and can check it out right away! Whoo hoo!!! It's nice all the work you put into making your customers happy :)

  9. Woops, lost my post halfway through typing! Can't wait to see the new shop Friday Krista. Looking forward to browsing for some more 'Krista-shaped' inspiration! Love your work hun, you have such a beautiful talent, Hugs, Wends x

  10. ummmm, gorgeous much?!!!

    Geeez, that could be some 'pin.up' poster for truckers and soda shops!! lol

    Stop it already.
    Ok, not really, cuz you're too cute! Happy shop opening too sweet face.
    needle and nest

  11. Looking forward to seeing your new shop. And I love love love that picture. As for the dress, well, if I was a cute and had as nice a shape as you, then yeah, I'd love to rock that dress (like you can)! But alas, I'm old, short and overweight and that combination would NOT do that dress justice.

  12. I'm excited for your new shop opening! And that dress looks fab on you. Love the whole photo, in fact. Unfortunately, I do not have the body needed to rock a dress like that. I think I am a bit jealous over here...

  13. So excited! Love that dress, maybe ill win!


  14. loving this picture and that polka-dot dress! rock it, pretty lady!

  15. I can't wait for the shop opening.

    Love your dress.

  16. omgosh hun you look stunning, I so want this piccy 'canary-ised'!! what could be better for summer than a hot mamma and a truck digi?!!
    And super yey excited for the shop! I have been getting serious withdrawal!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  17. Can't wait for the new shop to open!! :D

  18. Can't wait for your new shop to open. Your dotty dress looks Fab! What an exciting new venture this is for you,
    Jane x

  19. Can't wait for the new shop to open. Love the dress too.


  20. oh how exciting Krista, can't wait for the new shop to open. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan

  21. That's a fab pic I say! I love the idea of getting the download immediately! I'm too Type A personality to wait patiently for 24 hours to get your gorgeous digis!! LOL! Friday can't come soon enough! XOXO

  22. OWWWWW look at you, this is so pretty!!!!

    Hugs, Irene

  23. Can't wait for the new shop to open! I have a shopping list just waiting :) Love the dress and it looks fab on you!

  24. That's a stunning combination with those red shoes.........
    Take care with your sorting.
    Paula (PEP)

  25. Love the dress it's gorgeous, hope all goes well for Friday.

    Pat xx

  26. What a fabby picture hun - you got it spot on!! Smiles.. And I hope it all goes well for you for tomorrow's opening..
    You've been missed girl. :))

  27. sorry you were having troubles with the shop, but glad it looks as if Friday is a go. can't wait! :)
    as for the dress, you look fab! as for me in it, with my big shiny bald head, I'm thinking probably not these days.... tee hee! but it is quite pretty with those ruby red slippers! ;)

  28. can't wait for the new shop to open. My list just keeps getting longer. Love the images and have a hard time deciding what ones to buy. XOXO

  29. roll on Friday, beautiful dress x

  30. lovely dress and can't wait for the new shop! judit x

  31. Just got back from the store where I bought polka dot cards.... And then saw your post... LOVE it!!

  32. love the dress you are a beautifull lady
    i cant wait for new shop opening
    hugs linda xxx

  33. Hi Krista!
    Can't hardly wait for your shop to open on Friday! YAY!
    Love the polka dot dress. Too cool in front of that vintage truck.
    Happy Huggies ~



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