Dear Avengers...

the avengers family movie

Tonight was movie night.  The Avengers.  3D.  Packed theater.  It was fantastic-- my favorite superhero movie to date.  It was awesome in every way.  From the elbow to elbow crowd, to the uproars of laughter...to the cheering at the end.  Literally, an ovation from the theater full of people. (Myself included.  I admit it.)  For these superheroes that saved our world.  The four of us loved it.  Loved.  It.  

Thank you Avengers for a great family movie night.  You did not disappoint...

krista smith

To Captain America, 
You are vintage, man.  And kinda Ken-doll-ish.  But you rock that shield. And that blue suit.  As cheesy as it could be, you pull it off--even blow it up.  Boots and all.  Thanks for your red-white-and-blue awesomeness.  

Hey Thor,
My sisters are in love with you.  I wasn't sure if I was Team Thor after your movie last year...but you grew on me tonight.  I like your poetic nature.  Your other-worldliness.  Your big muscles.  Even that straggly blonde hair is kind of hot.  And that hammer.  Dude.  You are a beast.

I'm not sure if you realize, but you were in this movie called Hurt Locker a while back.  You are super cute, whether you are in fatigues or shooting arrows.  I am officially a fan.  And up against the Hunger Games chick-- you win the archery award.  Hands down.

Dearest Black Widow, 
I will forever dream about looking like you in a body suit.  And Niamh wonders what kind of lip gloss you are using to get those puffy lips.  Your hair is the perfect red.  I think every mom should have a smidge, just a smidge, of your totally awesome interrogation skills.  And you hold your own in a group of super men. That is sexy.

I love you.  I love your green-ness.  Your mean-ness.  Your ability to make a high intensity moment extremely funny.  I love how you rip through your clothes.  And how your anger fuels your passion.  I run best when I'm angry...so I guess on a tiny scale, I get you.  You will forever be one of my very favorite superheroes.  I wanted to high five you at the end of the movie.  And hug you, too.  And the human side of you-- finally the perfect guy to play it.  Green perfection tonight.  Perfection.

Iron Man.
I know you are a bit of a playa;). A teensie bit big-headed.  Maybe even full on cocky.  You are sarcastic and sometimes selfish.  And you know how to instigate a fight.  But you are by far my favorite.  I'm smitten.  And very jealous of the whole Pepper Pots thing you have going on.  I love that you have a witty, snide remark for almost everything...but at your core, you are good.  Even heroic.  You are a fly boy-- thrusters, Jarvis, glowey heart, and all.

krista smith

Oh.  And Hawkeye, 
 Philly is is frozen in this pose now.  
I think he fell asleep like this. 
He is shooting arrows everywhere:).



  1. squeeeeee oh I so want to go see the avengers!!! waiting for a bit because cinema here is sooooo super expensive but ooooh I love it.mmmm Thor and Iron Man....my happy thoughts are set up for the day now!! romfl!!!!!!!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  2. This sounds amazing!!! Jen and I JUST watched Iron Man for the first time last night (!!!) and oh my god. SO GOOD. Also, Pepper is hottness, haha!

  3. Great post - we are off to see it tomorrow - sad but soooooo excited xx

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic evening! Zo xx

  5. Ummm... I would like to add a note to the makers of The Avengers....
    Can a girl GET some SHIRTLESS scenes? I am sure you could work RDJ shirtless in there somewhere...I mean...it's worked into like ALL his movies....
    Anxiously awaiting a bare chested sequal

  6. Awesome! You just made me more excited to see this one! We're going today, can't wait! Iron Man is my fav too!

  7. LOL, we just saw this today as a family and loved it, especially Iron Man for me too x

  8. omg I love this post!
    I love Iron Man the best too.. hottie mc hottie!

  9. Goodness me - you never fail to give me a suprise...... perhaps I should say an education? II'd only ever heard of The Hulk & Captain America; I remember something about "The Avengers" from my childhood but that was very very British with only 3 Avengers.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. I just got back from watching it today - Looovveeed itt!!! My favorite is still Thor, but I do love Iron Man's whole persona!

  11. i just thought that you should know that you are absolutely beautiful.

    love the blog girl!

    love, rach.

  12. My daughter is on a super hero kick. We are watching The Incredible Hulk as I type! We're thinking about taking her to The Avengers soon. I think she'll loved it!

  13. LOL I love your description of Black widow. Your dd is so cute. I can't wait to see the movie.


  14. LOL, what a great blog entry! I had my first 'girls night out at the movies' without the babba's last Friday and we saw this and I totally agree. Way up on the awesome factor! Was a let your hair down kind a night anyway, but this absolutely made it for me. Loved every minute of it and can't wait for my hubby to see it now. How gorg' that you took the kids. They so woulda loved it! :) x

  15. guuuuurl, i LOVED this post! i loooooved the Avengers so much - more than i expected. and with you, i wasn't a fan of Thor (or even Captain America's) movies but this movie changed it for me. and Iron Man will always be my man - LOVE him. i am seeing the fiance this week and we are totally seeing this movie again! eeeeek!

  16. My husband loved it so much, he is going to see it again and I think this time we are all going with him...check Target for Philly, I just got Max an awesome Avengers Nerf Gun "Hawkeye Bow"...Awesome and only 25 bucks!!! Cool end of the school year gift!! Max got it for his First Communion(:
    Cute post, as always!
    Love ya

  17. I love love your wit! My family and I saw this yesterday and we all LOVED it! Especially a few scenes with 'The Hulk' LOL. FABULOUS post.

    I W.....WOW how many times do you think I need to type this before it sinks into my darn thick heed not to lol.
    I love that you went to this movie & yes ok I' AM JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....lol
    No seriously sounds like you had an awesome time hun. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Iron Man I can watch his movies alone over & over 1 of my faves.....after Avatar of course lol.

    Hope you had a fabby dabby weekend my sweeties mmwah & hugs to you all.

    Hugs Vicky xxxx

  19. I just love this post! You are so funny and charming!!

  20. As a total marvel geek I loved avengers, the only thing that could make it better is with some super hero themed digs x

  21. You say it all here for me I love the little letters.....!!! we went to see it on Saturday for my youngest boy's 8th birthday we had seats that move and rumble when there's action as well as 3d glasses...!!!
    Huggz Fliss

  22. Oh Iron Man, my love. Me and my husband have been arguing for a week now over who is better, Hulk or Iron Man... he hasn't gotten the memo yet that I'm right. Always. Iron Man kicks butt.



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