Summer Goals.

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1. Stay active.   
We've got our running gear.  
          A nice trail.   
                Kids have sneakers.   
                         Mom and Dad have 'em, too. 
Family is gonna get their run on this summer.

2. Eat fresh.  Eat healthy.
As in fresh produce. 
And healthy, as in good for you.
We live around a ton of farms, so stopping a few times a week at the roadside stands will be a nice way to  support local farmers and eat right!  

3.  Roller skating lessons.
Kids want to learn to roller skate.  Really awesome... like rockstars, even.
I already know how to skate like a rockstar okay.

4.  Spend more time outdoors than inside.
All of it...and most of it outside!

5.  One beach day a week.  At least.

6.  Do an Ancestry Project with the kids.  See how far we can go back...Might be fun!

7.  Keep kiddos involved in learning...and have them do their activity books here and there.  Gotta keep things fresh!:)

8.  Create. 

9.  Do some major house work.  Inside and out!

10.  Travel a little!  Take some fun day trips with the kiddies.  Try some new restaurants with Phil.  Go to CHA Chicago with my mom.  And enjoy new places and making fun memories!!

What are your goals this summer?

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  1. Sounds like its going to be a fun summer! :)

  2. Wow, Krista! You have some fabulous goals! I am determined to get to the beach and the aquarium with my small man. And more outside time is definitely on the list! Thanks for the inspirational post! :)

  3. love your goals and piccys! sounds like lots of fun!

    since my family is away working at Camp with hubster, I'm pretty much alone all summer. so my biggest goal is to finish chemo (hippity hippity hooray!) and hopefully start radiation by summer's end. okay, it's pathetic, but I REALLY want this over with.... ;)
    then I want to work on my Smash book some more and learn to use my Copic markers as opposed to shrieking in fear every time I see them. :p
    and if I can, I want to get outside and appreciate the beauty of God's creation as I am able....I love being outside, so a little time outside every day is my goal!

    have a wonderful summer!

  4. Can I tell you how much I love your goals? These are pretty much what I want to do this summer! I hope you don't mind if I steal this idea for a post! I love it! :)

    I really want to get a pair of roller skates.

  5. I admire you for adding housework...I went thru my goals and it didnt come to mind at all. I better go jot that one down before I forget again. Heheh

  6. Soooo in regards to #6 can you research back far enough until you find how we are related?! Maybe back to Noah if needed.... but then, you could also do #10 and travel up to Cnda for a 'family reunion' with us - drinking iced coffees in our kiddie pool!! Boo yah! hehe... just a thought. ;o)
    needle and nest

    1. lol...you know, some day we are gonna have to take you up on the kiddie pool date:). serious. ;)

  7. Great pics.

    My main goal this summer is to make some memories with my kids. We usually just end up spending the whole summer at home, but we've got all kinds of activities planned this year.

  8. Is it New Years already? More goals??!!! This summer I MUST get the last THREE years of Taxes done--bad me. I have to remove all the 'stuff' from my soon-to-be, originally-designed-for, craft room so I can order cabinets and get it rolling for its real purpose. And finally, I guess I better finish helping hubby clean the garage from five years ago when we moved into the house. Although it's only June, it feels like summer should be about done here in Florida. It has been hot enough already and it would be great to have another 'winter' like the last one...
    Krista, when I read your blog, I really miss my kids and the time we had while they were growing up. Now 29 and 31, I am still fighting the side-effects of empty-nesting syndrome... :(

  9. morning krista!!
    what an awesome post hun, Mo and I loved looking at all the piccies and we are thinking of some summer goals, our summer break starts in July so we have a few weeks to think of some good ones!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  10. Such super pictures as always. My summer goals, well it'll be nice to actually have some summer weather first! Good old British weather certainly not playing ball with that. My goals are simple, as is my life really cos of my health, but for me I love sitting outside and reading when we finally get a bit of warmth! I'm planning on just going somewhere for an overnight stay, just me and my boy, he's nearly 14 so know time is precious, won't be long and he'll want to go without me! Just somewhere quiet, nice hotel and just chill together. That's it really. Also to push myself creatively, learn to get better at colouring & draw some more of my own designs too. Take care, hope you all have a lovely weekend. Zo xx

  11. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing time with the family. Hopefully I'll manage to get the hedges cut & the we're going to try removing the fence that divides our garden in half. But - the weather needs to be dry! So far we've had a huge amount of water the last week.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Wonderful goals to look forward to and enjoy. My goals are to meet each day as it comes and enjoy whatever life throws at me. Stay positive and happy. Hazel x

  13. Sounds like a fun, active summer. We are taking more family beach trips, reading program at our local library and just general summer fun. My daughter (9 yrs) has decided she wants to SMASH her summer (the memory keeper mom side of me is to excited) so she is signed up with Big Picture Classes - Kidding Around 3 with Tami Morrison. Have a great weekend

  14. Hi Krista, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  15. *like*

    Our plans?
    Having a better summer holiday than last year!
    Enjoying the kids a bit more
    Spending more time together with my hubbie
    Sharing my cards with others
    And most important: enjoying LIFE much much more!!!

    Hugs, Sandra



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