If we met for coffee, I'd tell you...

That Philly turned to Phil and I this week and said, "When I retire from being a New York Yankee, I'm going to travel the world and taste different foods."  I think this child might be on to something...

That we roller skate as a family on Thursday nights now.  All of us.  Eventually, we are gonna become a synchronized rollerskating team.  Just kidding:).

I'd tell you that I've always wanted to be a traveller...see the world, go the distance, leave on a moments notice.  But I realized this summer, when it comes down to doing it, all I really want to do is curl up with my family and stay at home. 

That Niamh's birthday is right around the corner.  She is having a 'Columbo' birthday...which is the weirdest birthday ever for a girl turning 9.  But, it is what she wants:).  

Also, it is pretty much impossible to find Columbo birthday stuff.
Go figure.

I'd tell you that we are going to Disney World in September with Phil's family...and I can't wait! Like, really, really cannot wait. 

 That Niamh's prayers at night are so sweet and beautiful, they make my eyes get teary. 

That Philly and Niamh love pajama days.

That Niamh asks to check the weather radar on my phone probably 30 times a day.  Because the bad storms we had last month scared her so bad.  

I'd tell you I had the best time with my mom in Chicago...I hope I'm half as good a mom to my kids as she has been to me.

That my niece Elphie makes me smile and I want to bite her:).  She is just so squishyyyyyy and adorable.

Also, I'm watching my nephew Jake this weekend...and while I am terrified (lol...because he just flies now), I am looking forward to snuggling him into our bed and sleeping next to a baby again.  Even if it is just one night.

That I have a project planned...

That I am excited to have met new friends this month.

Also, that Phil bowls a lot.  He is really good, too.

That the picture of Philly flying down the water slide makes me nervous just to look at.  lol  What a fun party!!...But, whew!  For someone who doesn't like water (that would be me:), it did take some getting use to, seeing them bounce down that thing:).

And that the last photo up there-- it is my favorite Instagram photo ever.  I love those three more than I can put into words. 

...And then I'd breathe and ask you to tell me your thoughts...
Sorry for rambling, but it is what coffee does to a girl:)

Feel free to share:).



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post hun, I love the piccies and I love your writing too
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. well of course your post title had me racing over here to see what was up..... you know me and my coffee! grins!

    love every single one of the pix! thank you for giving me such a wonderful glimpse into your precious family. they all made me smile. :) loved your girl crashed in the car... oh lawsie did that bring back memories!

    and yep, my boys may all be in their twenties now, or close enough to it for my youngest, but the bestest feeling in the world is when they all come home and are on the couch watching movies or playing games with their dad or all of them out cooking on the grill, telling each other just how to do it 'right'. house is truly a home when it's filled with the people I love so very much! who needs anything else? well.... my big labber dogs, of course! ha! we are blessed indeed!

    enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wonderful sharing!!! Love your ramblings <3 Maybe a digi is in order of a sweet lady having her coffee... Project idea???

  4. I haven't been following your blog for very long, but I think you are an amazing person.

  5. Great post! :) My husband and I are expecting our first child in a couple weeks and I'm so excited. That's probably all I'd be talking about if we met for coffee :) Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us :)
    Hugs, Christine

  6. Love this post :)
    I'd thank you for assuring me we are normal :) that a camp out in the livingroom with the blankets, making tents between the couches, is what everyone does :))) I'd tell u that I love the smell of my boys after swimming in the lake :) I love that we built them a treehouse (somethin I always wanted & never had) i love to play :) makes me happy. I'd share that sometimes I feel scared somethin bad will wreck all my awesome :( Until that happens I will soak in every moment cause I know I am the luckiest girl in my world :) sounds like we have a ton in common

  7. Wow, what fun pics and a great post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I would share that our Lord is a Gracious Lord and has blessed our family with our Daddy coming home from the hospital. Altho I may be 'old', I am still a child, his daughter, and cannot imagine life without him. Our friends and family's prayers gave me strength this past week, but (now) I cry...the crises is over, but not the feelings of fear that have been pulsing through my veins. I love your posts as they are so pure...your family as adorable as your art...thanks for sharing....

  9. Wait, you're not done yet--what about that yummy strawberry thing? what's that all about?
    Disney will be a BLAST if you've never been there! Make sure to visit "Soarin'" at Epcot, and the hydroponic gardens in the "Land". September will be a scorcher--and Florida's peak month for hurricanes, so pick a safe place to stay. If you need a place to stay, or want a little get away, we offer you to stay at our house!!! We have 2 extra bedrooms, a pool and spa, a HUGE kitchen if you like to cook, and plenty of stuff to do. We are 2 hours from Disney, near the west coast--best side of Florida! Seriously, I really mean it... and we have COFFEE!!! Hubby has a cool Tassimo machine and the smell is mesmerizing (even though I don't drink coffee). Hubby is a cop here, so we are safe, and good people... We can talk more if you think you'd be interested...

  10. You guys look like such a wonderful family! And that waterslide looks really fun, you should try it ;)

  11. I love how you set that up...about what you'd say if we had coffee. I also love that you share pics of your kids. I'll never have my own, but I love em and love to see the wonders as they grow. Truly, thanks for sharing.

  12. Great pictures, especially the baseball pictures and the last one, it's just so powerful! It must be wonderful to have a family of your own, wish you all the best :)

  13. Thank you Krista for having Coffee with us.

    Funny how you think you want something until you get it them realise what you have is better.

    My 2 BF's and I have coffee every Monday when school is in and share our ups, downs, hopes and Grrrrs (usualy supplied by the hubby's ;-) )
    It's what keeps us sane.
    So never under estimate the power of Coffee (even tho I don't drink it!)

    Love all you share
    Sandra xx

  14. I think that last photo is pretty special too. I too loved Columbo & used to watch as many of those programmes as I could when they were on the TV here in the UK - that's ages & ages ago now, of course Niamh & I have birthdays within days of each other - they're just a about four decades apart.
    With much love from an almost 52 very very old Columbo fan!
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Waw Krista your post really touched me ... I love your writing and pictures are amazing, they really tell the sorry as your words do. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  16. Fantastic post!!!! I love hearing your thoughts, s they bring "life" to your photos!! I love the strawberry thingy, ( I want one) and the cute wee toys (want them both) and I just ADORE the photo of your 3 loved ones lying on the bed - priceless!! Please don't ever stop doing what you are doing!

  17. You make me smile Krista, the way you write, the photos you share. You put into words the things I feel when I look at my boy. Little things he said or did when little are brought to front of my memories because of something you write about. So thank you. Because every moment is special. Take care Zo xx

  18. Wow Krista~~There is nothing more lovable and enjoyable in life than FAMILY!!!!! What fun times you had---great memories :) Our 3 kids (32, 27, 25) were home last night to wish our youngest her best in moving to Alabama from Wisconsin---scary, exciting, emotional but wonderful to see them travel and learn :) Our oldet is expecting~~Yeah our first Granbaby....woot woot!!!!!!!!@#@#!!!!!
    God Bless
    Mary Lou

  19. Such great stuff. The pics are great. The 1 of Niamh playing baseball in a ruffled skirt is cool. I hope to see you soon. I'm going to send you a regular e mail soon.

  20. This was an awesome post...what a wonderful family you are! I finally got to go to Disney when I was 55 after a lifetime of wanting to go...it was also my first time to Florida. We went to the Magic Kingdom and were like kids in a candy shop...we went on every ride even the kid's rides and ate dinner in Cinderella's castle!! What an adventure it was and well worth waiting for...your family will love it too!
    Oh and by the way, coffee with you would be an adventure too, one well worth waiting for...you are one awesome gal!!!

  21. Krista, this is what I would share wit you..You are one lucky terrific lady. Anyone that loves their family the way that you do and respects their mom the way that you do speaks volumes..I love how you shared your thoughts and I love how you share your talent with all of us, and thank you for posting all your personal pictures. I have heard form the crafting world what a great lady you are and all of this goes hand and hand with it. Your family is just precious and you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us and your generosity when you give us all freebie. It is such a pleasure to be part of your crafting world. I wish I would of been at CHA to have met you in person. Never know one day that might happen.

    1. what a lovely comment....thanks for making my weekend:).


    Ok I'm listening to "Deep Forest" Sweet Lullaby to take me to my colouring zone.I just took a quick break and came to my favorite blog :)

    Here we go...

    Why is it that my (5yo) Lauren is checking the weather every minute of the day ALSO because of the bad storm we had here while you were here. When I read your baby was doing that too I just about fell off my chair.I'm not exaggerating she looks outside and stares at the clouds and yells it's getting dark. LIKE SHE IS SO SCARED SHE TAKES CARE OF THE SUN AND CLOUDS 24/7!!! NO JOKE! my poor baby :(

    I am use to being with my kids, that when CHA finally finished I just wanted to be around them and kissing them and can't get away from them. Right now they get away with many things because I'm in "I miss you mode" lol!

    I need long skirts (Thanks btw) LOL! I might have to look for 4" high heels to go with :)

    Niamh is not a little girl any more OMG!!! SHE'S ALL GROWN OH goodness. Sorry Krista she's growing fast! Are you a crier?I always tend to get all teary eye and emotional wreck when we sing bday wishes, LOL!

    (AHEM......) I need to color a moving SC image LOL! Just saying lol!

    Can't wait to see the little monsters :)

    Ok gotta go back to colouring before I go cold.
    I'll be back soon


  23. If we sat down for coffee I would tell you thank you...thank you for sharing your talent with all of us out here...especially one like me who can't draw if my life depended on it! I would tell you thank you for sharing your family with me..your stories and your time. Then I would tell you how proud I am to be a mom and a step mom...all 3 of my kids are fantastic and that they along with my husband complete me.
    Hope you have fun with your nephew this weekend and connot wait for your next post! HUGS

  24. Great post.

    Going to Disney with your family is going to be so fun. We are doing the same thing in October. I would love to see your spin on a Minnie to color.


  25. I had to come back and tell you that I told my DD that your baby wants a Columbo party.

    She replied she wanted a"Save by the Bell" party ....... UMMMM are you kidding??

    Where do you find party stuff for that!? I don't think it tops a Columbo party though lol??? That's just hilarious :)

    1. so funny!!!!...

      sometimes i think girls must sit in their room and plot out the most difficult themed party for their mamas to throw!:P...But the challenge is fun:)...

      Good luck with Saved by the Bell! That's a toughie!

  26. Thank you for sharing this looks like so much fun, xx

  27. I love when you write posts like these! The little peek into your life is heart-warming, delightful, and fun! If we sat down for coffee, I would probably have stories about my small man to share! There are always stories when you have a toddler! :) And of course I would want to hear more about you and your family! Amazing photos and another fabulously written piece! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us - from your art to your hopes and dreams! (Although I wish you had shared that scrumptious looking dessert above! lol) :)

  28. I so love the pics you post, because I can tell how much you love your family....If we sat down for a coffee or me a herbal tea lol, I would probably tell you about my children, and how crazy they are, about much I love home schooling, how important friendship is to me, that I have a sweet tooth....thank you so much for sharing part of your life with all of us, it is great knowing people like you =0)....Fabi xxx

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Coffee with you would be so fun! I love all of your photos and I love hearing about your family! I think you have a beautiful family and I think everyone has a pretty, contagious smile! :)

    If we sat down to coffee...

    I'd thank you for the compassion and understanding you showed me when I told you about my daughter.

    I'd tell you all about my boys, they are 9 and 12 and couldn't be more different from each other if they had different families.

    I'd tell you about my kitty, Zoe and her favorite mouse from Petco. How she meows to get you to follow her and loves to chase bugs. How she pretends to hate the dog, but loves him and secretly likes playing with him.

    I'd tell you about my dog, Jethro. How red he is for a Golden Retriever and how much he LOVES people. How he smiles when he sees me and it lights up my day.

    I'd tell you how I just learned that I love mountains, hate the desert, and need to see trees. How, at 36, I'm just discovering me because before it just wasn't important.

    I'd want to share stories about being moms and loving art and just wanting to be with our families! <3

  31. Haaaaaaaaa just had to tell you, the picture of you third from below.. I'm on vacation sitting on the floor surfing while my little 3 year old looks at the screen and see the picture of you and points at it and says it's me hahaha......

  32. I would love to sit and have coffee with you and listen to you talk about your life. Of course I would tell you all about mine also, but truly, mine is the life that would be shared while sipping margaritas. I am so glad you take as much pleasure in your children as you do for they grow up way too fast.

  33. Hi Krista, I love all of your pictures and I so get what you are saying about your family.. I feel to full when I think of my two babies (15 & 14 on Monday & Tuesday)that words really do not describe. :D There is nothing better than an awesome husband and two wonderful children, and truly that includes all my art supplies. lol... It looks like your family had a fantastic weekend and I so hoping one day to get to go to CHA. It is my dream to meet each and everyone of all the awesomely talented people in the crafting business. I loved your post and we just got our internet reconected so I am one happy girl at the moment. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Lisa G

  34. Great post - thank you for a little peek into your life!

  35. This is an awesome post! I love getting a sneak peek into your life! I wish I had more time to write posts like that.... sigh... maybe someday! You are great inspiration! (And I love that your family is so important to you and you are making wonderful memories for your children.)



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