Color, a Guest Post by Illy!

Hello, friends of Krista! My name is Ilene (aka illy) of Much Love, illy. I am privileged and flattered to be a part of Krista's gorgeous blog today - and super ecited to chat it up how to incorporate color in your wardrobe. Anyone that knows me or has visited my part of blog world knows my mad obsession over color! and yes, I mean mad as in crazy 'cause I can be a bit mad at times. *wink*
So of course, with pops of bright color being an ongoing trend from previous fashion and current seasons, I am over the moon about the many ways one can incorporate color into their every day wardrobe. I also get a lot of questions from readers who love the color trend but don't know how to make the brave move of including color into their outfits. Here are a few suggestions of how to slowly make the mood to include color without feeling color-shy:
Start small. Include small pops of color - and this could be done in so many ways. You could select a pop of cherry red to your nails or a brighter shade of red lipstick. Statement necklaces or chunky colorful rings bring a loud shout out without feeling over the top - or add a neon clutch to add that punch of color without you feeling self-conscious about it! And remember take baby steps. Take it an accessory at a time till you are comfortable with moving up the scale.
Take it up a notch with matching accessories and wardrobe pieces. Feeling a little bit braver? Start trying to match brightly colored pieces. Loving the colored denim trend? Find a pair and match it to a large statement necklace. Or match a top with shoes. You can be safer by keeping colors identical - but wanna mix it up a bit? Keep colors in the same color family but find pieces in a variety of shades to keep colors more fluid.
Add color to your make-up. A trick to including a lot of color to your make-up without feeling like a clown is to keep the entire outfit within neutral shades. Notice in the above photo  that I'm wearing a light brown sweater and underneath that is a white shirt. I also passed the lipstick that day and used a lip balm. I also would suggest using a nude lipstick to compliment the bright peacock blue eye-shadow. I would reverse this if you decide to do a bright lipstick and keep the eye makeup neutral.
Keep it neutral then BAH-BAM! Like the make-up suggestion, keep the entire outfit neutral and then add that POP with something neon. In this outfit, I kept the flats neutral and the jeans loose and relaxed. Then neon yellow isn't as intimidating because it's not competing with other bright colors. 
And that's a wrap! For all those color-shy friends, I hope I was able to inspire you to make a little step forward to add that pop of color to your summer (and even upcoming fall!) wardrobe now so that you can explode with color! And for those that are color-obsessed like me, what are your suggestions for color wardrobe additions? please share! 

and also don't be shy - be sure to stop by and say hello over in my part of blog world!
and a huge thank you to the beautiful Krista for allowing me to be a part of you all today!

much love, illy 


  1. love ilene! and i love how she plays w/ colors! :)

  2. Fabulous read! Thank you! I was color shy for most of my life (and I am turning 39 on Tuesday lol.) Still am to a degree, but I will wear colors other than neutrals now. :o) I am really into teal now days.

  3. Hi Illy, well you're gonna hate me, lol, cause i very rarely wear colour, i guess its a big girl thing, i dont like bringing attention to myself, so most of the time i walk round in y two favourite colours black and purple/aubergine, you call it Eggplant!! But i do LOVE colour and guess it comes out in my crafting, however, if i was going to give you an idea for colouring popping wear, i would say accessorize accessorize accessorize, so for peeps like me, i would buy wear a zingy colour in bangles, or a silky scarf, or a headband, or shoes, or handmade floral hairclip, or lippy, or a floppy hat, or a belt, or in winter, your gloves&wooly scarf (bright shocking pink) on top of a black coat or outfit......yeah, so that's what i would say to someone who needs ideas for a pop of colour xxxx Vick

  4. Love those nude shoes in the pic wearing the jeans. Lovely!

  5. Waw beautiful colors, my favourite is the last one ... beautiful dress, I would kill to be able to wear something like that. Hugs! Mojca

  6. Illy...you are COOL!!! Great ideas and thanks from an older gal :)(

  7. I love her!!

  8. Wow - love all the colours, feeling very inspired right now TFS.

  9. Lovely post hunnie...Colour is so important in our lives, it can lift us up when we are feeling down, or just show how happy we are...You wear colour so beautifully!!

  10. Hello. Fantastic post, so many great ideas, im a slave to black but definatly want to start small w colour now. Thank you fro sharing xx

  11. Hey there. What a smart tip. Your outfits looks gorgeous. Its so fashionable. The colors vibrant and the clothes stylish. Thanks for sharing.



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