A (CRAZY) Week in Instagrams...

What an insane week this has been!

We had storm (#1) take down a huge part of a pine and put it ever so perfectly across the immaculate yard of our neighbor.  Cleaned that tree up by myself in record time while Phil was at work.  Got wifey brownie points on that one:).

We threw a bowling birthday party for Mr. Smith, who is now 33 years old!  But still, snoops around for presents and gets super excited for his parties:).  hehe.  It was a super great birthday for the big guy:).

We took a family golfing trip with his new clubs (more wifey points, there...thank you very much)  and I managed to stay inside the moving golf cart throughout the entire trip.  Score.  

Then we had storm #2, which left us without electricity and with 5 times the number of trees down as storm #1.  We are still working on the yard/tree situation....BUT.  We did take the kiddies to a hotel the last two nights.  The only room left had a jacuzzi.  Which the kids thought was a pool, so that worked out nice:).  Although, I never pictured myself in the jacuzzi suite with Phil....and two little munchkins.  

So the week has been crazy.fun.stressful...We are back home now, with power on.  Woop. Woop.

Even though it wasn't a normal, relaxing stretch of summer, we do have lots of good memories.  The kids will remember hanging out together, just playing...no gadgets or tv or xbox.  Just the two of them.  And we will all remember swimming in the jacuzzi pool, bathing suits and all:).  And learning about weather....and how (one little girl, in particular) needs to stay calm and not panic.  Lightning bugs and playing outside at 9pm...just to get some relief from the heat.  We spent time with family.  And, after a couple days of just doritos and cheese crackers, learned that hot dogs and baked beans are probably one of the most awesomely delicious meals ever created.  

And although skies look pretty peaceful at this point...I'm still in awe of the power of nature.  It's such a small glimpse at the unfathomable power and strength of my Creator...so humbling and spectacular.

Hope you all have a lovely 4th of July.  I've gotta get these two kids to some fireworks tonight...they may seem pretty dull, though, compared to the last few days:).



  1. Happy 4th July...you have certainly had a few "interesting" days - hope today goes to plan.

    Toni xx

  2. loving the piccies hun, especially the one of philly leaning his head onto niamh's shoulder and yey you for staying in the golf cart!!! romfl!!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. As crazy as it was, I think your week looked like a blast! Happy Fourth :)

  4. Happy 4th to you and yours! Sounds like a week of adventure! :-)

  5. Gosh what a week, glad you are all safe and have some good memories of the power of Mother Nature ;0)Here in the UK it just continues to rain.....*sigh*
    Jane x

  6. Have a incredible 4th of july with your beautiful family.. Terrie

  7. Wow.. glad y'all survived, with a week full of memories to boot! That last picture is stunning... is it your house? Great countryside to have around you!!

    1. it's a church across the street:)...

      i wish it was my house!! it's so old and pretty:)...but it's God's:).


  8. I'm so glad everyone is safe! Now you can look back on the CRAZY and just smile :-) Happy 4th!!! xx

  9. Gosh sounds like you have had one hell of a week! At least you are all safe and sound at the end if it.
    Fab pics, love the one with Philly and Niamh, he loves his big sister, so sweet. And yaaaay you for staying in the golf cart this time! Lol I thought I was accident prone! Hehehe
    That last pic is so stunning, such lovely open space and views around you, thats my ultimate dream, it will happen one day, sigh,
    Have a very happy 4th of July
    Kat xxx

  10. sounds like an adventure had by all, great pictures and happy 4th chicken xx

  11. Happy 4th! Krista, it is amazing that you can turn everything into a fabulous adventure for your family! They will always remember the awesome memories you give them! Glad everyone is safe & good luck finishing the clean up! :)

  12. I'm so glad you're all OK. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr Smith too.
    Sounds as if you've had a rather too interesting week.
    Happy 4th July
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Wow, definitely a crazy week. I'm glad you're all ok after the storms. Sounds like you were able to get some fun in too.
    Happy 4th of July.

  14. Looks like you are having a Summer blast! So glad your all safe and sound. As always gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family xx

  15. Hi Krista Honey!!!!

    You have power, yay!! Ive been itching to get to chat to you hun. I love it when you post pics of your life and where you live, its so pretty to live in the countryside, so rural where you are.......some great pics there, shame about the trees hun but i am so relieved you are all ok and Phil had a great birthday. I know the power was missed but wasn't it nice to have that special time together, without it? Ahh God works in mysterious ways, and nature really is beautiful!! I take pics nearly everyday of the beauty of nature, and post them on FB, the sky in your last pic is heavenly sweetie........anyway, hope you enjoy the fireworks tonight, much love, light&blessings, Vick xxx
    YTChannel Vixcrafts

  16. Oh forgot to say i bought some more of your digis this morning, so in a couple of months i have accumulated 22 of your beautiful digi stamps!! Im addicted hehehehehe......going to make one card for each digi and donating them to the local hospice shop so they can sell them for the local Hospice, they looked after my husband John's mum a few years ago when she was in her last month's of life, and the work the Hospice does is phenomenal, so i thought i would make some Krista cards, lol, for them to sell in their shop!!! good hey? Lots of Love, Vick xxx

  17. Although it wasn't a nice start of summer: looks like you and your family had lots of fun. Sometimes the most unexpected and not so nice experiences turn out pretty good and give you the most beautiful memories.

    I hope the rest of the summer is a litte bit less hextic.

    Nice pics!!!

  18. Awesome pics and your dog is soooo cute!! What is your dogs name?
    Glad the storms have passed, sending lots of sunshine and peace your ways(:

    1. Thanks:)...Her name is Lilo:), from Lilo and Stitch...Although, I think Stitch may have been a more accurate description of her;).

  19. Krista, is your instagram private? I can't find you on there and would love to follow you! Maybe I missed a post where you said more about it?



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