Needle and Nest Design-- a (pretty awesome) Tutorial!!

Hey there friends! My name is Mel and I perch my d.i.y projects, ponderings and parenting perspectives over at the blog called Needle and Nest Design. I'm delighted to be here today to share with you one of my 'super fun. stupid easy' projects (yes, that's just how I roll). Big thanks to sweet Krista for giving me this opportunity... I feel like I just got invited to the 'cool table' in the high-school cafeteria!

 D.I.Y: cork mushroom card-holders
These wee woodland wonders are a cute way to display name tags at a party setting, or display recent photos, business cards... etc!
This is the part where it helps if you're a hoarder (that is, you keep all your corks thinking "one day I'll use these in a creative.clever way")... please don't become a wino just to make this project, I couldn't live with the guilt! Anyway, the more corks, the more fun. Also grab a sharp X-ACTO blade, wire pliers for jewellery making, and a sturdy wire (0.5 oz) is good. Craft paints in your desired mushroom colours are also needed.
For the two of you who frequent my blog, you may recall this was how I made the mushroom magnets (fridge fungi). Step 1: slice a small cut all the way around the centre of your cork. Step 2. Slice from the bottom of the cork up towards the incision line to make your mushroom stem. Step 3: Repeat this motion on the top half - rounding out the mushroom cap.
Now's the time to DIP that cap into your chosen paint colour. Once it's dry, DOT it with the classic 'toadstool' white spots. Then grab your wire pliers and twist the wire around the pliers tightly to create a 'swirl' that your cards can pinch into. Leave about a 1" length of wire to then poke through the TOP of the cap... pushing the wire down to the base of the cork. Voila! You did it!
So cute, eh? (Yes, I'm Canadian and I say "eh"). Speaking of cute, these delightful tags were illustrated by none other than the lovely Krista herself who had sent sweet gifts up to our kids when lil' Hudson was born (yes, she is that NICE)! Our daughter Azriel is seen here enjoying the final product! Hope this inspires all you lovelies to create something cute from the junk lying around your house! If you're having a woodland themed party... please invite me, I'm such a sucker for those (just ask my almost 3 year old daughter who's had a 'woodland' birthday every year now)!

Thanks again sweet Krista for letting me in your 'space' today, it's pretty darn beautiful over here, 
I may just stay awhile! 

Creatively yours, 
Mel ;o) 


  1. WOWZERS these are UBER cute!! thanx for sharing such a brill idea xxx

  2. Oh I love these and my Grandaughter will to, all I need now is to gather a few corks...and even more fun is in store....lol...Thanks for sharing.xxx

  3. what a great idea and fab tutorial
    hugs linda xxx

  4. These are utterly adorable. They would work for an Alice in Wonderland theme too. I migh just have to make these!!!

  5. Totally fabulous Idea! love it so cute! :0)

  6. These are too cute. Thanks for sharing this fab project.

  7. Waw I love this project, so simple and so cute. Thank you for sharing. Hugs! Mojca

  8. Hi Mel.
    A lovely idea and so easy.
    Could make them from clay too...my 10 year old makes loads of things with air dry clay so any ideas are welcome.
    Hugs Sandra xx

  9. These are fabulous Mel - What a fabulous little project.


  10. that is such a brilliant idea..thank you for sharing ..x

  11. THANKS everyone!! And you too, sweet Krista - for hosting, I loved sharing this project with all your creative readers!!
    needle and nest

  12. Thanks for sharing this project. It looks like a load of fun to create and is super cute!

  13. Wow so cool!I really like your creative work keep it up...

  14. these are adorable, will have to give them a try, hugs

  15. What a super cute project - thank you for sharing this idea.

    Toni xx

  16. These are soo cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. thanks for the great idea. Have a drawer full of corks not knowing what to do with them. TFS

  18. Hi ,
    I'm French and I can't find your email adress , but I would like to ask you about your stamps (retaileing ) .
    Could you , please contact me : laurenceb@laurencebdesign.com
    Thank you very much !

  19. Thanks for the tutorial. they are so cute.will do this with my daughter, I'm sure she will be happy

  20. I liked so much!! thanks for the tutorial!!

  21. Super cute - thank you for the tutorial!

  22. Awwhhh this is SWEET!!!! Love It!!!!

  23. Great craft! I'm going to make them out of Champagne corks since they're roughly the right shape to begin with! Your blog is really cute!


  24. These are just beautiful..what a lovely idea..

  25. Oh, this is too cute!! Looks simple and beautiful and I love it. :)

  26. Oh that is sooooo cute, and your daughter is beautiful :) I am gonna have to go find me some corks now just to try this with my girls next week!!!! ha ha x



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