Awkward/Awesome Thursday


I let Philly get his own snack one afternoon this week.  Told him to pour some dry Apple Jacks into a cup.  Ten minutes later I walked by the kitchen and called in, "how ya doin' in there kiddo?"  To which he replied, "This is why you never trust a 6 year old in the kitchen."  
[Apple Jacks all over kitchen floor:)]

Both Niamh and Philly spent two nights this week wrapped in cool cloths to keep their fevers down.  I spend most of my night those evenings sitting up in bed, fixing their cloths, re-wetting them, and giving them meds when it is time.  Philly hates being wrapped in them (his fever was over 103), but I insisted.  I asked him, "what can I do to make you feel better?"  He peeked out of under the wet paper towel and said, "You could leave me alone for a while." :)

High waist jeans.  I love them.  I know they make my butt look 4 times as big as it already is, but I still love them suckers.  Even when Phil calls me "That 70's Show."  

The moment when you are walking and your ankle turns and you fall to one side for what appears to be no apparent reason.  Love that.

The fact that my Awkward and Awesome Thursday post will probably post on Friday.  Because I have a bunch of typing errors I still need to fex. fix.  see?


We are going to Disney World in two weeks!! AHhhhhhHHHH!!!  We are so excited...I can't wait to be in the Magic Kingdom again.  I really want to move to Florida and be a character, preferably a villain.  I'd love that alter ego.

Philly slept this whole week with a little blue sea horse whose belly lights up and plays lullabies.  I want to wrap that kid in a cannoli and eat him...He is just so sweet and lovable.

Niamh cheerleads.  Like, really rocks it.  Front line, shaking her booty.  Smiley.  All these moves.  I am not completely convinced at those moments she is mine.  She needs to donate a little of her rhythm to me.  That is only fair.

Philly's haircut. 

Taking instax photos with Niamh on my bed.  The kind that look like my big toe is picking her nose.  Oh YEAH.  That's what we do for giggles round these parts.  What do you guys do for fun?

What's been awesome/awkward about your week??
It would be awesome if you'd share!!


  1. Wrap your kid in a cannoli--that one had me busting out laughing!!! I sure hope the weather gets cooler before you get down here. It is BLASTING hot and humid outside--even at this late/early hour. You can hardly breathe outside. Even my 2 puggles were huffing and puffing before we even started playing ball tonight before bedtime. Nothing real awesome down here this week. Hubby was working the RNC all week, so left at 11:30am and got home at 2am. 'Glad it's almost over. I miss him! Also glad there is only 1 more work day before the 3-day weekend. I work from home, but still had a frustrating week. Loved all your pics...your son looks more like you, and you daughter looks more like your hubby... you have a very cute family, Krista... you are blessed... Hugs, 'nite

    1. i remember how hot it was the last time we went-- i'm trying to figure out outfit colors that will not show me sweating through them:)...

      hope your last day of work this week goes by fast! thanks for always leaving me comments that make me smile:).

      big hugs!

    2. I would wear clothing that is somewhat loose, like cotton tops, and not anything too close fitting. Oh, and I was thinking about something else you should bring, or buy down here--get a couple of those fan-blowing misters. And of course, bring some compact rain ponchos with hoodies--they are pricey and cheaply made at the parks.
      have fun, stay hydrated!
      hugs back!

  2. can you be my mom? *giggle* Seriously. You have that something that just makes an awesome mom.

  3. OMG! I love cannolis! I would totally wrap my crazy lil Dante in a cannoli too! Your children are beautiful! I am so happy for u and ur fam! For fun our family is always coming up with new things! Espacially since I started all over again 9 yrs later!

  4. oh I love this post Krista and I so totally needed a brighten my morning post this morning too. Mo says " tell Krista to tell philly he looks like such a cool boy and just like his dadda which is even cool-e-rer" (written as he pronounced it!!!)
    We would so love to go to disney! have an awesome time
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Oh Krista, you do make me giggle. Love the photos such characters. Eeek how exciting Disney World! We went to Euro Disney in Paris and I was a bigger kid than my boy, he was so embarrassed as I shrieked when I saw the characters etc! Hope you all have a super time. Take care Zo xx

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing your week with us here. You have a wonderful family hun and just treasure these times with them, cause these awesome kids just grow up too fast, but boy they make many funny sayings before that. For me it´s not the kids anymore, but the grandkids that just make laugh out loud, and we actually had one of those this week here.
    We´re just before we´re leaving for a months trip to your awesome country, and my 2 youngest granddaughters were here the other day, when we were tlaking about all we were going to see over there,, when the youngest (6 y o) asked, why we couldn´t take them with us this time? (They have joined us on vacations before) Her mum answered that they ofcause couldn´t go now, firstly because it was a very expensive trip to get there, and next, then they had to go to school while we were gone, when suddenly the oldest (8 y o) turned against me and said, You´re just tacky, it´s just because you don´t want all the trouble, you know, we´re going to be there, because we´ll be begging for things all the time. DO I need to say, we all laughed out loud, which definitely didn´t make her more friendly to any of us ha ha ha. Yes they are sure awesome these kids.
    HAve a wonderful week-emd and week ahead and a great trip, when it´s time.

  7. So glad your babes are better Krista! Best way to heal... wrapped in love. Missed your blog while you were AWOL, but you certainly weren't kicking back! So many exciting new projects and causes! You do so rock mama xxx

  8. You made me laugh today,I needed that, because in about 2 minutes I'm going downstairs to face hurricane Lylli. My grand babies , both my daughters and their spouses descended on my home at around 7:00 last night. I ended up making another dinner, then Lylli had to play witheverything in her toy area all over the house lol, while mom, dad, Aunt Mallory and uncle Josh played cards.(my house is centrally located) after a"colorful"bath for Lylli, she and I spent much quality time making glow in the dark coloring book pics.Lylli and her family left at midnight, and the other daughter left at 1:30am after I helped her with computer stuff. Ok, so it's been longer than 2 minutes, so here i go.

  9. We are going to Disney soon too!!! It will be my hubby and kids first time!!
    Have fun honey!

  10. My two year old sleeps with that same seahorse. Melts my heart. And that last picture literally made me lol :)

  11. Awesome is seeing R getting back on his feet after a very nasty bug (he never complains or goes to bed - but this time I kept finding him in bed & he put up no resistance to seeing the doctor: that's how I knew he was really ill). Awkward is having a migraine when I was trying to take care of R!
    Love the photo with the two kids playing with all those animals - bit like Noah & the Ark.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Love Philly's haircut. There is something about little boys and a freshly cut head.

  13. Glad your kiddos are feeling better! Never fun for anyone when they are sick! What a wonderful and happy post! I am so jealous about DISNEY! Love it! I am always doing the ankle roll. I always talk really loud to the customers that can't speak English. Don't know why...they can't understand me speaking normally why would speaking louder help?? But I do it anyway. Then at the time when I am washing my dogs, wearing a tank top and short shorts...gotta get some sun...my neighbor peeks his head over the wall to say hello! Those are me being awkward. My awesome is being off from 5 o'clock today until Wednesday morning! YEAH!

  14. Fall is coming!!! Gotta love fall sports!

    On a unrelated note-
    I was looking through your shop today, and I realized that the cute little washi tape girl is holding up the right fingers to say I love you in sign language! Have you ever thought of incorporating that into one of your images? Just a thought. My 14 year old daughter is deaf and I am always on the look-out for that stuff!

    Philly is ROCKING that hair cut!!

  15. I remember those nights! Long and worrisome but they pay off in the end! Just had the twin 5 year olds over and they made the same little line of their favorite toys (little bugs and animals)?? Is this really our intention when we spend the dough on these cute bug toys? Probably not but it takes some time to get the line just right so maybe the purpose is a hidden one? tehe Just got back from Florida and the air is full of water and it rains from like 4 to 6 pm so I would pack poncho's and oxygen! lol Universal Studios had tons of airconditioning retreats and so will Disney I'm sure. Say Hi to Ariel and Snow for us and enjoy yourselves. I'm sure there'll be loads of pics afterwards and wear those high rise till your blue in the face cause your backside won't catch up to mine EVER! *grin*
    Tammy Louise

  16. All I am going to say is that I LOVe your posts. All of them. Cannoli.......... You know a DeLuca would love that one...............

  17. In your comment about moving to Florida and being a Disney character...a villian...well my daughter would love you...she has played Maleficent, Snow Queen..amongst other characters at Disney.....she loves the villians...She is now employed at Universal Studios and does Scooby,Grinch,and The Cat in the Hat...I adore all your digis...and have ALOT of them.

    Peggy ...atigger12@aol.com...



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