Bowling Fever, Oscar Night.

 vest, Topshop; skirt, VS; tank, Target; shoes, c/o Blowfish

We planned on a bowling date tonight.
The kind where the two munchkins tag along...but. a date nonetheless.
Got my cute maxi skirt on...curled my hair.

And wouldn't you know, right when Niamh starts acting just like her happy, healthy self...The little guy goes down for the count.  

Poor little dude.  

And we had no kiddo tylenol left...so stuck some cold cloths to his forehead, made him a little bed in a shopping cart, and headed into Target.  Bought some new movies for the germy people:).  And when we got home, made two 'birds' nests' in my bedroom, one on the bed (Philly) and one on the couch (Niamh).  And Friday bowling became movie night for the kiddies:).

Changed from my cute date skirt to sweats.  And watched a combo of a late-season Yankee's game and pre-season Giants game with Phil.

It's all gooooooood.
Yankees won.  
Giants made the big guy happy.
And I didn't have to show up Phil and the kids with my awesome bowling form.  (yeah right:).

And I still might sneak in the bedroom for the Disney Chimpanzee movie in a few minutes when the kids switch out the next DVD. I may be in the minority here, but that movie rocked.  I just loved Oscar:). 

Here's to Friday nights that don't go as planned...
But are still good in my book.
Even Philly perked up a little after lying in bed for a while.

Okay...off to watch sweet little Oscar!


  1. oh nooo, poor philly, send him some Lou and mo squooshes hun!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. Poor little munchkins...but it sounds like you still managed to have a fab family night.

    Toni xx

  3. Waw the squirt and the shoes look so beautiful on you. Hugs! mojca

  4. It's always the way, one gets better and then BAM the other has it. I hope that he recovers quickly. Look out you might be next, it's what happened in our household and now hubby and I can's seem to shake it. And while you were all done up you looked nothing short of gorgeous as always!

  5. Ahhhh poor little guy, I hope he gets back on the mend soon xx and what fab parents you both are xxx
    Meli x http://paperfunky.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Awww... your poor sniffly sickly crew this week! Hope everyone is fully better this weekend - was it back to school bugs that hit them? ;o)
    LOVE that you make bed 'nests'... of course!
    needle and nest design

  7. That´s how it goes many times, when you have kids, so really great to hear, that you all managed to turn the situation to a good one after all and had a great night with things you all love.
    Hope the poor little man will be back to full speed again very soon, but thanks god, kids easily gets over most things again and very fast even, so let´s hope he does too. Have a wonderful week-end all of you and lots of fun I hope.

  8. Awww poor kiddo really hope he gets better soon, I'm glad Niamh is better sweetie, sorry I've not been by :0(
    We had movie night as well last night but first we played on Call Of Duty on the xbox I love that shoot em up game & its fab that you play live with other players, totally addicted altho I do tend to shout a bit when I get shot & usually call them cheats.........I think they all cheat ya know & they just like to pick an a wee small gentale woman who is also a newbie might I add lol.... Maybe I shouldn't have had my name as Vixxtoria & my gamer tag as 'lady' it kinda gives it away that I'm a woman in a very much male orientated world.......well boo to you dudes lol.
    Anyway wow am I drifting off here.........see what I'm like its a good job I end up behind on my visiting & commenting or I tell ya you would be a bald, crazy, manically depressed lune......kinda like me....only I havn't gone bald yet he hee.

    Anyway my sweet lovely friend hope your little prince Philly get better soon sending you all squishy hugs. Love the skirt I have a few of em & I always wear a vest top with em & my denim jacket when I go out lol.

    Enjoy your weekend hun loves ya mmwah

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxxxxxxx

  9. Big hugs to Philly, i bet he's so chirpy today!! figures!! and thats what families are for, loving each other and helping the one that's not feeling too good at the mo!! job done, loving healthy family intact, and a great night was still had by all, and you didnt have to look bad when the little guys beat you at bowling, hehehehehe, huggles xxxx

  10. Oh and by the way you look gorge in your outfit and curly hair (it suits you by the way) but ain't it great to get huddled down with the fam and sweats on hair up yay for the sweats, lol, love ya gal, xxxxhugs vick xxxxx

  11. Sounds like it was a fab night anyways, glad all turned out well.xxx

  12. Poor baby, hope he is back to his cheerful self today. Some of the best times in life are those where plans go awry. :o)

  13. I adore that skirt on you, looks so gorgeous! But sweat pants and kids films are just as good =)

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  15. Glad to hear it was still a fab night!! LOVE the piccies!!!

  16. So sorry to hear it's Philly's turn now :-( but glad to hear Niamh is better now! Sound like it was a great family night anyways! Awesome pictures! Those clothes look great on you and I love your hair! You are always so pretty :-))
    Silvie xx

  17. First of all, I have to say...I LOVVVVEEE your blog! So very cute. :) I can stay on here for hours and be totally fascinated.

    Secondly, great pics. Your outfit is pretty.

    Thirdly, very happy to be your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

  18. Hope that Philly is very much better by now. It sounds like you still made it a lovely Friday Night. I love seeing your photos as you have a style all your own. If I tried to wear a maxi skirt it would look more like a dress!!
    Paula (PEP)



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