Week in Instagrams.

This past week...

I realized that I will never be a quiet mom on the sidelines of any of my children's sporting events.  I will be the loud, shrieking voice.  The jumping body.  The running lady.  The one the other parents want to kick in the knee.  I apologize now to my fellow sideline-ees.  And my family.  I know I am embarrassing.  But I just cannot shut up.  I need to wa-hoo.  And fist pump the air.  And embarrass myself:).

That Philly is the sweetest boy I have ever met...which is kinda awesome, because (extra perk here) he's my son:).  I saw him stop twice this week in practice to help another child up.  I could spend a whole day just smooching that kid.

I've had the spider creepy-crawlies all week.  Because of a silly spider in Chick-fil-A that Niamh made me throw my flip-flop at (so it wouldn't bite anyone else)...And wouldn't ya know it was a mommy spider.  And all those (hundreds) of babies came pouring out crawling right at us.  I check under the bed covers at least twice a night with my phone light...just because I feel like those little buggers are still after me. 

We heard Niamh telling Philly this week, after he found a dryer sheet stuck to his clothes, that "they just appear when you throw clothes in the dryer."  hehehe.  I don't want my babies to get any older.  Just stay right here.  Please.  Forever.

That even in glasses, our poor dog just doesn't come across as very smart:).  Cute, yes.  But...not a huge brainiac, that one.

How awesome it is to be married to a guy who cares so deeply about his fathering.  How he speaks encouraging words to Philly after practice and asks to see Niamh's latest cheerleading moves.  How he sits quietly on the sidelines (hey-- opposites attract, right;) and I love him.  For loving me.  Unconditionally.  Because I am not always easy to love.  Especially when I'm unknowingly mimicking Philly's moves on the field...(if I lean to the left, I really, really feel like Philly will also lean to the left:).

And that some summer weeks just make me want to stop time.  Carry my boy into the store because he is still fast asleep from the car ride.  Snuggle the girl who has a sore throat and promise her I'd rather get sick than miss out on a good night kiss.  Hope that they know my world lives inside of them...

That they are everything...and then so much more.
Everyday.  All the time.  


PS, Terri, you won Heather's Card Kits!!  Please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com.  Congrats, friend!  


  1. You have such a beautiful family and such a beautiful soul and I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your photos. Just beautiful.

    I don't like the spider story. Spiders are a little over the top this year for some reason. They really aren't natural. ::shiver::

    I don't know, wearing glasses your dog sort of looks like one of those old guys wearing a sweater and carrying a large book! :)

    1. i heard that if your summer has been especially dry, spiders will run rampant this fall. EEEEEEEEEK! I am not looking forward to that, especially since my cats prefer to play with their quarry rather than kill them!

  2. Great pictures, Krista!
    Love the way you share your life with us, thanks for that!

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. Aw cute post, love seeing your pics. I know what you mean about not wanting them to grow up. I had a conversation with my boy about mortgages, I mean, what?! Yeah he asked how it all works, so I explained and we talked about finance! Bring back kiddies book characters, I mean, mortgages! Lol You've years before that happens but it kind of freaked me out that he even thinks about it. Yep I'm a all shouting fist punching kind of girl too! Take care Zo xx

  4. I sure remember those days, where I felt the exact same way, and now I do again, but it´s just the grandkids ha ha ha. Have just sent the 2 youngest to school for their first time here last week, and it´s such a huge difference, cause now there´s noone to come and spend a day or two now and then anymore, as they´re all at school now. That´ll definitely be weird this year, that there wount be any small hands here to help me out on week days anymore SIGH. So yes I sure understand how you feel right now.LOL

  5. This is a joy to read & to look through. the bear?? photo made me laugh & so did the glasses on your dog - how did you get him to sit still?
    You take care & much love to you all.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. What a sweet blog full of love. Great to read in the morning. thanks for sharing

  7. Sniff!
    That's so sweet Krista.

    I don't think we ever truely know what we mean to our parents till we become parents too.

    Hugs Sandra x

  8. Fabulous and fun Pictures looking so happy and contented shows having great fun thank you for sharing these xx

  9. ooooh, ooooooooh.. now this post was pay-back for making you all teary with mine, wasn't it - (waving hands over eyeballs)!! Soo sweet, you are a special K! ;o)
    Granted, if we were at a sporting event I'd likely be edging off the bench to get away from you... lol!!

    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest desing

  10. Cherish these times - sadly they do grow all too quickly. Will be packing up my youngest today for her to head back to university (sniff, sniff.)

  11. OMG Krista you almost made me cry ... I love how you describe your feelings and daily observations. Thank you so much for this. Hugs! Mojca

  12. Beautiful words and beautiful photos Krista sweetie hugs Rebekah xx

  13. it truly does just keep getting better and better as they get older. like when mine text me from college almost every single day because 'something cool happened I just HAVE to tell you about' or they come over and give you a big hug for no reason whatsoever or open a door for the person in front on you at the store/restaurant/church/wherever & you realize that the manners lessons DID kick in, gosh, the list just goes on and on. and may it never end!!! :)

    thanks for sharing the precious pix with all of us! love 'em all! give those kiddos a big squishy hug from me! :)

  14. Krista have you watched the clip of the parents at the Olympics?? They show the parents will their child is performing.. makes me LOL beecause I'm just like them and you... :)

  15. Too wonderful of a week my friend! You keep on yelling and cheering and leaning...it does help...I know it does. I did it for the last three years with my boy Tyler...both on the football field and on the baseball! I say to heck with all the parents who give those looks to shut us up...those are our l=kids and we can sheer if we want to! HUGS

  16. The eight legged story has me scanning my bedroom ceiling and walls, i can't even type the word, that very word brings out fear in me that simply doesn't exist at any other time!!! They are aliens, im sure of it and should be eradicated back to the planet they came from """"urghhhh shudder shudder......seriously, i hyperventilate when i see one, i was about to go to sleep its 5am here in the U.K and i am seriously checking around the walls and floor oh darn it, im hypervigilant now......on to something better, awww Philly, glad he's enjoying his sport, (footie, lol) and you are an awesome mommmy, d'ya know that? they are so lucky to have you!! Catch up sometime this week gf, have a good Wednesday and stop throwing flip flops around, LOL xxxx huggles, Vick

  17. I just love to visit and read your blog. It sounds like a fun week. I love the times like that with my kids. A chance to just be with them, encouraging them. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Your Niamh has the prettiest fingers. I always loved my daughters fingers when she was little and still do now that she's grown. :) Give Niamh's sweet little fingers lots of kisses, because they grow up way too fast. But it's wonderful when they're grown too, because now my daughter and I are best friends. Blessings and hugs!!!

  19. Ah Krista... you always make me laugh (little-buggers) and say 'awwww, so sweet' with every one of your posts. You have many talents my dear, caring and humor being right there at the top. :) Hugs, Denise

  20. Fab pictures, Krista, and your words are beautiful as always!
    I'm a bit embarrassing, me too, sometimes, but i think to exult for a good result is a good, liberating thing and that after all, your family loves you also for this reason!

    Hugs, Franz.



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