Toothless...and Doorless.


A tooth fairy pillow.  How cute is this!

It is perfect to hang on a bedroom door.  Kiddo sticks their lost tooth and a little note in it...And then waits for the tooth fairy to put some change in the little front-tooth pocket:).  

Or, a dollar if it is like a major tooth, which are the front ones.  
Also any tooth that is knocked out or pulled out in an awesome way:).

When I went to take a photo of Niamh's tooth fairy pillow, I realized something funny. 
Well, maybe not funny-- it may be a little sad, actually:).


We have no doors in our house:). 
Okay, we do have a bathroom door.  
And a basement door, so little people don't tumble down the stairs when they visit. 

But no other doors. 
How weird is that?

My mom took our bedroom doors off when we were kids.  It made sense.  Our bedrooms didn't have air conditioning...and they got pretty chilly in the winter.  So, for airflow, it made sense.  Also, I think I remember her saying we didn't need doors...That if we had to shut our bedroom door, we probably shouldn't be doing whatever it was we were shutting it for:).  

So.  When we moved into our home, I took all the doors off the bedrooms:).  I don't think I even thought about it...just did it.  Because people don't need doors.  Right?  Yes, well.  If you have a super cute tooth fairy pillow...you might need a door knob. 

I realized today as I went from room to room, I had subconsciously understood as a kid that doors weren't really important, at least for the kids' rooms.  I know, I know...Kids need some type of privacy:).  I get that.  They need to be able to be alone sometimes.

Just not in my house:).
Sorry kids.  The doors are out in the shed and covered in cobwebs now.

It is a genetic condition. I expect that someday my grandkids will be doorless as well.
I'm gonna blame this one on my mama.
Although...I gotta say, the four of us kids LOVED being together.  Still do.  
Maybe this world needs less doors:).

If you happen to be one of the lucky homeowners who still have door knobs in your house;)...and kids/grandkids who are at the toothless stage of life, leave a comment!  You could win your own tooth fairy pillow from BV72!  Check out this super cute Etsy shop for lots of handmade goodies!!  It is really a fun place to browse through...This is my current favorite:).

You can also check out the BV72 Facebook page here:).

Giveaway closes on Monday, October 1st.
Good luck!!


  1. so cute! xx


  2. doorless? what an 'open' concept!! LOVE your new blog design here mama!!

    Happy weekend to you and your sweet crew!
    needle and nest design

  3. doors DO tend to get in the way...cute little pillow

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. sooo cute! My oldest is loosing all the front teeth hahaha, she looks so cute, and since she has 3 of them loose she eats on her side hahahahah, so cute! fabi xxx

  5. What a cute idea. We have doors, they're just never shut. lol.

  6. The little pillow is a nice idea and a lot easier on the "tooth fairy" than rumaging under the pillow with a sleeping child on it.
    I like the open concept Krista but in reality I like being able to shut the door on the noise.
    SandraT xxx

  7. I have a 6 year old losing teeth left and right, thsi pillow would be awesome!!...I love your story about genetic conditioning. Because my mom never let me spend the night at friends houses, I have never let my 3 children do so either. And I turned out ok and so have they. I love your blog and your stories Krista, stay motivated. Many of us look forward to this blog every day :)

  8. I think I kind of like this doorless way of life... hmmm :D yet the pillow is stinkin adorable!

  9. That is so cute! I have an open door policy as well at our house. I didn't take the doors off but our doors are never closed at our house. It is just the three of us my husband, my daughter and me!! 2 dogs, 3 cats and 3 horses but the horses are outside!! :) It is nice to have a close family and no doors! no barriers! :)

  10. Growing up we didn't have doors on our bedrooms, not really sure why, there just weren't any doors.

    We have doors in our house, but my husband and I do not shut bedroom doors. We want to be able to hear the kids and their doors stay open also. They would throw a fit if we closed the doors (ages 13, 10) We did however take a door away for my older son when he was in high school as punishment. he didnt have a door on his room for a year! I think he got use to it, and wasn't much of a punishment anymore. 16yr old boys learn to adapt. oh well :)

  11. oh, by the way - no need to enter me in the contest. my boys no longer believe in the tooth fairy :(

  12. That little pillow is beyond adorable! We don't use our doors, they are always left open, except for the bathroom door, of course, lol! My sister and I grew up that way, and it seems to have just happened in our home too. We can't take them down because its not our home to do such renovations, but if I could, I would too!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Love these ideas Krista, the pillow and the doorless bedrooms! You come up with the coolest things. Your blog's always such a good read, you make my day mama!! Hugs, Wends x

  14. we have doors and we shut them. i have 3 girls very close in age and sometimes they just get under each other skin and need some alone time.plus daddy and girls dont need to see each other dressing and undressing.

  15. Forgot to say... your Philly is hard core!!!! LOL

    That was one awesome tooth pull! xxx

  16. EEEEEEEE sweetie no door on your bedroom.........what about when you have hanky-panky......dont think my hubster would be happy if the kids saw him swinging from the light or jumping off the wardrobe like bloomin' Tarzan lol. Also we sleep in the nuds so dont think Jake would wanna see my bare ass if it stuck out the sheet pmsl.....wow that would scar him for the rest of his life lol. We have doors on every room Natalie has only got to hear a pin drop & she's awake for hours so believe me you need doors here lol. Privacy is a huge thing when they get to teenage years & have their girlfriends over, like my 16 year old does right now lol........we talk about everything & spend 90% of the days together except for schooling etc so I dont mind them having doors shut when they sleep & def dont mind when they have girlfriends over, there are some things this mamma doesn't want to know........ I told them about birds & bees I dont want to see it lol.

    Now dust off those cobwebs girl so your hubster can start swinging around that light.......he has to make the tarzan noise as well mind & beat his chest lol.
    Hope you are ok sweets mmwah loves ya loads hunni.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxxxxx
    Psst love that pillow but mine have grown up now so wont lose any teeth & my darling grand-daughter is only just starting to get hers.......she has 2 front ones,sooooooo cute ;0)

  17. There are doors in my house, some are left open all the time and some are not! Like the door to the office where a beautiful leather couch lives... It's closed so our adorable kitten won't sink his claws into it! And on that door there is a little door hanger of a kitten!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. This is so beautiful! I love everything you make and design. I don't want to be in the drawing and take away from someone who would use the darling pillow. I have 22 Great Grandkids so wouldn't be able to choose who to give it to and some are teens. Just wanted you to know how beautiful I think it is.

  19. I LOVE the doorless idea! That's a pretty neat concept! I might borrow it when we purchase a home.
    Don't enter me in the contest. The boys never did believe in the tooth fairy, they just come ask for money right when the tooth comes out. And I've never gotten away with change! Always at least a dollar! LOL!

  20. How bizaar, today i took my kitchen door off!, and alioop the room looks twice the size, twice the cupboard space would be good but hey ho, I love that you dont have doors, i have to echo Vickys hilarious comment though, i have teenage boys and they would not want to see my big bum hanging out!
    and they would me mortified if they didnt have doors, we dont have a lock on the bathroom and there is nothing worse than walking in on them in the altogether!, loving the new blog too x I am in England so don't worry about putting me in the draw postage is way too expensive these days, have a great weekend Nick xx

  21. Our old house, where our five kids grew up, was very large with a LOT of doors.....one of our sons said (aged 7) that it took too long to open and shut all these doors.....so we came home one day to find he'd removed all the bottom panels (from 23 doors!) so he could crawl through! Those doors stayed like that for the next 21 years...hahaaa!

  22. We have doors! Sometimes I wonder why I'm sure they are more trouble than they are worth! Kids trap fingers and half the time our doors on't close! We also have tooth fairy pillows! Each of our kiddies has them (Caleb has had one since a baby and he still hasn't lost a tooth yet!) They have their names embroidered on and say "tooth fairy please call for Caleb" with a tiny pocket on the front for the tooth I love them! Hugs Rebekah xx

  23. Oh my!! This little cushion is adorable :) My little boy, who's 6, is sporting a mahoosive gap as he's just recently lost both front top teeth! He absolutely still believes in the tooth fairy &, for good measure, we have this little story that the fairies take the lovely, shiny teeth and use them to build their little tooth castles! He did question the fact that surely they have enough teeth now from everyone but, of course, he didn't realise how many fairies there actually are!! ;) - (Not sure if they have doors in their castles though). Loving this post & that beautiful cushion :)

  24. You could always glue a cute decorative knob on some wood and hang it in your kids rooms. That way the cute pillow could hang from it? I love the pillow. We made tooth fairy landing pads at our house. She tends to leave a lot of glitter too after her visit's here. :)

  25. Very cute. I just learned the wonderful trick of leaving the tooth in something hanging on the door - so the Tooth Fairy doesn't "forget", as she has done in our house (actually the kid kept waking up when said tooth fairy tried to sneak in). We are hanging teeth from now on, but we need a cute pillow to do it in!

  26. I love the idea of having a pillow hanging on the door like that - or you could use the bedpost if you have one. It really is kind of a pain to rummage under the pillow looking for the tooth. I had a hard time looking for the little envie I had the brilliant idea to put the tooth in - if I hadn't we might never have found the tooth! LOL Tolla's front teeth have been loose for ages, I can't wait to see what she looks like when she loses them!

    I'm intrigued by the open door concept. Do you have a door on your bedroom? LOL We always shut and lock our door during those intimate moments. ;) And then I'm STILL paranoid someone will knock on the door! haha I love hearing about your home life. You sure are doing something right cuz your kiddos look so happy and I've met you so your mama has something there with the open door concept because you are an amazing person. Love ya!!!

  27. Hi Krista, what a gorgeous cushion and I do understand why you dont like doors on bedrooms, I carnt bear anyone slamming one on me and not allowing me in their room, that really gets me upset, so maybe it would have been better for me to have taken them down. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx
    All my girls had their tooth fairy moment and popped their tooth under their pillows and were quite excited in the morning when they found what she had left for them.

  28. We have doors in our home, but they are rarely closed. I love hanging out with my 7 year old daughter and when she is in her room I gravitate towards her room because I want to know what she is up too. She's been asking for a TV in her room forever because "all her friends have one in theirs". I won't budge though because I want to spend as much time with her as possible while she still thinks I am cool and fun. :) These years are precious and pass by so quickly, I want to get the most out of them before she leaves me to go off to college or travel the world or whatever she chooses to do later in life. I do like the concept of no doors, except for on the bathroom of course. Growing up we had doors, but they didn't get to be closed. My Mom wanted to know what was going on with us and she really wasn't a fan of us being in our rooms all the time either. Super cute pillow. My daughter is 7 and she still has yet to lose one tooth. She is just beside herself because all her friends have lost teeth. She was the only first grader in her whole school last year that still hadn't lost a tooth. Now she is in 2nd grade and her friends siblings who are 4 and 5 are losing teeth and she is devastated she still has all her baby teeth. She has me check her teeth several times a week to see if any are even the slightest bit wiggly. lol

  29. Oh WOW my dear friend, you must so be channelling my thoughts right now, lol, i'll explain...being that we are friends and i love your kiddos to bits, i was, YESTERDAY!!! designing some door hangers for the kiddos for Christmas and sending them over with a Christmas card for you, Phil and the babbas, lol.....i am so happy that you have posted about this before i put their names on them i can give them elsewhere, lol, back to the drawing board for unique handmade one offs hehehehe, huggles lovely lady xxxx Vick
    YTChannels Vixcrafts & Saturatedcanary

  30. Oh and i love!!!!! that pillow doorhanger, awesome and genius!!!!

  31. Yes, this world totally needs less doors!
    Love that saying!!!
    We have some doors but they are some old warped doors, some don't shut completely, some have a crack at the top of the door, classy kinds...lol!
    But my Bella girl is losing baby teeth left and right. She lost her 2 front and I loved how sweet she looked with those missing two. They stayed missing for over 5 months, so I got so use to her like that. Now those big girls are growing in, just as we embrace first grade!
    The other night she was stalling for bedtime, as usual and she was biting on a pretend lollipop ( that I had bought at the dollar store to use as a prop for a photo shoot) and sure enough another babytooth popped out!
    Love the tooth fairy pillow and love the story of you growing up with no doors!!

  32. We have no doors downstairs, its not open plan, there are seperate rooms but they have no doors. I think maybe the workmen or possibly my other half did it before I moved in because they thought it might be easier for my to move around with my walking frame (sometimes my wheelchair) but they've never told my about it, the door have just never been there. But we have doors upstairs. My bedroom door only gets shut when I'm very poorly and need to rest quietly. I think its part of growing up that all teenagers should be able to stomp up the stairs, slam their bedroom doors shut, whilst screaming " its not fair, you don't understand what its like to be young, your ruining everything" just because they had to tidy their rooms, do chores or weren't allowed to stay out after 9.30 even at the weekend! So beacause we have 2 girls aged 16 & 19 (although she's away at uni) doors are essential... lol
    We also have a little man who is 5 nearly 6 who is very upset that he has good strong teeth because he is only one of a few in his class that hasn't lost any teeth, so no visits from the tooth fairy :( every week he comes up with a new plan to get those suckers to come loose, its very entertaining when he tries to convince us his plan WILL work!! I think to have a cute pillow/bag would make it all the more special when that first 1 finally comes out.
    Love and hugs
    Dawn.W xx

  33. We have doors in our house and Sarah is losing teeth all the time. That pillow is so cute!

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  35. Hi... this pillow is so cute... I loved.
    Here in my house, we have doors on all the places... just 10 doors ;)
    And I don't know if some day I could have a house with just one door on the bathroon... Really, I don't think so.
    I don't have kids, but I have some cousin that will lose theeth soon. But, I don't think that I'll give this pillow for then... I think I'll take it for me :)

    Good a nine Sunday!! xx

  36. Used to read your blog and then i lost my bookmark or something AND forgot your name and it was driving me crazy!! yay. glad to be back =)

  37. My grandkidlets would love this sweet pillow. Seems like everytime this gramma turns around one of them is losing a tooth! Oh and yea, they have bedroom doors to hang it on...though I think a bedpost or chair are cute to hang it from as well. hugs

  38. Seriously no doors? bit strange, but definately makes sense :) those tooth fairy pillows are all so cute - and such a great idea! DD is 6½ and has lost 2 teeth so far, dreading when the top front ones fall out - those school photos are never favourites hehe



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