Brady, er Philly...


His name on the team is 'Brady.'

Philly started the season with his gorgeous, long hair...looking all G-Q.  So he was dubbed, Brady (for those of you overseas, Brady is the New England Patriots Quarterback:).  I don't think half the team and coaching staff even know his actual first name!  

And he has a touchdown dance.
3 of them, actually. 

Funny thing is, he doesn't play a position that will probably ever score...but hey, in our living room, it is pretty darn awesome.  

And for probably the fourth year out of seven, he wants a football-themed party.
I may just start buying his party supplies wholesale:).

Love my #80.
He is definitely an all star in mama's [Smash:)] book!

PS! Tracey Murphy, you just won your pick of a tooth fairy pillow from BV72!!!
Congrats, friend!  Please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com to receive your gift:).


  1. LOVE THAT! I just love to read you talk about your kids. We are so privileged to know love and be able to give it in abundance to our kiddies. You rock Krista and so does your lil' dude. Hugs, Wends xxx

  2. What a little sweetheart!! He is just so cute! I love these posts, about your little football player cause they remind me of mine. ♥

    Brucey hadnt been playing any position that would make it so he could score either, until recently!

    I guess they decided to start practicing him with the ball. And then one Saturday he got his chance. I was in such shock and awe that I cried. I was so proud, he did so great. Got taken down at thr 5 yard line... but boy did he get close! I think he needs to work on a touch down dance himself. LOL ;)

    Also, Bruce has got a nick name from him coaches/team also... its The Beast! HAHA
    Love it.

    Cute post, and LOVE the smash page!!

  3. oh hun that is just the most gorgeous smash! I love philly's game face on the piccy!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  4. Fabulous page!! I've been missing your pages lately ♥ Sometimes go into your Flickr page to see in there are new ones ♥Your pages are such an inspiration!!

  5. Beautiful smash page! He is so handsome in his jersey! Thank you for sharing!

  6. waw this is just gorgeous Krista. Hugs! Mojca

  7. Hello Krista - just popping in to say hello! Mary G x

  8. Honey, I love me some Brady!!!
    And your little man's hair looks good Brady long and super short!
    He is such a cutie.
    Go Philly!!!!
    Brady would be super proud, too(:

  9. What a cutie he is, you must be so proud Krista!! Hugs Hazel xx

  10. Awww, what a neat smash page! I have yet to even attempt one!! I always look fwd to your posts and seeing what's new in your world. What a cutie Philly is!

  11. Hi Krista, fantastic smash page & Philly looks all ready for action & raring to go! He's such a cutie :) Would also like to shout a massive THANK YOU for the tooth fairy pillow! I'm so excited & my boy will be over the moon with it :) Your such a sweet, generous girl with a lovely family - thank you so much for sharing your goodness with us!
    Big hugs, Tracey xx

  12. Adorable page sweetie and he looks so darling in his football shirt! Hugs Rebekah xx

  13. Awww so sweet, i love your message to Philly it is so loving and i just know he will cherish this smash book when he's older, such a lucky boy to be so loved, and he will be a good, kind, human being because of it........hugs to you my dear friend xxx V

  14. Awesome flippin' Smash page!! Love it!!

  15. Love your smash page/book and your Brady is so cute! Such a great blog; you can totally feel the love for your family and for your artwork! I'm so loving your art! They're so awesome! TFS your blog post & your art! Hugs!

  16. Super page Krista. Your little fella is starting to look so grown up.

    Toni xx



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