Coupon for Evalicious!


Evalicious is a super chic, artsy-fartsy, really unique online shop.  I kinda stalk it. And buy super cute things.  And then stalk it some more:).

I have a whole Evalicious supplies drawer.  
Because any shop that ends with "licious" deserves its own drawer, people.

I used lots of her cute kit stuffs on my scrap page for Philly's birthday bowling party.  As you can see, her pieces work great with every other brand as well!!  

Eve is the shop owner...
Here is a little about her operation.

Shopevalicious.com is a small, indie, online shop specializing in art journals, badge buttons, paper tags, handmade pretties & other scrapbook goods. Most of the items you see in the shop are handmade and eco-friendly in some way or another.This little shop was established in 2008 by Eve Johnson, owner & designer, when she felt the great need to offer some handmade goodness to others in hopes that these items would bring a smile to their faces as they did to hers. And also to support her craft spending habits. But a hobby store turned into a part time endeavour and now she gets to work part time at her other “job” and run her shop the other days of the week.

Eve is offering my readers 15% off any order from now through November 4th using code: SC15.  If you are doing a December Daily, she has the perfect embellishment kitholiday art journal, and even adorable Christmas buttons!  Woop. Woop.

Thanks for stopping over in your busy day!


  1. Thanks for always bringing us to new things...you make my day for new 'stuff'!

  2. It is always a pleasure to go to your website and see what FUN you found to share with us! It is AMAZING the things you find...to add new things to our hobbies. Thank you, Krista!

  3. Fabulous layout!♥♥♥ Can't believe I've missed so many of your posts...



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