my new iPhone 5.  she is a beaut.

this book.

this blogger.
and this one, too.

when Niamh asked me yesterday, "when you get a messed up taste-bug;), do they just replace it?  because I have one that is messed up right now."

pumpkin coffee.  i might be able to live solely off of pumpkin-flavored coffee for a week.

candles that smell like pine. they just started coming back into stores for the holidays...time to stock up!

this smash book...eep!!! got two, just for backup.  caved and gave my extra to Niamh:).

this girl's cards.  *sigh*

this beautiful.true.insightful song.

dinners cooked in the crockpot.  because, a) they taste so good and b) they are hard to mess up.

our new puppy.  she is...like...good.  hello?!? we didn't know well-behaved dogs existed:). 

Philly's football dances...I seriously need to tape them and show ya'll.  it is hysterical.

these sneaks, which are customizable.  i just ordered a pair, and i cannot wait to see them in person!

this girl, because she is just plain cool.awesome.beautiful.

phil. yep.  loveeee that boy:).

and....(drum rollllllll.....)...the fact that my all time favorite-est, most loved and anticipated show EVER premiers a new season in a few hours!!!!

...gonna get kiddos tucked into bed.  
a nice warm cup of pumpkin coffee with a touch of whip cream on top.
and snuggle up next to phil...

oh.  and lastly.  Daryl Dixon.
because he is SO my type of zombie-killing guy.


  1. I love this post. So fun. And you actually made me tear up and saw that one of the links lead to my blog! ♥

    ALso, I LOVVVE your shirt, where is it from!? Im excited for Walking Dead too!!

    Oh and DEF record Philly's football dance! I want to see!! ♥

  2. I got it at http://www.spreadshirt.com/

    you can pick a design and put it on different clothing...i like the ALO Bamboo tee bc it is long; and a lot of the tees from these sites are too short on me. after one wash they become belly shirts:).

    have fun watching the zombies tonight:).

  3. cute, cute picture, friend! those glasses are so fun, and you are just gorgeous!

  4. our oldest son is going to give us commentary on tonight's episode because we don't get cable.... boo hoo! but I am so excited nonetheless 'cause it's zombies baby! I sooooooooooo love your tee! our youngest son would be wanting one just like it if he saw this pic. Daryl is his absolute fave on the show. oh I can't wait to hear all about the show!!! wooo hoooo for The Walking Dead!
    can't wait 'til next year when I can sit and watch it all at one time! grins! have fun tonight! :)

  5. love that shirt!!!! can't wait to see it tonight!!!

  6. 1. Someone should have warned me to wear DEPENDS before reading this!!
    2. I saw your face in that pic (with those adorable glasses, and curly/wavy hair) and 'smiled out loud'.
    3. I totally just fist pumped the air that you 'love me, you reaaaaallly love me'! Cuz I do too, you, that is. xoxooxxoox... xo... xo.. x...o.

    4. WALKING DEAD! Ben and I have JUST been finishing that last season on Netflix, well, I'm trying to watch it with him while: holding my breath, holding my hands over my eyes, turning the laptop almost sideways from view! (total wuss-bag here).

    Ummmm.. ok, that's all for now. You just went up another notch in my "Krista is already the coolest sis in Christ" books. That is all.
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  7. Zombies? Not me, I get too freaked out over super natural stuff like that. I have enough dramatic dreams--don't need that stuff to influence them. But I do love watching Revenge! Awesome suspense...! Hey, your hair looks awesome in that new pic!!! My hair gets that way if I put a lot of product in it, but mostly I flat-iron it, it's easier for me. I checked out Jills blog--very awesome! Thanks for that link! She colors beautifully... have a good week girlie... ;)

  8. as i mentioned yesterday, i'm so not into movies or tv shows, but hey...i can craft while you're doing your thing!

  9. Love this post! You look beautiful!! I hope you have a very relaxing night!

  10. Ok.. so I have to ask.... does pumpkin coffee taste like pumpkin???? I have never heard of it, sounds very bizzare...but I guess is you like it... it must be good!

    1. yes! it has a hint of pumpkin flavor. it is SO good:)...and 99% of the time, i hate flavored coffees. love this one, though:).

  11. Such a fab post - I must do one. Pumpkin flavoured coffee...really? That exists? I feel like we miss out so much over here, I love coffee and that sounds so lush! Yep I need that 365 Smash but again got to wait till it hits our shores, unless I pay the shipping from over there! May give in on that one. Take care. Zo xx

  12. You got a new puppy??? I wanna see pictures!!

  13. Gorgeous picture of you! Love your page also. I tried wobbles once and loved them! I need to buy a stash.

    I was dying for Grey's Anatomy but that already started!

  14. Beautiful photo, you look SOOO happy!! I love this post! Thanks for sharing!! Where's new puppy?? Would love to see some pics! I may just have to try out that pumpkin coffee now to!!

  15. I love this music: Its a dutch song. You can download the music en translate it.


  16. YES, LOVE your tee! Daryl is the best redneck-zombie-killer!

    You look so adorbs btw! :D

  17. This post is amazing, I loved reading it from start to finish and then went and read it again! I looooove that t-shirt and will have to get me one! xx

  18. Aren't you just the sweetest Krista...
    Thanks ♥
    hugs and thanks for making my day!

  19. A gorgeous lady on a gorgeous picture! I so love your posts Krista and this one is awesome!
    Pumpking flavored coffee? That sounds weird lol! And congrats on your new puppy!
    Silvie xx



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