September in Instagrams...

1, love that kid in a hat 
2, curled up like a cat
how to keep your kids occupied while waiting for a bus in Disney

photos I never took, 
also proof that my phone gets stolen and played with while I'm not looking...
yep. more proof.
1, football players 
2, cheerleader to keep them in line
Philly's funny way of hugging characters;
it is also a difficult hug to find a good photography angle
love the daddy/niamh photo!
1, evidence that I cannot bake even the simplest desserts correctly
2, philly's awkward sun-in-my-eyes face
1, a SCARY thought.
2, an EVEN SCARIER thought.
1, cutie pie
2, mall chinese food...is there anything that tastes better?
lookin' forward to Halloween!!

Hoping October proves to be just as fun to photograph!!
Happy Thursday, lovelies!


  1. Thanks for sharing Krista. Your photos have captured your month beautifully. Your children are adorable. Wishing you every happiness, Hugs Nina

  2. Great pictures, Krista!
    Thanks for sharing, so sweet of you...

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. I loved these photos... greats moments!!! And the way that you found to keep the chids occuped was fantastic... and you can take a lot of photos to do a lot off smash!!

    And Congrats to Philip!! A lot off happiness to him!!


  4. Such happy pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Krista love the pics i really enjoyed looking at them, what a lovely happy family!!.
    Also Krista i just bought the new digi butterfly baby one it's soo cute also it's special for a good cause.Best wishes!

  6. Oh they are so lovely its really nice of you to share your Photo's you all look so happy and content!! x

  7. lovely blog post, Krista, beautiful photos, especially those taken by the ´´thieves´´! adorable!

  8. such a happy and beautiful family - lovely to see in this world where things are not always as happy or beautiful!
    she so very much looks just like you Krista, she's like a little mini-Krista/mini-me!
    Love the character and the colouring too hugs Karen x

  9. I love looking at your photos... they remind me to take time out and enjoy the family.

  10. looks great all those lovely pictures!!! have a lovely ocotober and a spookyy Halloween!
    Hugs Tiets

  11. Waw this are just gorgeous. thank you for sharing. hugs! Mojca

  12. What a fun shots. The kids really do make a great photo subjects. They're all around the place and ready to be captured in photo.
    weight loss programs mn

  13. Oh such fun! thanks for inviting us into your world darling its such fun to be you, hugs Vick xx

  14. Fun photos, thank you for sharing!

  15. I love that photo of you with your hair pulled back (the 1 with Philly with the sun in my eyes face look). Your hair looks great like that.

  16. What fun photos - such a lovely collection of memories.

    Toni xx



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