The Boy is 7.


Every morning when we get to school, I shrink myself down;) and put myself in Philly's pocket.

So...if he feels like he misses me, 
instead of sitting in his seat crying 
(which has happened on quite a few occasions this year), 
he just needs to stick his hand in his pocket.  
Give mom a big hug...

My mom use to put herself in our ears. 
I remember that always made me smile...
Since my kiddos have the waxiest ears EVAH, 
I decided the pocket was the place for me.

I love my Philly.  
He turned 7 this week...
Told me he wanted 6 peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches for his birthday dessert:). 
(I made him PB&J bread pudding.)
He still calls me "my girl."
And promised me the other night, that he would always love me most...above all other girls in the world:).

I will hold him to that.
No joke:).
So beware future girlfriend(s).  
You have yet to meet your match!

No, seriously.  
He's mine.


  1. Aww sweetest thing ever! Happy birthday Philly!!

  2. What a sweet post! and the bread pudding looks yummy....Happy birthday to your baby, cause you know he is 7, but he will always be your baby even when he turns 18 =0)....Fabi xxxxx

  3. Hahahaha i love it, future girlfriends beware you break this boys heart and you're done for!!! thats if you get past the mom in the first place, Oh and she'll check whether your ears are growing potatoes in them too!! (not sure if you say that too over there, but we say your ears are that dirty with wax you could grow potatoes in them) might get lost on translation hahahaha........aww bless, i love that..... you saying you'll be in his pocket, so so sweet momma!!! I'm with you about not sitting in his ears though hehehehe love ya xxxx

  4. Awww krista he sounds like the sweetest little boy ever. Happy 7th birthday.

  5. So cute!! Now my littlest is out of the terrible twos, I'm seeing that boys are so unbelievably sweet with their mommies! Last night he fell asleep while sniffing my cheek, because it smelled "yummy like candy". They melt our hearts! I love the idea of putting yourself in his pocket, I'll have to try that one.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Philly, hope he had a great day x

  7. What a beautiful little boy and loving family you have. I LOVE that he calls you his girl. I pity future ladies...they don't stand a chance. :)

  8. He's so cute! Happy Birthday Philly!

  9. Aw bless, belated Happy birthday Philly! My boy, Keagan, also celebrated his birthday this week, 6th Oct, but he's now 14. I'm at the stage where girlfriends are starting to appear, well the latest isn't actually an official GF, I get told about those in a serious 'mum, sit down I have something to tell you' way which hasn't happened yet but I'm seeing all the signs! Scary stuff I tell you. Take care Zo xx

  10. Awwww. This is the sweetest post EVUH!! Hehe...

    Lint beats out wax any day. lol

    My boy just turned 2, where did the time go!?? =[

    x0, Damaris

  11. Aw, that is so sweet :) My daughter's kindergarten class read the book 'the kissing hand'. So I kiss her hand in the morning so she knows I'll be with her. Makes me feel better anyways-lol

  12. Happy B-Day to Philly! He is so super sweet!


  13. Aw bless him hope he had a lovely b'day xx

  14. So sweet, Krista! I think lots of moms feel that way about their little (or not so little) guys! Happy Birthday to Philly! Great picture too! He's a cutie and looking so grown up with his new hair cut!

  15. Happy 7th Birthday to the gorgeous Birthday Boy! He is such a little sweetie & how cute that you're 'his girl':) My oldest daughter turns 26 tomorrow - wowee! The time just flies but she'll always be my baby girl no matter what age :D xx

  16. That is just so sweet and I would hold him to that to! Happy Birthday Philly!!

  17. oh my, would you look at those eye lashes! i doubt very much that he will get his heart broken by a girl - i think he's gonna be a heart breaker himself! beautiful boy, super cute hugs Karen

  18. Happy Birthday to your sweet little big boy!! ))
    All the best!

  19. What a sweet blogpost, Krista!
    The love for your big boy is dripping of my screen, so pure and sweet...
    The love for our children is undescribable, but you came very far!
    Love you for it!

    Hugs, Sandra (big ones this time!)

  20. Bless him Krista and long may that last. It did with my sweet son until he reached 15......hormones and girls tell another story. Mind you at 23 with his gorgeous GF he still sometimes whispers "Love you Mum" ;0) Happy Birthday to your dear lad,

  21. Happy Birthday Philly, Hope you had the best birthday ever. You have the sweetest Mum, but I think your sweetheats are going to have to fight for you.....lol
    Huge Hugs xxx

  22. Awww... Krista, let your boy fly to the new discoveries...
    Imagine here in Brazil that some mothers leave their kids with just 02 or 03 years old in the school... all them cry a lot on this moment...

    So... good luck to you... and be always his girl!!


  23. Lovely post, Krista,a cute boy you have.
    When my youngest goes to bed, I often gives him a kiss in his open hand. He closes it and can 'take' the kiss whenever in the night he wants ;)

  24. Funny, Krista. I don't envy his future females!
    Happy Birthday, Philly! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  25. He is so big and so adorable. Happy birthday little man!

  26. Congratulations!!!!

    gr. arjette.

  27. Happy Birthday Philly.
    Take good care Krista.
    Paula (PEP)

  28. Happy Birthday to your little boy.
    Boys are special for mum's. Daughters are special for dad's.
    I have two sweet boys. They are 10 and 13 years old.
    I think childrens are one of the wonder of this world.

    Hugs Corana

  29. aw, so sweet! too precious! happy bday little guy!

  30. Aww, Happy Birthday Philly!! He is so adorable. Love his new haircut!

  31. Happy Birthday Philly...My youngest will be celebrating her Birthday tomorrow 10/10 and she too will be 7.. How cute we where both pregnant at the same time. She is 7 in age, but at least 25 in spirit... She is the youngest of 4 ( with the oldest being 19. hehehe).. soo you know she gets kisses and hugs all day long.

  32. Awww... what a great idea to 'take you along' in Philly's pocket. Made me smile and I truly needed that. Your mom if obviously a gem also!
    Hugs, Denise

  33. I am my sons biggest fan and so proud of the men, and father, they have become. I often wonder what I did right for both of them to be doing so well...and thank our Lord for His part of their being.

  34. Oh, I love your post (it really warms my heart) and Happy Birthday to Philly, he is just too cute! And indeed, there is something special between sons and mums. The idea being carried around in Philly's pocket, reminds me of Milow's Lyrics of his Song «You & Me»:

    "I really wish that you were smaller
    Not just small but really really short
    So I could put you in my pocket
    And carry you around all day»

    Big hugs, Anja

  35. Happy Birthday Philly, I hope he has a wonderful day.

  36. Lovely poem Krista! My boy just turned 16 one day before Philly's 6th. Congrats and many many more!
    Tammy Louise

  37. awww happy birthday philly, Mo says he hopes you had an awesome day and that you got some lego's!!
    huge hugs from Lou and Mo xxxxx

    Krista Mo loves a cuddle in his pocket and I have to give him one for it everyday and he is almost 8 now. I love that xxx

  38. Happy Birthday Philly! What a handsome and adorable little young man you have Krista! He calls you "my girl", that's so sweet!!!!:-)
    Love your today's post - so positive and full of love ❤
    Have a great day! Hugs Silvie xx

  39. Happy Birthday hope you have a nice day

  40. Massive big hugs for Philly for his birthday.....sorry I'm late!! Xxx

  41. What a sweet Boy ♥ Happy birthday!!

  42. Aahh such a sweet post! My eldest is ten and we have made a deal that he never stops asking for our cuddles and chats in the dark just after he goes to bed - you can't but not love every single piece of them...even the waxy ears!!

  43. Awww, how sweet! Happy Birthday Buddy! I work in a school and I have seen Mommy's tuck a photo of them in their child's pocket or backpack, just in case they want to give Mommy a hug while they are at school. You could even do a small booklet, tfs

  44. At Least Im not the only momma that feels this way about her lil man!! thank you for putting into words !!

  45. Happy Birthday to Philly! My youngest turned 23 this month and she will ALWAYS be my baby girl! I think I should tell her about the mom in the pocket - that and the PB&J bread pudding! :) I hope Philly enjoyed every minute of his birthday(and every bite too)!

  46. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! Don't they grow so fast Krista?! Hugs to you clever mama for bringing this gorgeous lil' dude into the world 7 years ago, it's your day too! xxx

  47. sending out belated birthday wishes for your little man! :)
    what a keeper he is!!!! Happy happy happy birthday Philly!



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