Does God Laugh?


A few days ago, I found a note from Niamh.  She had put it in a red envelope and on the front it read, From: Niamh, To: Jesus.

When I read it, I had tears on my cheeks half way through.  
She asked Jesus to please help her grow in her walk with Him.
And help her bring others to know God.  

And then she signed her name.
And PS'd the letter with, 
"...and do you think anything is funny?"

She had asked me that a couple days before. 
And I told her, Sure! I think God laughs.  
And she said, "Really?!"... Like she had just been told the best thing ever.

I think God has a big rumbly laugh.
...I imagine it sounds kinda like Santa on steroids; if that makes any sense.  
It probably rumbles right through the heavens.
And is super contagious.
The angels must really get a kick out of it.

It is so important to Phil and I that we bring our kids up in a Christ-centered home. 
We go to church.  And they go to a Christian school.
And we have rules based on what our beliefs are. 
And their behavior is suppose to reflect those values and beliefs. 

But then there are those sweet moments when we realize how much they love Jesus.
He is their friend. 
They talk to Him; and it isn't formal.
They trust in Him; and it isn't with hesitation.
They depend on God because they know they need Him.
And they love Him because they can't imagine any other reaction to His love for them. 

And in that moment when Niamh realized that God has a sense of humor, seeing her so excited and stoked that this Friend of hers laughs like she does, I realized that is the humility of a child that Christ speaks of in Matthew.  It is reckless and real and genuine.  It's being in awe of the Savior.  It is a feeling of new found friendship that never gets old.  
Niamh's note totally refreshed my heart. 
I love that kid.
I want to be like her when I grow up.  

And I know Jesus smiled when He read the letter.
Probably even lol'd.
Because He is awesome like that.

And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:2-4 ESV)


  1. Aw krista you have cheered me up on this dark wet morning, aww the innocence of children is a wonderful thing, and yet I feel they know far more than we give them credit for, we should all take a leaf out of Niamh's book and the world would be a far nicer place, bless her isnt she just adorable xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Loved reading this Krista, bought a smile from ear to ear...xx

  3. This is so great! :) I love it


  4. Out of the mouths of babes... Love this Krista!! It's a testament as to the home she's living in, both physically and in her heart. xo

  5. Awwe you're girl is the sweetest. I always get a kick out of the way kids think :) It sure makes you think sometimes

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. I can only wish that one day if I am blessed with a child (however at 36 this wish is becoming a distant memory) that he or she will have the same absolute wonder in our Lord than Niamh does. So sweet!

  7. You can only love tht unspoiled innocence in these kids. I loved to read this, and I hope, you´ll get it down in one of your awesome splashbooks too, so this moment will never be forgotten? I have made books for all my grandkids, cause unfortunately I never had it done for my kids, and I know, how many of these wonderful sayings you else will miss over the years, and this is sure one to remember. There´s nothing so refreshing to a soul as a big smile or a good laughter ha ha ha

  8. I wasn't blessed with children but you have done a great job with yours Krista. I was brought up in a home where Christ was the Head. My parents loved the Lord with all their hearts and as children, seeing this love, it made it easy for us to love Him too. He truly is a fabulous Friend to have. God Bless, Christine x

  9. Always remember hearing a tape Tony Campolo preaching on God laughing and he was said that we should remember the time when our kids were small(er) and they were being thrown up in the air and they kept saying "do it again" cos they were having so much fun - he reckoned that when God created the world the same thing happened - He is our Father and Jesus kept saying to him "I love those flowers/animals, do it again" and laughing so yeah, I agree, God does laugh :)

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Susan xxx

  10. oh this is a beautidul post krista and I adored reading it. I love how the little peeps think.Mo saw a slither of the moon on our way home in the dark one night and said "look mumma, theres gods fingernail, he keeps an eye on us when its dark incase I get scared" I love that!
    huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  11. Do you know something my dear girl!! you have the two most adorable children, i know you know this, and i read your stories everyday, cause they make me cry, they make me smile, they make me giggle, they make me happy and all warm and fuzzy inside....I wouldn't call myself 'religious' persay....but i went to a Christian school, went to church on a Wednesday with the school and Sunday with my parents and siblings and Sunday school after church...i've had some very dark times in my life and very little bright times, but if i didnt have my faith & knew that God had'nt more good things in store for me or wasn't taking care of me, or Jesus didn't listen to me or my angels didn't sit by my side in those dark times i don't know what i would do, cause without my faith and a true belief in complete and utter love, compassion, humility, mutual respect, and my personal favourite 'Empathy' where would i be? I can't bear to think of a life without my faith, so every day when i have a chat with God, from now on, i will imagine him laughing at me being silly daft Vicky.....and it was all because of your Niamh.....your children have the oldest souls on the youngest of shoulders....and i now know why you SMASH so you never forget any of those happy moments, when you get old and senile like me, love ya girl!! don't stop telling us your stories, they're like warm apple pie on a cold winters day!....they make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! xx give those kiddos of yours a hug from Vick the crazy lady all the long way away in England, that'll give 'em a buzz xxx

  12. Oh and i forgot to say (don't i always hey Kris? my posts are like War and Peace, but i wouldnt be me, without them, lol) i went to an angel workshop down in London, a couple of years ago and myself and john were meditating and were asked how we would imagine Archangel Michael, he was described as a big cheery man with a massive laugh and one person came to my mind, an actor we have over here, been going for donkeys years, im not sure you'll have heard of him Brian Blessed.....and if you ever hear him talk or laugh, he has the most booming voice, and deep laugh, and thats who came to my mind today when you said about God laughing! Have a 'blessed' day....pun intended!!x<3x

  13. Oh Krista that is beautiful, the inocence of a child really does show you the way doesnt it, the only time they start to have doubts is when they loose a pet or a parent but even then you can help them through it. hugs Shirleyxxx

  14. Not sure I can type write now, can't quite see the screen, I got really 'full' (that's English for teary) when I read this! So tugged at my heart strings!! Love these raw, honest, beautiful posts from you Krista. Hugs, Wends xxx

  15. Oh, Krista, this made me cry.
    You are doing well for your kids. Plant that little seed of faith, water it with love and testament, and fun...and watch it grow.
    Of course God laughs...He also cries.
    Chris x

  16. I love this post!! You are blessed!


  17. what a wonderful post, Krista!
    You have some great kids! ♥

    And I definitely believe God has the best sense of humor and laughs for sure. :)

  18. Best post EVER, Krista! Thank you so much for sharing! Niamh is going to do great things for the Lord, just like her Mother! Happy Thanksgiving to you!...Nancy :o)

  19. That is adorably sweet... and worth framing on the wall! Love her!!
    I remember feeling that same 'really?!!' of excitement when I read G.K.Chesterton's book "Orthodoxy".. and he end the final chapter talking about how often Jesus - during his earthly ministry - would retreat away to be alone... and how G.K speculated it was often to express His uncontainable "mirth"/joy (I picture Him laughing).
    P.S.. I think there's a video series where the actor portrays Jesus in a much more joy filled way (vs. the stern stoic) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QBTNEyZWjk&feature=related. Yep, that one.

    Love you guys, so much!x
    needle and nest

  20. err..maybe it was this 'guy smiley Jesus' instead - gospel of Matthew!

  21. This is awesome. I understand completely how you feel. it's kinda like those times when I hear my son singing praise to the Lord with his own words, composing a praise for Him...In those times, how I wished a video recorder is right in my hand to get a footage...LOL Like you, I train my child in the knowledge of God and His Word and he knows very well what Jesus did for us at the Cross. I also peek one time at the prayer notes he placed in a little lunch bag (could be their Sunday school homework) where they had to write their prayers. I was touched when I saw "Jesus, help me be obedient to my parents all the time." What more can a Mother asked from a 7 year old boy? He even told our Pastor that he wanted to be water baptized one of these Sundays. His heart is ready! Like you, I am a proud Mama...Our little ones are truly blessings from above. Hugs!

  22. Oh my, I pinned it and I facebook the post. This is something I want several people to read. I have often said that I wish my faith was like it was when I was a child...when you never questioned anything...when you loved unconditionally. Thank you for taking me back.

  23. The tears are pricking my eyes - thank you for reminding me. He does know & I do think of the angels doing a happy dance at times!
    Much love & Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
    Paula (PEP)

  24. That's just gorgeous Krista.
    I love the things that kids say, Brooklyn surprises me all the time.
    Unfortunately she saw me crying the other day and said mummy why are you sad?" I replied with "mummy's ok don't worry sweety" and she tells me "it'll b alright" and gave me a big squeeze... If this is wat she comes up with at 3.5, just the compassion and love, it's just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing ur stories with us xo

  25. what an awesomely touching story to read on Thanksgiving Morning..
    Thank you Krista and God Bless you all

  26. Krista - This is so sweet! How Naimh blessed my heart! If we never meet down here I look forward to meeting all of you on that distant shore someday!! Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you!

  27. Awe, you touched this mama's heart. Bless you and your sweet children and your husband. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  29. Hi Krista .. I have to tell you, I pop into blogland, even when I don't really have the time, like now, to see what you're up to and if you've had time to do a post. I love reading your stories about your family. I love that you're so strong in your beliefs and you share them with all of us. I love that you stay true to who you are, no matter what and I love that you take the time to share these wonderful, heartfelt moments with us. Thank you for making me smile today ..

    Have a wonderful safe and Happy Thanksgiving

  30. What a beautiful story, sweetie! Life & faith as seen thru the eyes of a child is just magical. It makes me so happy to see young couples raising their children to love Jesus. The 'real' Jesus who does laugh. After all.....He created us & gave us our human emotions & we laugh.......so why wouldn't He laugh as well. LOL We got it from Him. LOL
    Huggies & Sweet Blessings to you & your beautiful family ~

  31. Beautiful.
    to you and your loved ones.

  32. I remember thinking as kid that God had to have a sense of humor, because I think Giraffe's are fantastically funny!
    But I did ask my parents the same question.
    I think it's because we so often (whether we intend to or not) put God in a box. And that box is often so stuffy!

    Loved this!

  33. Thank you for sharing this Krista. Your story made my heart smile. I also believe God has a sense of humor. I think the joy we feel when we laugh is the same joy He feels since we are made in His image.

    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!


  34. I am so very thankful that there is such a living thing as childish innocence, trust, hope and love. Your little girl has a mother who loves her, unconditionally, and a father she can trust her life with....these two things enable a child to love and trust unconditionally, too.
    I have always kept a daily journal and it is full of these kinds of moments.....something I will always treasure....of my five children as they grew....and now, of my 18 grandchildren. Thanks for sharing, Krista. x

  35. Happy Thanksgiving Krista. And yes i do believe God laughs. When my children speak of these great plans they have for future things, i always say: "if you want to make god laugh, just tell him your plan"!!! Because we all know he has something totally different in mind for us. So yeah, he laughs!

  36. Wow! thanking God for your beautiful daughter and praying that he would keep growing her and showing her his LOVE! Thanks for sharing this.. I love reading about how you bring up your children in the Lord!! :D

  37. Oh I love that! My daughter(3) feels compelled at dinner time lately to ask God the following : "and please help mommy remember I need a playdates with my friends. AAAAAAAmen"
    They really say the cutest things :) Thanks for sharing

  38. Another super PRECIOUS moment I am so glad you shared with all of us! We can all learn valuable lessons through the innocence and uncluttered insight of children. It helps me to reflect on my love of God and the true treasure of faith. This made me smile and feel very thankful indeed. (And yes, Niamh - I do believe God laughs. Since we are created in God's image - I can't imagine Him not laughing - or crying - like us!)

  39. Awesome post! I tell my kids that God is hilarious - He has a great sense of humor. I tell them to look at the platypus. God must've been cracking up when He made that animal! :-)

  40. what a fantastic post! I love it so much.... We also live a Christian life, as much as we can, we go to church every single Sunday, we do service, and we are not ashame to say it out loud "we believe in Christ"....this post gave warmth to my heart, thank you so much!....Fabi xxxx

  41. Your story warms my heart. Children are such a blessing, we learn so much from them. To Dee - Don't give up the dream of children. I was 36, my husband and I had been married 15 years already when we adopted our first child. Five years later she asked Santa for a brother or sister. Who would have known that 6 months later we would receive a phone call asking if we wanted to adopt a baby boy. My prayer was answered, yours will be too. Norma W

  42. What a wonderful post and what an amazing family you have. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us :)
    Lots of Hugs,


  43. Awww! What a beautiful post! Children are amazing :)

  44. This is the sweetest post ever!!!



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