For the Love of Running...


It is one of my dearest and most loyal friends. 
It is always there for me.  
Even when I've neglected our friendship for a bit.
All I need to do is grab my sneaks, and it's right there ready to hang out with me again.

Like all friendships, it's been an evolution of sorts.
Before I had my kiddos, I ran to be skinny.
I still missed the skinny boat...but that was my intention. 

After I had Niamh and Philly, I ran to loose the baby pounds. 
I started running only 10 days after I had Niamh.
And Philly was a C-section.  
So, I waited an extra four days after him...started at about two weeks. 
(I kept that a secret from the doc:)...  
I ran. And ran. And ran. 
And my pregnancy rolls went away, pretty fast actually. 

I have gone through periods of running to stay in a certain size jean.
I have run to beat my personal distance time.
I have run so I can eat a donut.  Or three.
I have run to show Niamh that she should be active.
I have run to show Phil he will never catch up with me;).

And then I started reading a book called Born to Run.
It is not a thriller (don't expect a cliffhanger people:); 
...but it is so gooooood...
In a slow paced, ah-hah moment sort of way.
After some major reading, I realized that I wasn't running for the sheer joy of it.  
Maybe I never have.
I always ran for an agenda.
I needed my miles and spent calories and dripping sweat to do something for me.
So, after years of this 'friendship'...
I was kind of burnt out by it.
It became a duty.
Something I should do...
A guilt trip. 
But not very enjoyable anymore.

The book put all that in perspective.
Suddenly, running was something that deserved my loyalty.
There is something very good and instinctive and necessary about running.
We all did it as kids without a thought.  Ran everywhere.  
I still need to ask Philly and Niamh to stop running through the house occasionally.  
As a kid, we didn't even think about it- it was just fun.

It is so satisfying to read a book and really learn something from it!
Sometimes I need a new perspective on things to appreciate them all over again.

And on a different level altogether, the same can be said for many things besides running.
You can get burnt out by the thing you love the most.
All because somewhere along the line you stopped loving it and started using it. 
You need something from it, so until it delivers, you start to feel a little burdened by it.

And yes...even your real friendships.

Try viewing your friend, your hobby, or your favorite thing the way you did as a child. 
Get rid of the expectations.  
And do it for the simple joy it once gave you.  
Create because God gave you that particular desire, not because you need to make a design team deadline.
Sing because you have a voice.
Write because you have something worth writing.
Love your friend because you can, not because you need them to love you.

And I will run because I have two strong legs and I love it.
I love it.
All over again.

"Think Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast.
You start with easy, because if that's all you get, that's not so bad.
Then work on light.  Make it effortless, 
like you don't give a [s***] how high the hill is or how far you've got to go.
When you've practiced that so long that you forget your practicing, 
you work on making it smooooooth.

You won't have to worry about the last one--
You get those three and you'll be fast."

~Born to Run
Christopher McDougall


  1. I wish I had that kind of drive... And those shoes!


  2. Krista, how you put words together like you do is awe inspiring. You're right, when we stop doing something for the fun of it, it becomes tedious. We begin to not do that which we love so much. I've found that to be true throughout my life. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. LOVE this so much....and tho I'm not a runner. (ha, you've met me, THAT is obvious) I really felt your words touch my heart on other areas of my life that I've been struggling with SO much lately. I wish we lived closer.....I could use a coffee or two with you every now and again. **hugs**

  4. I loved every word of this post. I loved to run growing up and even through high school but stopped doing it. I started looking at it as exercise when I really did enjoy it. You have inspired me to run again and also a few other things I've stopped doing because I was just looking at it wrong. I use to write but got it in my mind that I needed to write a book that way I can be a real writer but I just stopped writing all together. Thank you so much for this post! :)

  5. It is so amazing you would post something that has been bothering my heart. My BFF for over 30 years - all of the sudden - stopped calling...stopped communicating. I took it so personally! But, I realize LIFE sometimes takes every moment of our day and we still love each of our blessings, but we can't always take away from one for the other. You are so gifted, but I must ask...does your sweetie run too?

  6. What a good perspective of things you love to do and growed tired off...I will take that to my heart and think of the words you said everytime I drag myself to the gym just because I know I need to do something for myself...thanks for the inspiring words which I can use even though I am not a runner :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Big hug

  7. You are so right in all you said here, so I can only agree to all of it. I think we all have these times, where we do things, because we´re "supposed to", but we should really only do it, when we love to and do it because we like it.
    By the way I just love those shoes, you shows here, they´re so cool.

  8. Running is good for the soul - & the hips! Jx

  9. Words of wisdom - I never know what I'm going to be reminded of when I visit here,
    Thank you again.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Great post, and your so right. Making time for things is definatly important.

  11. Oh I love running too. Hehe of course I run because I like to eat good food:))) I'm not in the category of skinny girls (lucky ones) that can eat everything and has no extra kg:))) And more importantly for psychological health! I didn't know for a long time how important can be running to stay clear minded. It really helped me a lot. And that feeling after you had a good runn isn't comparable with no other sport. Gret post Krista. hugs! MOjca

  12. What a beautiful post/reminder! LOVE it! I 'used' to run...at a gym.. but always felt more like Forest Gump, or, the more I sweated - the more it smelled like bacon - the more I wanted to eat again. (Don't even ask me about the time I thought I could run a tread mill with my eyes closed - to really get in the 'zone'!).
    On a total other note, for a book that really CHANGED my perspective on coming to God out of joy instead of duty: John Piper's "Desiring God" is great (the theme of every bazillion of books he's written since). I should 'run' it over to you. ;o)
    needle and nest design

  13. Very beautiful written and very true!
    Have a nice day Krista!
    Greetz from Belgium. Els

  14. What a beautiful, inspiring post.
    Thank you, Krista!
    P.S. Love your sneakers!

  15. Well said krista. I have been feeling this way about a certain fiend and also about zumba. I was actually taking a break from both because i was burnt out. Your words are powerful. Thank you for a different perspective.

  16. I'm not a runner currently because when I was running constantly I injured my knee, so I'm now waiting on a surgery to be scheduled to sew me back together...I've had to do loads of strength training instead to get my muscles up to the job...and now I have killer legs lol! Can't wait to be fixed and get back running though, when I was in America last month I treated myself to new trainers and a whole VSX wardrobe from Victoria's Secret, haha :)

  17. Oh Krista run for me! I miss that, I ran a bit ages ago but I preferred walks. Especially this time of year when the leaves are changing. I'm lucky I live in a rural area and have countryside all around, but as my conditions got far worse I'm lucky to be able to just walk a few steps with my sticks. I do miss that feeling of getting out there. Not quite the same when I'm in my wheelchair! It's quite funny cos if I tried to just run a few paces I'd end up on the floor! Not so good. Ah well I'll let you do the running and perhaps you'll run a stretch for me?! Take care Zo xx

  18. I have read the book and you nailed it perfectly. A slow ah ha moment. Good for you. Just don't forget your other old friend though...walk. You had to walk before you could run. Don't forget to walk once in a while just to take in the scene nice and slow. Maybe with Phil :)

  19. I used to run, and now my knees remind me of that, and also my hips. So now, I'd rather walk, but still need the push to do so once in a while. I would love it if it became habit, but unfortunately, I'm not a creature of habit. The weather has been so beautiful here, I will try to walk more often, take the hubby, and the puppers, and grab an ice cream when we get home for all the hard work... what a plan!!!

  20. It's al true! Thanks for those words!

  21. I never ran (but sounds like I should since I really need to lose some belly rolls), but I do like to walk & have been wanting some good sneakers & music on my Ipod to inspire me.

  22. This is exactly what I needed to hear. This isn't just about running, it's about life. Thank you!

  23. I adore running - I also used to run for skinny-ness and distance and ... I just recently started running just for the love of it! Everything else will be what it will be :) Great post!

  24. Got to admit I love the shoes more than running, but I love how you point out that we need to love people and things with no expectations.


  25. Amazing words. Thank you for writing them. You put my feelings into words, so I could read them, see them, understand them. I didn't understand them before now. The lightbulb is on. Thank you. :) I'm going to go color now, because it used to bring me joy and I know it will again.

  26. I started running a few months ago while still recovering from a major head injury. Being unable to even stand up by myself not to mention walk or shower (how humbling for your mom and 22 year old daughter to shower you) made me realize that I want to be strong. I want to be in control. I want to be in charge (at least to a degree). So I started running. On my run two days ago I realized how far I had come when I was almost done with my usual distance and thought I had only run half because it had been so effortless. God is good, ALL the time and I am so thankful that I am able to run!



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