Smash Page, Little Trees.


I did a little shopping recently at Two Peas in a Bucket.  I like to not visit the store for a few weeks, save a bit of money, and then go on a fun online shopping spree...sifting through all the new stuff since my last visit:).  Add a coffee to that hour and a fun show on in the background...and yes- that is retail therapy, people.  I don't know if shopping gets any better than that:).  

In the order, I received these wooden trees.  They are so cute.  I just like to look at them:).  Some are super tiny.  And there are a few shapes among the different sizes. Probably one of my favorite things ever for scrapping.  I think I need to go back and grab one more box!

So, anyways!  Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!
Thanks for checking out my newest Smash page:).


  1. I love, love the page you put together! I think I need to go to that site now...or maybe not...I'll probably spend way too much :)

  2. [if this is my second comment don't worry about publishing, I'm not sure if the first one went through or not cause it went all weird on me].

    This page is amazing Krista, you always know exactly where to put things and what you use that when I see your pages they are smashing and simply take my breath away.

    I am like you and often look at my family and think how lucky I am to have 3 gorgeous girls and a loving hubby that would do anything for us and so supportive of all my ideas. We are the lucky one, you and I, xx.

  3. I <3 Two Peas, too! I have a 'therapy' box in which I have coins, rocks, buttons, and lil' things like the wooden trees to roll in my hands when I need to be calm...or, I am sad...or bored. Love the Smash page...and the picture of you? WOWEEE! Too kewl! Blessings, Lisa

  4. Two Peas is awesome and do love your little trees. Beautiful Smash page and always love your pictures.

    Have a great rest of the weekend and look forward to your next post!


  5. It's always wonderful to see people who love and appreciate what they have. Your page and words are beautiful, thanks for sharing your life with us Krista.

  6. Those trees are just perfect to go with your journaling. Just love how you have written about your family. Hugs Nina

  7. As usual your page is just awesome Krista, and these trees are just perfect for this one, but you always seems to find all the just perfect little things around, so what a boue a class about what to look for soon? LOL.
    Have a wonderful sunday and lots of fun everyone.

  8. Love those little trees! TFS!
    Dawn xx

  9. Hi Krista,

    Fabulous smash page. I'm a new follower to your blog, and a huge fan of your stamp drawings...they are adorable. I just picked up a couple and can't wait to get started on them.


  10. It is so pretty Krista. I love the way you embellished the page and lovely words written beside the picture. Hugs! mojca

  11. Could someone please explain a smash page to me?
    Might sound silly but since I've started reading kristas blog- smash pages and journals just keep popping up everywhere I look....
    Thanks xo

  12. What a darling Smash page, Krista! And those trees are just too too stinkin' cute! LOL
    Huggies ~

  13. I absolutely love your Smash page. I have just bought 8 of your Saturated Canary images, I can't wait to receive them. The images are so gorgeous, lots of my crafty friends have bought them and I have been wanting to buy some for ages so finally took the plunge tonight. Looking forward to colouring them in when I get them, so excited thank you. Your blog is gorgeous, love Nicola X

  14. I'm dying to get those and the snowflakes, but I'm on a spending freeze til next year... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!??? OY!!!

    x0, Damaris

    P.S. Super cute page. <3

  15. Fab page! You have the best embellishments and I love how you use them! Great- now I want a coffee AND to go shopping! ;)

  16. Just wanted to tell you the new images are beautiful. I got a few and right on time too. The boys are hubting lately and this gave me something to do all weekend.
    Again, thank you for making me smile with each new release, i love them.



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