Trendy Things...with a twist.

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Two things that are trendy right now.  High-Low dresses and sneaker wedges.  

High low dresses just don't look right on me.  
But I can still wear them with a skirt layered underneath.  I have a lace skirt from UO and it worked well under my dress, just peeking out a little... 
Bonus:  I am doubly as warm in my pretties:).  

And the sneaker wedges. 
Well, I am still not converted...
But I've found a couple options that teeter on the edge of being a sneaker wedge, without actually committing to it:).  And, just because it is impossible to shop shoes and actually stay on track, here are my top five favorites from Blowfish:

A couple pairs of boots snuck on the list.  But I am a boot girl.  It is just habit:).
I "accidentally" already bought #3 (the black leather) and #4 (in white) ...and LOVE them:).  

My favorite thing about Blowfish shoes-- well, two favorite things-- 
They are SO super comfy
They are practical while still being trendy and fun! *Perfect mama shoes.*

What shoe is your favorite on the list?
(Click on the numbers below the photo to see all color options!
Oh! And you can get your own pair of Blowfish shoes with a 15% discount by using code BFCANARY at checkout!  (PS...Blowfish ships internationally! Discount codes do not apply to those orders.)

Is there a current or past trend that you 'modified' to make it work for you??
I'd love to hear your style tips!

Hope your weekend was lovely...
And a warm and heartfelt thank you to all the veterans out there-- 
for their service, sacrifice, and courage


  1. i love all of Blowfish Designs - and i just ordered the exact same boot you are wearing but in earth brown! i love the sneaker boot and think that you rock it so well! love this outfit, pretty lady. :)

  2. You look 'boot'yfull! (Not to be mistaken with booty-full.. tho I'm sure it's just as lovely, lol). Hope your comments don't have a cheesy filter, since I like to lay it on thick... but then, you knew that. Hee hee.
    You look beautiful tho, for reals. Love the lace peeking out.
    Miss you!
    needle and nest design

  3. Krista, you always look so great. I love your style. #5 is my favorite boot. I have never tried Blowfish shoes....I will have to check them out.

  4. #1 AND #3 are more my style.... very sexy! =)

    Thanks for the info.. your photos look great.

    x0, D

  5. you look beautiful! i love the 4th pair of boots. :)

  6. WOW!!! Krista, (that's code for sexy momma!!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress, i tend to wear a lot of maxi dresses, i feel so comfy in them, those boots you have on are awesome, and ideal for someone like me who has bigger calves, hence a problem getting boots that have longer length, i only have one pair of leather boots because of that.......I keep saying this, but i so wish they did Blowfish over here, tut tut........not fair (gone off to throw a strop) LOL.....lots of love my friend, Vick xxxx
    My YTChannels - vixcrafts and saturatedcanary

  7. Oh and #1 are my favourites but because i cannot wear high heels anymore cause of my spinal injuries, i would go for #4, in that colour too, i love the autumnal shade of them!! xxhugs, V

  8. I love long dresses & long skirts hun, however I'm with you on the sneaker boots.............I soooooooooooo love boots, boots & socks I have a huge obsession with.............yes I actually squeal in excitement when seeing any in a shop.....much to my eldest sons embarassment might I add lol. Yea think my brain is stuck at 10 years old. I actually sorted through my boots last week cus.........well my cupboard getting tight lol. Now dont cry but I actually threw away 6 pairs of boots..........I know I havn't slept since :0( However I have got my eyes on a few to replace them....1 pair already have been replaced lol.
    If I was choosing a pair of those boots above then me thinks it woold beeeeeee........number 2...they have heels, they are knee length & have zips,tassly things & buttony things & I'm sure they have my name on them somewhere.........sure they have....

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx mmwah

  9. wow, that dress is lovely. and the shoes are awsome, #1 is my favorite. you look beautiful krista! hugs, tess.

  10. I love the boots you're wearing, they are my choice. The dress looks fab on you, I can never wear them because people just don't make those type of dresses short enough for me!! I'm 4ft 9 and a bit if I'm honest!! Plus I can't wear heels any more ah well, comfy flat boots for me. Take care lovely. Zo xx

  11. I would absolutely choose the shoes under no 3! They are stunning. I love your dress it really fits you beautiful. hugs! mojca

  12. love love love #4 in the brown. wouldn't change them at all as they are.... I have learned in my aging years that trends come and go and I stick with what I like. boots are always fun in neutrals for me, a skirt can never go out of style, especially with a lace underskirt like you have shown, (that is the vintage junkie in me!) and scarves in your hair are always a perfect feminine touch....
    wear what makes you happy and be comfortable. :)

  13. Love that dress on your Krista! It's stunning with the lace underneath and so cute with those boots. Gorgeous x

  14. gorgeous dress and i wish i could get me a pair of those shoes in the uk! xx

  15. I love #1 & 2. I'm ready for a new pair of boots. I only have like 12 pairs. haha. I usually get a new pair every year.

  16. I love #1 & #3. They are so cute! I really really like your dress! hugs, Kenzie K

  17. Ok, I went to the Free People website to check the dress you're wearing and I just had to tell you that the dress looks much prettier on you than on their website :) I think you sell it much better :) Hehe, you're gorgeous Krista!!!



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