Day #3, Santa Cookies Recipe!

Today I have a yummy recipe from Mawiyah.  
She is too pretty.  
Her cookies look too delicious.  
And Santa...bet he is just smitten with this mama.  
...In fact, I'd bet she's the one he gets caught kissing on:).

Happy baking, friends!
Take it away, Mawiyah...


So, Santa is totally on his way. Are you ready? My son is 10 and Santa is so last year. But my baby girl? She's 6 and the gleam in her eye is infectious! I made these cookies because Santa deserves the best. So we got all fancy at our house.

These cookies are so dang good - Santa just might move in...


I love a recipe that requires beating something with a hammer. Therapeutic :) I like to leave my pistachios a little on the chunky side. Gives me something to sink my teeth into!


This is where miracles occur. Peep the sea salt sprinkled atop these cookie rounds? Please don't skip this step. Sprinkle these bad boys til' your problems float down the river Jordan. You'll thank me later.


Santa loves you, I love you.
Seriously, we could create world peace with these things.


XOXO Mawiyah

Mawiyah's blog is pretty amazing.
Be inspired; hop on over to her blog:).
Also, you can find her on Facebook and Pinterest!

Thank you, friend, for a wonderful recipe!

*comments turned off so you can visit with Mawiyah!


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