If you are new here,
Well, hello!

Between yesterday's giveaway (check it out ya'll!!!) and the free digital stamp earlier this week, I've noticed a bunch of new readers following along.  And I just wanted to welcome you to my tiny space of blog world:).

My name is Krista. 
I have two beautiful kiddos, Philly and Niamh (pronounced EVE with an 'N' in front:).
I've been married for 11 years to this guy I went on a blind date with like forever ago.
And I think he gets cuter every year;).
Oh, and we have two dogs, Lilo and Blue. 

We believe in family games at the dinner table. 
And pajama days.
Hubs and I are Walking Dead fanatics.  
Niamh and Philly love to sleep in our bed.

I love tattoos.
I drink a ton of coffee.  
Use to drink a ton of diet coke, too...but trying my best to cut that out:).
I watch at least one Seinfeld disc a day.
I run.
I draw for stampers...
And just for fun, too.
I craft a lot.
And I like pretty clothes.

I believe in Christ.  
He is my Savior.  
He died for my sins. 
Paid the price I owed.
And I plan on rocking it out in eternity with Him.

I'm happy you are here.
I have a Twelve Days of Christmas thing going on...So, stick around...cuz it will get fun up in here over the next two weeks!

Hope you all have a ridiculously special day:).


  1. Love your post there always so perky .. Fab photo's as always xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing a little about your life...I am a fairly new follower - I think about a month now....love to read your blog, you are a great writer and an awsome drawer...
    I am from Denmark...a tiny little country compared to USA or even your states :)...lots of snow here at the moment and cold weather - I hope it last to Christmas Eve but you never know in Denmark.
    I wish you too a very special day
    Pialine xx

    1. aw, thanks Pialine:).
      each time i see your name, i think it is so pretty!:)...


  3. So excited to have found your blog! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Thanks for explaining how to pronounce your daughter's name. I had been wondering about that LOL.

  5. hi krista what a lovely happy little posting ... love visiting you and reading about you and your lovely family ... love your lovely drawings and my granddaughter gracie always asks if you have posted any new ones ... we were thinking and praying for you when "sandy" (my namesake)was around ... happy crafting honey and love sandy xx

  6. Great post as always Krista. Nice intro for the newbies. Your daughters name is beautiful, nice to know how to pronounce it.

  7. Greetings from a tiny, chicken shaped European country, Slovenia. :D I've been a follower of your blog for a while now, but I didn't know half of the things you wrote about yourself in this post. It was very interesting to read it - I love your style of writing. :) And I just looooove your images. Keep on the good work! :D Hugs! xx

  8. Krista you're always like a bit of sunshine, love what you share! I'd of never guessed how to pronounce Niamh, I was pronouncing it totally wrong, lol! I love Walking Dead too! Have a beautiful day! ~hugs

  9. Thanks for sharing about you. I love your drawings and digital stamps they are just the cutest. TFS

  10. I love your photos Krista, they're always so arty and peasant-chic, very pretty :) Your tattoo is beautiful, I'm tattoo free currently, but going to get one soon in memory of my bestie - 17 stars for the 17 years of happiness I had with her before she met our maker again..

    Also, kudos on your Irish daughter - and for being able to pronouce it right! When I was in the States a couple of years ago, I met a girl of the same name...but phonetically - Nee-am. That was an awkward moment. So yeah, big hellos from Ireland for you and your Irish babygirl :)

    Love your blog and love your stamps (:

    Tanya xx

  11. awww nice post Krista and love the pics x

  12. Another 'make-me-smile' post Krista. Because that's what I do when I pop by. Smile. Loving the outfit, those shoes are just so me and I love the layered look. Don't think I'm tall enough to pull it off but hey a girl can dream. Sorry not said Hi much lately. Things have been pretty rotten, been going into hospital most weeks, they are cool and help me cope, make me understand and make me realise I'm doing everything right. Got to keep smiling. Colouring with your fab images helps me do that every day. might not turn out great if my hands are playing up but I enjoy the process no less. Take care lovely. Zo xx

  13. I've been a follower for a long time now, and am a true SC addict. My name is Joni. Rhymes with Pony, so not as cool as Niamh's name. But I also love Daryl, and hope he pairs up with Carol, and have a little boy like Carl one day. And one day I hope to look as awesome as you or Michonne in jeans. ;)teehee! Happy Thursday Krista!

  14. Ummm.... HI... I'm not new here. But it's safe to say you 'had me at hello'. You're one of my favourite people in blogs-ville... but more so, a sis in Him. Needless to say, I kind of love ya.
    P.S.. Have you seen your OUTFIT?? Gorgeous much?.
    needle and nest

  15. So cute! How did I miss that freebie? It's adorable!!

  16. Lovely post!! Great picies .. You are too cute!!

  17. Hi Krista :D I found you throug the giveaway. Is that your artwork on your blog header? If so I love :) I'm glad I found your blog! Happy Thursday XO

  18. I'm a new follower and can't believe I hadn't seen your blog before. it's a great space! looking forward to read more.

    i totally love when you said: 'Paid the price I owed.
    And I plan on rocking it out in eternity with Him' loved it!

  19. hi Krista, haven't been round for a wee while, so thought I'd check in and say hi

  20. glad to be a new follower. Your blog is so cute!


  21. Hi Krista!! Love the slip and thermal!! Looks so cute on you. Just landed in Chicago and now on my way to spend time with my family for an early Xmas! So hopefully this WILL be a ridiculously special day! I do have a quick question though. I thought Nikki was going to be in the shop after Nov 30th. Did the date get changed? I am (or was) a figure skater and I can't wait to color her!

    XX Angie

  22. Oh, I LOVE your pretty skirt, Krista.....fabby post, as always! hugs x

  23. I LOVE your images & can't get enough!! I, too was wondering how to pronounce your daughter's name! I hope you & your family have a very Merry Christmas & that the New Year is filled with love & laughter, smiles & hugs!! :)

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  25. Ooooo, 12 Days of Christmas - sounds interesting.

    Toni xx

  26. Im a new follower of your blog after being introduced to your beautiful digi stamps, but I'm more of a traditional rubber gal, where can I find your stamps on rubber?

  27. It is so nice to read your blog and hear the passion of love in your text when you talk about your family and Jesus Christ Our Savior. God Bless you and your family, you are very talented!

  28. Oh, I forgot to say thank you for the "Free Digi", I luv it a latte!!! LOL

  29. Love it! Glad you pronounced Niamh's name, always wondered how it was pronounced. You have a beautiful family, all of you!

  30. New follower! :) Love your blog!

  31. Soo great to hear a bit more about yourself here, even I´ve been following a few more months thoug. I found your blog this summer and just love it as much as I love your awesome stamps, which I´ve collected quite a few of the last few years here he he he, but I hope to get lots more in the future.
    I hope you´re having a great time and I´m wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas here from the very cold and snowy Denmark.

  32. I've also been a follower for a while and just love popping around to read what you have to share with us Krista. Was also wondering how Niamh's name was pronouced...hehehe I had it soooooooooo wrong (Nee-um)!!! Wishing you a fab day, hugs Sharon x

  33. Hey Krista! I love the skirt & jeans combo it looks so cool I need to be more innovative with my fashion lol
    My hubby is such a massive walking dead fan too & I'm just a major coffee fan! Big hugs sweetie Rebekah xx

  34. Wonderful - made me grin from ear to ear - have a superbly wonderful day all of you too.

  35. Hi Krista. First of all thanks for sharing your fabulous talent & your beautiful family. Love using your digis & everyone always comments on how wonderful they are when I use them. Just watching your images in rubber stamps on the craft channel here in Scotland, UK! Was amazed to see them! They're already proving very popular. Good luck & best wishes for the Festive Season.

  36. That looks really cute together. I love the shirt sleeves.

  37. Hi to you too. I found your digi's completely by accident and have now fallen completely in love with them!You are very lucky you have an amazing talent and a beautiful family, what makes it all the sweeter is that you know how much you're blessed. Love reading your posts they always make me grin xxxx Ali xxxx

  38. thanks again for a cute digi and for sharing your world with us its a joy to visit and I look forward yo every post have a fab weekend x
    ps you look cool although it probably not cool to say that !

  39. By the way!!!! if you're a new reader/follower, Krista missed out a couple of things, she is an awesome human being, a lovely soul, beautiful inside & out and a life long friend to all.......hugs x

  40. Hi, Krista! I have been so busy crafting for the holidays and DTs that I completely missed the freebies! Rats! Oh, well. Glad to read that you and your beautiful little family are doing well. I'll try to pay better attention to my email going forward too.

    Hugs, Anne

  41. Hi, thanks for introducing you (again) and for your gorgeous digi's!!! Love your blog and I get a smile when I read about your familylife!!

  42. Lovely post Krista, I have been follower for quite a while, so already knew something about you but I so enjoyed reading about you again! Great pictures too!You are one gorgeous lady :)

    Also, I would like to add that Krista is also VERY GENEROUS and she's a beautiful person inside out!!! ♥
    Silvie xx

  43. I just found your site and I love it! That is all!



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