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A quick, but exciting announcement today.

Below are the winners of the Pinterest contest.  I chose the characters based on a few things-- taking into account what would make a unique, interesting, and fun character; the cohesiveness of the board; and the photos chosen to describe the character...but even more than that, I kinda fell in love with the descriptions these ladies left for their inspired character.

I had about 10 finalists that were the toughest to go through and whittle down to just the ones below.  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the contest.  It was really fun to see your creative ideas, what you want to see in stamps, and what inspires you personally.

I have listed the (3) finalists and the overall winner below!  Check out their boards by clicking on the names...(And winners, please DO NOT delete your board until after your digi is released:)


This will be a set of two music lovers (I could not decide between them, as they seemed like similar characters, just different genders:)...

Angela Mireles and Debbi Glennie.  

My inspiration for a SC girl: would be a music lover Rockin the Beats on the 1's and 2's turning them wheels of steel. Crate digger indeed, She'd be super cute and super cool and there would be no mistaking this music loving DJ for anyone else. She'd have the cleanest beats equipment by her side and on her ears. All I need is a beauty and a beat <3.

Teenage boys, hoodies, ipods, dr dre's - sitting chilling out in a world of his own.

And my second finalist,

She's married to a romantic farmer. mom of boys. Her world is tractors, cows, hay, dirt, bugs and bandaids. Wearing her long hair in a braid that's coming loose or just piled on her head. Her jeans are torn and her shirt dirty but that's how she rolls. She loves grubby little arms around her neck and freckles. Her world is rustic romantic country and she loves every minute.

And for the GRAND PRIZE, their own character digi and a year's worth of SC on the house:)...

My character is the shy girl who has deep secrets of breaking out of her shell and being all she wants to be. She's a bit nerdy, but mostly a very sweet and beautiful soul. She loves books and learning and all things fuzzy and furry. She loves to feel beautiful, but tends to keep that hidden.. although her secrets run deep. Who knows what she will become one day when she finally breaks free!!??

Thank you again for the all the entries!  This was a really fun contest on my end because I love to see what inspires my followers.  I will be releasing the new characters on Friday, January 11!  Be sure to mark the release on your crafty calendars...should be a fantastic group of new digis:)!


  1. Congrats ladies. I am off to find the boards and check them out!

  2. Those were awesome!!!! Can't wait to see the digis that come of them :-) Congrats, Ladies!!! xx

  3. these are AWESOME - you picked my absolute FAVORITE as a finalist, too. I'm so happy - can't wait to see what you come up with :D

  4. Congrats ladies!!!! This was teh greatest contest I have ever seen offered! And Lisa's board was one of my top faves, too!!!! So crazy!!!! I can bet I'll be buying that one!!! Hope to see you do this contest again, Krista! That'd be awesome!!!

  5. Congrats to all- lovely boards! Can't wait to see the images :)

  6. Wow! What awesome choices!! Can't wait :)

  7. Oh wow, I can't wait to see these characters.

  8. Congratulations ladies! I am sure the characters will be adorable :)

  9. Congrats ladies! Great inspirational boards! I can't wait to see the final characters :)

  10. Congratulations to the winners. Can't wait to see your characters come to life. Hugs Nina

  11. Congrats Ladies! Can't wait to see Lisa's character:0)

    Thanks for such fun challenge; and Happy New Year!


  12. Congrats ladies!! All of your boards are awesome!! I too can't wait to see the rustic, romantic, country lov'n , side braided, freckle faced inspiration digi!!

  13. Congratulations ladies, sounds like a fantastic choice.

    I cant see the Pinterest boards, for some reason the link is not working for me but I am sure they winners boards are awsome :)
    Pialine xx

  14. Many congrats to the winners, can't wait to see the new images. xx

  15. What fabulous characters to look forward to - well done everyone.

    Toni xx

  16. Oh well done Debbi. Looks like you had fun with this Krista.
    Paula (PEP)

  17. oh,,em,,gee!!
    I thought my suggestion was a total long shot, I am so excited at being a winner, thankyou so much for choosing my idea Krista. And well done to the other winners :)
    Debbi xx

  18. Congrats to the girls! Can't wait to see what they inspire you to create Krista. How exciting! Hugs, Wends xxxx

  19. Congrats to the winner! Cannot wait to see what's in your noggins come to life as SC digis!

  20. Congrats, Ladies. I also cannot wait to see the characters that come from these.

  21. WOOOOOOOOOOO what a lovely gift for the new year.. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Krista for making it happen xx

  22. Congratulations to the winners :)

  23. Congrats to the winners!! Can't wait for the new releases!!

  24. Great job congratulations winners! Fun contest.

  25. Wonderful ideas! Congrats to all the winners!

  26. Many congratulations to you all x

  27. I love what you picked! Can't wait for these to hit the shop, and I hope you do something like this again; I definitely want to participate next time, how fun!

  28. Thank you! Thank you, Krista! This was an awesome contest and I can't believe you picked ME as the winner! I am SOOOOOOO excited. I almost didn't do the contest. My hubby has been super sick lately and I have been so wrapped up in caring for him, but I LOVE your images and I LOVE Pinterest.. so I figured how could I go wrong? I had so much fun doing it! Can't wait to see my shy girl. THANK YOU! Do I need to contact you or something? Hugs! Patti (daizeefli)

  29. I would like to start my own blog one day. This was a really nice blog that you made here. Keep up the success

  30. well, this should be a lot of inspiration for you!
    Looking forward to the digi,s you made!!

    Bye, Jolanda

  31. Thank you krista! Im ecstatic being a semi finalist! more importantly my inspiration came from my cousin who was a dj and passed away unexpected in late October. Back then i looked high and low for a cute dj image to put on a poem i wrote that i put in the casket. This means so much thank you and thank you again! I cant wait to create something memorable with it.

    1. Angela,

      I cannot find a way to contact you, sweets...Can you please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com so I can reply with your character digi attached? Thank you, hun!!


  32. I happened to come by your blog for my very first time, found on bloglovin' "similar blogs", and I fell in love with it already. I can't wait to continue following and reading what you have in your bag of ideas :) You're awesome.

    Following you on FB and everywhere as well :)


  33. What a cool idea! Sounds like it was a lot of fun too! I'm sorry I missed out on it. I just recently discovered your wonderful blog, so I'm pretty new and not quite up to speed. I am definitely inspired though by what I've read so far.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and I hope you have a fun, safe, and happy New Years Eve. Best of luck to you in 2013.


  34. Well done to the winners and I can't wait to see the new images xx

  35. Congrats to all the beautiful contestants and winners!!! This was lots of fun. Thanks again for the challenge , Krista and Happy New Year!


  36. Awesome inspiration...I can't wait to see your new characters!



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